Vital Records of Vineland


Husey, Eugenia, dau. of E. M. and M. S., d. Aug. 10, a. 25.

Ingram, George, (m) d. June 10, a. 88.

Keese, Phebe F., dau. of S. and Sarah, d. April 26, a. 90.

Kelly, Williamena, (m) dau. of Conrad Koch, d. March 25, a. 75.

Lathrop, Lilly, dau. of Dr. E., d. April 4, a. 5.

Liggins, Hattie, (m) d. April 5, a. 29.

Lyford, Jennie, dau. of S. C, d. July 20, a. 33.

McEwen, , dau. of John and Sarah, d. Oct. 6, a. 1.

McMahan, Sarah, (m) d. Sept. 8, a. 25..

Marshall, Hannah M., (m) dau. of Hannah M. Pryor, d. Aug. 9, a. 34.

Mattocks, Maria M., dau. of Robert and Mary, d. May 15, a. 79.

Mills, George W. L., d. Feb. 4, a. 19.

Morrill, Charles H., son of Daniel F. and Annie E., d. June 15, a. 22.

Musson, Joseph, son of Joseph and Charlotte, d. Nov. 16, a. 6 mos.

Nostrand, Hattie G., dau. of J. V. and H. H., d. April 4, a. 9.

Olmstead, Louisa, (m) d. July 3.

Parker, Isa E., dau. of Otis and Sarah, d. Jan. 29, a. 15.

Parkinson, James C, (m) son of James and Maria, d. Jan. 16, a. 54.

Pixley, Erastus L., (m) son of E. P. and D., d. March 14, a. 41.

Prevear, Daniel, (m) d. Dec. 16, a. 64.

Pryor, Margaret, (m) dau. of John Wilson, d. Feb. 20, a. 89.

Purnell, Libbie, dau. of Anna, d. June 29, a. 1.

Ravell, Martha C, (m) dau. of Thomas and Mary Foster, d. Sept. 1, a. 36.

Reynolds, Anna, (m) dau. of Joseph and Mary Moore, d. Sept. 19, a. 82.

Riggs, William L., (m) d. Jan. 20, a. 68.

Robinson, Joseph, d. May 27, a. 60.

Robinson, Silvina L., dau. of O. and M., d. Jan. 21, a. 11.

Robinson, William W, (m) son of Joel and Lydia, d. Dec. 31, a. 45.

Sault, William, (m) son of John and Anna, d. Dec. 31, a. 64.

Simons, Henry, d. July 23, a. 50.

Simpkins, Rhoda, (m) dau. of David Garton, d. June 20, a. 45.

Skinner, Philip, (m) son of S. and M., d. May 16, a. 69.

Stebbins, J. Monroe, (m) d. March 30, a. 45.

Stiles, Clara, d. Jan. 1.

Thorndike, Mrs. A. W., d. Feb. 25, a. 30.

Tice, Phebe, (m)id. Nov. 22, a. 59.

Van Horn, Harriet K., dau. of David and Mary, d. Aug. 7, a. 18 mos.

Warner, , dau. of Jackson and Hannah, d. Sept. 16, a. 3 mos.

Wellman, , dau. of H. and Mary, d. Oct. 19, a. 1 yr. 6 mos.

Wellstood, Mary, d. Dec. 1, a. 57.

Wilcoxson, Charles A., (m) d. April 27, a. 25.

Williams, Henry G., son of John and Sarah, d. Oct. 8, a. 6 mos. (?)

Wilson, Jonathan, (m) d. Oct. 5, a. 71.

Zacca, Fransisca, (m) dau. of Peter and Francisca Epoca, d. Dec. 25, a. 40.


Abbott, , son of B., b. Nov. 12.

Adams, Emma, dau. of John and Mary, b. May 28.

Allen, Mabel, dau. of Lee and Mary, b. Aug. 13.

Applegate (female twins) b. Dec. 4.

