Vital Records of Vineland



Liggin, William, son of Thomas and Mary, d. Jan. 8, a. 14 da.

Lyford, Stephen C, (m) son of Stephen and Sarah, d. Dec. 9, a. 82.

Mabbitt, , dau. of Truman and Sophia R., d. April 13.

Mathews, B., son of Sarah, d. Dec. 1, a. 6.

Middleworth, Sabilla I., dau. of Isaac Shin, d. March 6, a. 50.

Mills, John, (m) son of Joseph, d. May 13, a. 67.

Mills, Josie, dau. of J. W. and A. J., d. Feb. 1, a. 3.

Miner, M. N., (m) d. Nov. 30, a. 44.

Morrow, , (female, m.) d. May 3.

Mozer, John (m) d. Aug. 22, a. 44.

Murray, Elizabeth M. (m) d. May 3, a. 41.

Pasco, Alvah C, son of William C. and Louisa H., d. Sept. 26, a. 4 mo. 22 da.

Peck, Howard, (m) d. May 5, a. 69.

Peck, Marion, son of Howard and Jane, d. March 17, a. 23.

Pelen, Sarah J., dau. of Abram and E., d. June 3, a. 16.

Pulver, Willie J., son of S. J. and C. C, d. Sept. 3, a. 1.

Ridgway, Thomas, (m) d. May 3, a. 37.

Riley, Sally, dau. of Jonathan and Susan, d. July 2, a. 3 mo.

Roberts, Virginia, dau. of Robert and Jane, d. Aug. 20, a. 8 mo.

Ruhl, John E. (m) son of John E. and Mary D., d. Nov. 2, a. 60.

Ryway, Thomas, formerly of Elizabeth, N. J., d. April 30, a. 38.

Shaw, Joseph F., son of Harvey T. and Annie F., d. July 20, a. 3 mo.

Shepherd, Rufus G., (m) d. July 31, a. 42.

Solomon, Laura D., d. Nov. 7, a. 8 mo.

Smith, Panolia M., son of Mulford N. and Ruby A., d. Aug. 8, a. 8 mo.

Smith, Walter, of Boston, Mass., Feb. 19, 1869.

Stetson, Lydia O., (w) d. May 23, a. 57.

Stringer, Charles, son of William and Anna, d. March 16, a. 18 mo.

Taylor, Charles H., son of C. W. and Cornelia T., d. Feb. 21, a. 15 mo.

Thompson, George P., son of Amos and S., d. March 16, a. 71.

Tice, James W., (m) son of Abram and Margaret, d. Sept. 1, a. 55.

Townsend, Chester A., (m) son of Uriah, d. Oct. 18, a. 38.

Vail, Guy P., son of Henry H. and Laura B., d. Sept. 30, a. 14 da.

Ward, Theodore A., (m) son of Jasper and Ann, d. Oct. 25, a 60.

West, Louisa, dau. of David and R. Evans, d. Sept. 21, a. 38.

Williams, Albert G., son of Orson and Elizabeth, d. Feb. 2.

Williams, Eliza, (m) d. May 3, a. 33.

Williams, Eliza J., (m) d. April 1, a. 35.

Marriages 1870

Allen, Isaac S., a. 29, son of Samuel and Grace, and Adaline Garrison, a. 18, dau. of Charles and Catherine, m. Jan. 29.

Bacon, Warren, a. 25, son of Elijah C. and Clarissa, and Olive L. Thorndike, a. 23, dau. of Asa J. and Olive P., m. Dec. 31.

Birch, George, a. 23, son of Joseph and Tryphena, and Sarah E. Morgan, dau. of John M. and Margaret C, m. Jan. 1.

Blaisdell, John E., a. 33, son of Jonathan and Mary, and Emma G. Facey, dau. of William and Harriet, m. Jan. 24.

Bliss, A. EL, a. 51 (w.), son of Alfred and Polly, and Caroline E. Holden, a. 37 (w.), dau. of A. W. and Maria Thorpe, m. May 9.

