Letter to Riley M. Adams

From Governor Horatio Seymour, of New York

Utica, February 3, 1880. My dear Sir,

I am happy to receive your letter and to learn your address. But few of our school mates at Middletown* are living. All of those you ask about are dead, eg. Sherman, Stocking, Clinton and Hitchcock. You speak of Professor Horton. He went to Ohio and was a member of Congress from that State, where he is held in high regard. General Pope of the U. S. Army married a daughter of Mr. Horton. I can recall the names of but a few of the Cadets who are living, eg.: General Starr of Middletown and General Wessells of Litchfield, Connecticut. At Charleston, S. C, I met Mr. Carew and I heard of two or three others who were alive. Dr. Taylor of New Brunswick was at Middletown. He is now blind. Most of those we knew as young, hopeful and vigorous youths are in their graves. Those who live are old men. You and I are old men and we look to the past and not to the future of this world's affairs. I was happy to get your letter, and to learn that you are still left on earth. Your name stood at the head of the roll of Cadets. If you should call their names how few would answer! With my best wishes for your health and happiness,

I am truly yours,


R. M. Adams, Esq. Vineland

New Jersey

*The Military Academy was removed to Middletown, Conn., in 1825.