Aubut, , son of Joseph W. and Josephine, b. Mar. 3.

Barcus, George, son of Willard and Caroline, b. Aug. 8.

Barker, , son of W., b. Oct. 29.

Barnett, , son of P., b. Sept. 24.

Barrett, Josephine, dau. of John C. and Angelina, b. Mar. 15.

Basso, Dominica, dau. of Michael and Rosa, b. April 7.

Bold, Robert, son of John and Margaret, b. May 21.

Boody, , son of Isaac and Mary, b. July 10

Boody, Fred, son of Herbert and Louisa, b. Mar. 12.

Brewer, Eliza, dau. of Charles and Maria, b. Feb. 20.

Brewer, Maria, dau. of Julian and Maria, b. Mar. 21.

Calkins, , son of S., b. Nov. 10.

Capen, Harriet, dau. of George B. and Hannah, b. Apr. 2.

Carr, , (male) b. Nov. 5.

Chubbuck, Olive, dau. of George W. and Mary, b. Apr. 4.

Clark, , dau. of F., b. Jan. 16.

Clark, Charles, son of Lester and Emily, b. Mar. 1.

Collins, William, son of Solomon and Harriet, b. Mar 15.

Cattrell, , son of W. D., b. Oct. 15.

Cattrell, Maud, dau. of William and Rebecca, b. Jan. 24.

Cox, , (female) b. Nov. 4.

Crans, Caroline, dau. of David and Elizabeth, b. May 15.

Crisia, Antonio, son of Augustine and Calistine, b. Mar. 20.

Cunningham, Samuel, son of David and Elizabeth, b. Apr. 15.

Davies, Jesse, son of Albert E. and Sylvia, b. Jan. 7.

Doe, Augusta, dau. of Erastus and Mary, b. Aug. 28.

Dorr, Van Vorhis, son of George and Rachel, b. June 28.

Doughty, , son of E., b. Oct. 14.

Doughty, Mary, dau. of Daniel and Armada, b. Feb. 18

Dunn, May, dau. of Marvin and Martha, b. May 21.

Eilenburg, , son of J. D., b. Jan. 3.

Eilenburgh, Adale, dau. of Isaac and Ada, b. Jan. 3.

Erickson, Edward, son of John and Caroline, b. Aug. 31.

Gardiner, , dau of Thomas and Emma, b. Feb.i.

Garrison, Harry, son of Lewis M. and Susan, b. April 9.

Garrison, Myrtie, dau. of Furman and Louisa, b. Feb. 27.

Gill, Esther, dau. of William and Esther, b. Jan. 4.

Giuffra, , son of Andrew, b. Nov. 25.

Greene, Jerusha, dau. of Zachariah and Ann, b. June 11.

Groh, , son of Philip and Augusta, b. Aug. 5.

Gross, , dau. of C, b. Dec. 9.

Gross, Sarah, dau. of Wendell and Kate, b. Feb. 14.

Hand, Bertha, dau. of John and Mary, b. Aug. 20.

Hanes, , son of D., b. Jan. 8.

Hannah, James, son of Robert H. and Isabella, b. Mar. 27.

Harris, Benjamin, son of Lorenzo and Catherine, b. Jan. 25.

Haswell, John, son of John H. and Anna, b. Mar. 8.

Hendee, Mary, dau. of Eli B. and Caroline, b. May 1.

Holmes, Tabitha, dau. of James and Kate, b. Aug. 11.

Hunt, , dau. of James H., b. Nov. 25.

Hurd, , son of S. E. and Rettie, b. July 9.

Hutchins, Laura, dau. of Frank E. and Mary, b. June 3.

Irish, , son of George, b. Nov. 1.

Jay, Susan, dau. of Alfred and Mary, b. July 9.

Jenkins, , dau. of N. E., b. Oct. 4.

Jolly, Arthur, son of William A. and Sarah, b. Feb. 24.