Braddock, William, a. 25, son of Charles and Eliza, and Emma Holden, a. 22, dau. of William and Ann. m. (date omitted).

Chalmers, Charles, a. 22, and Anna Knapp, a. 16, m. Oct. 29.

Chalmers, John, a. 26, and Sarah Tubbs, a. 22, m. Aug. 22.

Clark, Frank E., a. 23, son of Ira and Mary, and Mary A. Winslow, dau. of Albion K. and Mary, m. July 5.

Clark, C. Heber, son of Rev. W. J., and Clara Lubins, dau. of Lewis A., m. April 25.

Crawford, George, a. 33, and Sarah Johns, m. May 19.

Edmerson, George A., a. 23, son of John and Anna, and Catherine A. Avery, a. 19, dau. of John and Alice, m. Jan. 14.

Forde, Edward P., a. 27, son of Philo and Percia, and Eva G. Ellis, a. 21, dau. of A. T. and N. C, m. June 18.

Forrest, James, a. 22, and Elizabeth Charlesworth, a. 17, dau. of William and Mary A., m. (date omitted).

Foster, Levi, a. 29, and Henrietta Boyer, a. 20, m. April 30.

Gardner, Theodore A., a. 26, son of William H. and Hannah, and Fannie M. Price, a. 19, dau. of Nathaniel and Miranda, m. Nov. 22.

Garrison, Daniel, a. 23, son of John and Phebe, and Sarah Morrison, a. 32, dau. of George and Sarah, m. May 21.

Gilbert, Thomas, a. 63, son of Robert and Mary, and Elizabeth Snell, a. 59 (w.), dau. of David and Phebe, m. Mar. 23.

Greene, Andrew, a. 27, son of John and Margaret, and Mary J. Royal, a. 21, dau. of David and Hanaiah, m. Feb. 19.

Herrick, Benjamin B., a. 49, son of John and Sally, and Jennie Grey, a. 30, dau. of Zenas and Mary, m. Apr. 17.

Kandle, Uriah B, a. 24, son of John and Hannah, and Anna W. Husted, a. 19, dau. of Daniel and Sarah, m. July 20.

Kilmer, Alvanus G., a. 21, and Orpha A. Esten, a. 20, dau. of Henry and Lucinda, m. March 27.

Little, Charles H., a. 25, son of Ralph and Laura J., and Clara M. Sargent, a. 21, dau. of Samuel H. and Miriam, m. Nov. 28.

Luke, George A., a. 20, son of Anthony and Emeline, and Mary L. Hunt, a. 18, dau. of Alba and Lavina, m. July 21.

McMahon, Thomas S., a. 19, son of John and Elizabeth, and Emma S. Slaugh, a. 17, m. Dec. 5.

Mason, Joseph, and Charlotte Ruhl (w.), m. April 10.

Warren, May, a. 20, son of Levi and Mary, and Mary Mayhew, a. 19, dau. of Elam and Hannah, m. Jan. 10.

Middleworth, Abraham, a. 59 (w.), son of John and Sarah, and Margaret Ramsdell, a. 50 (w.), dau. of Samuel and Frances Morrison, m. Sept. 1.

Morton, Fred W., a. 28 (w.), and Sarah Handford, a. 24, m. March 30.

Muhleisen, George (w.), and Jacobina Miller (w.), m. Feb. 15.

Nightingale, William, a. 47, son of William and Mary, and Addia Esten, a. 28, dau. of Henry and Lucinda, m. Nov. 18.

Perkins, Thomas B., a. 26, and Mary L., a. 23 (w.), dau. of Jesse D. and H. P. Holton, m. Dec. 27.

Porter, Edmund S., a. 26, son of Joseph and Ann, and Maggie E. Halliday, a. 21, dau. of George and Elizabeth B., m. Mar. 17.

Rothwell, Thomas, a. 20, and Emily E. Knapp, a. 18, m. Nov. 2.

Speare, Darwin, a. 23, and Ida P. Vernal, dau. of John and Sarah A., m. Jan. 6.