Jordan, , dau. of Eleazer and Harriet, b. Mar. 15.

Keith, Minnie, dau. of Amasa and Henrietta, b. July 30.

Kellogg, , dau. of Isaac and Endora, b. June 7.

Kelmer, Clarence, son of Alranus and Orpha, b. Apr. 22.

Kimmell, George, son of Lewis and Kate, b. Feb. 30.

Krough, Mary, dau. of Peter W. and Caroline, b. May 17.

Lamb, Elizabeth, dau. of March and Rachel, b. May 25.

Laricks, Mary, dau. of Anthony and Ann, b. Feb. 20.

Lawrence, , dau. of Harry and Alice, b May 24.

Linnekin, Harriet, dau. of Thomas J. and Grace, b. July 13.

Love, Charles, son of William and Phebe, b. Jan. 18.

McDonald, , son of John and Susan, b. July 4.

Manning, , son of Louis, b. Nov. 3.

Monahan, Catherine, dau. of Francis and Ann, b. Apr. 4.

Morris, , son of Manlius and Tamzan, b. Sept. 27.

Morse, , dau. of Charles, b. Sept. 12.

Muhleisen, Sophia, dau. of George and Jacobina, b. Mar. 1.

Neale, Mary Ann, dau. of William and Melissa, b. Mar. 5.

Newcomb, Peter, son of C. R. and Ellen, b. May 10.

O'Brien, Charles, son of James and Catherine, b. Mar 9.

O'Brien, Dennis, son of John and Bessy, b. Feb. 4.

Parsons, , son of George and Ella, b. Sept. 4.

Pasco, , dau. of Joseph and Emma, b. Mar. 20.

Perkins, Regina, dau. of Thomas and Mary, b. Feb. 23.

Perrigo, , dau. of W., b. Nov. 23.

Poole, William Aug., son of Pythena and Catherine, b. Mar. 31.

Reed, Charles A., son of Thomas and Adaline, b. Nov. 10.

Reustle, Ellen, son of Joseph and Frances, b. July 5.

Reustle, Isabella, dau. of Joseph and Frances, b. July 5.

Richardson, Lillian, dau. of Levi and Ann, b. Mar. 31.

Robinson, , (male), b. Dec. 21.

Ronoke, William John, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth, b. May 6.

Scott, , son of John and Mary, b. Jan. 11.

Seatherwood, Mary, dau. of Samuel and Mary, b. Jan. 4.

Setts, Etta, dau. of George and Rebecca, b. July 3.

Shaw, Fred, son of William W. and Deborah, b. Apr. 19.

Sherer, Alfred, son of Gustave and Cesaline, b. Jan. 1.

Shoemaker, Howard, son of William S. and Margaret, b. June 10.

Simkins, Louisa, dau. of Orlando and Julia, b. July 28.

Simpkins, , son of William and Sarah, b. Mar. 5.

Smith, , son of C, b. Sept. —.

Smith, , son of W., b. Dec. 20.

Smith, , dau. of Henry E. and Caroline, b. Mar. 5.

Smith, Justin, son of John F. and Mary E., b. Feb. 17.

Snell, Charles, son of Charles R. and Mehitable b. Aug. 20.

Strong, Frank Floyd, son of O. L. and Marion, b. Jan. 29.

Swain, , dau. of George, b. Sept. 11.

Talbot, Arthur, son of Daniel and Ann, b. Jan. 18.

Thalzer, Harriet, dau. of George and Margaret, b. Mar. 3.

Thrall, Thomas, son of Richard P. and Susan, b. May 7.

Tice, Louisa, dau. of Alonzo and Adelia, b. Jan. 13.

Vandeusen, , son of B., b. Oct. 23.

Vanni, , dau. of Sarafrusia and Calistna, b. May 23.

Vine, Daniel, son of Joseph and Mary, b. Aug. 1.

Waldeman, Harry, son of August and Mary, b. May 9.

Walls, , dau. of William, b. Dec. 23.

Webster, Bertha, dau. of Charles and Ellen, b. Aug. 21.

Wheeler, , son of E. C. and Ella, b. May 14.

Williams, Anna, dau. of John and Sarah, b. June 2.

Williams, Howard, son of Cornelius and Mary, b. Mar. 2.

Wiswell, Evelyn, dau. of Nathan and Almira, b. Aug. 28.

York, , dau. of Jesse and H., b. Aug. 8.


Campbell, Francis P., a. 24, and Frances E. Baker, a. 21, m. Sept. 11.

Coleman, Madison W., a. 37, and Adella G. Churchill, a. 21, dau. of R. M. and Isabella, m. Jan. 1.

Beck, Charles S., a. 26, son of John P. and Frances, and Annetta Sapp, a. 25, (w) dau. of William and Mary Hartman, m. March 3.

Berger, Jacob, a. 41, (w) and Isabell Antarm, a. 38, (w) m. July 24.

Bigelow, Seth G., Jr., a. 52, (w) son of Seth, and Marietta Pratt, a. 49, (w) dau. of Olive Rice, m. Oct. 9.

Blackwell, Charles E., and Mary E. McWells, m. Jan. 25. Bolton, Orra C, and Harriet M. Brown, m. July 11.

Elton, Joseph, a. 63 (w) son of Joseph and Hannah, and Mary J. Walker, a. 42, (w) dau. of Joseph and Adeline Ellis, m. Mar. 29.

Garrison, Edward F., a. 24, and Cordelia E. Hunt, a. 21, m. Oct. 27.

Garrison, Joel, a. 36, and Mary Phifer, a. 31, m. July 7.

Gordon, Henry J., a. 25, and Mary G. Sloann, a. 35, (w) m. July 25.

Harlan, Ellis, a. 36 (w) and Martha A. Swift, a. 23, dau. of Ebenezer, m. Oct. 28.

Harrell, John H., and Annie M. Calkins, m. Dec. 25.

Hawkins, Charles J., a. 27, son of Stephen and Anna, and Anna

Gifford, a. 23, dau. of William and Rachel, m. Aug 25.

Hawkins, Thomas H., a. 32, (w) and Ella H. Prince, a. 27, dau. of John and Abby T., m. July 12.

Jane, William H., son of B. R. and Mary, and Lottie M. Will, m. Aug. 31.

Lee, George L., a. 24, and Rhoda J. Woolford, a. 21, dau. of Samuel and Hannah, m. Oct. 1.

McMahan, James, and Mary S. Gunn, m. Jan. 4.

Manning, Howard L., a. 31 (w) son of Luke and Hannah, and Emma Foster, a. 27, (w) dau. of George and Caroline, m. Mar. 6.

Morgan, Alfred, a. 35, and Anna Simpson, a. 23, m. June 2.

Parsons, James C, a. 30, son of James and Mary A., and Ella F. Rood, a. 26, dau. of Darius and Louisa, m. Nov. 8.

Read, John H., and Emily C. Simpkins, m. Sept. 5.

Robinson, Ruben, a. 32, and Susan Jagoe, m. Jan. 9.

Sharp, Adolphus A., a. 36, son of Charles W. and Ann, and Sarah H. Evans, a. 34, dau. of John R. and Eliza, m. Feb. 5.

Southwick, William, and Rebecca B. Duffield, m. Nov. 9.

Stephenson, Nathaniel, a. 21, and Caroline Smith, a. 18, m. May 6.

Wellman, Charles H., a. 38, (w) and Lydia S. Hubbard, a. 30, dau. of Joel B., m. Feb. 23.

Whittaker, William H., a. 23, and Mary S. Coombs, a. 23, m. June 5.

Wiswell, Oren, a. 22, son of Henry T. and Ruth, and Lizzie M. Nutting, a. 40, dau. of Addison E. and Mary, m. Nov. 18.