Smith Family Record

Mrs. Caroline F. Smith, a granddaughter of Maj. Gen. Henry Knox, of Revolutionary fame, was for a number of years a resident of Vineland, dying here July 17, 1907, being about 94 years of age. Mrs. Smith's maiden name was Thatcher. She was a sister of Admiral Henry Knox Thatcher, who died in Boston, April 5, 1880.

Among the heirlooms in Mrs. Smith's Vineland home were four pieces of the original set of china, bearing the seal of the Society of Cincinnati, made for General Knox in France, under the supervision of General Lafayette, at the same time that a set was made for General Washington.
Mrs. Smith's Bible, through the courtesy of Dr. J. A. Conwell, who had the settlement of her affairs, came into the possession of the Historical Society. It contained the following record:

Holy Bible containing Old and New Testaments, together with the Apocrypha. Cooperstown, N. Y., 1843.



Benjamin J. Smith and Caroline F. H. Thatcher were married August 2, 1824.


Benjamin Smith was born July 30, 1803.
Catherine Smith was born April 29, 1805.
William Peck Cole Smith was born December 11, 1807.
John Fletcher Smith was born December 23, 1809.
Gardener Smith was born November 30, 1812.
Elizabeth Leonard Smith was born February 24, 1815.
Cornelius C. Smith was born August 6, 1817.
Maria Cole Smith was born January 15, 1819.
Anna Eliza Smith was born October 10, 1821.
Richard Cole Smith was born December _______.


Major General Henry Knox died October 25, 1806, aged 56 years. "Tis fate's decree -farewell thy just renown, The hero's honor and the good man's crown."
Mrs. Knox died June 20, 1824, aged 66.
Henry Knox died October 9, 1832, aged 52.
Caroline F. Holmes, youngest daughter of General Knox, died October 17, 1851, aged 60 years.
Marcus Camillus, George Washington, M. William Bingham, Marcus, Washington, Julia, Caroline, Augusta and Julia Wadsworth, nine children of General Knox, who died before their parents.
Ebenezer Thatcher died June 12, 1841, aged 63.
James Swan Thatcher was lost in a gale, March 12, 1843, on board the U. S. Schooner "Grampus," off the coast of South Carolina. Such, at least, is the belief, for none, alas were spared to tell the solemn tale.
Harriet Eliza Page, youngest daughter of Ebenezer Thatcher, died at Houlton, Me., January 14, 1847.
Mrs. C. F. Holmes died in Thomaston, October 29, 1851, widow of Hon. John Holmes.
Mrs. Julia Sykes died in Bedford, Mass., November 19, 1851, eldest daughter of Judge Thatcher.
Mrs. Henrietta Hyde, third daughter, died in Thomaston, August 30, 1853, aged 40.
Oren Sykes died suddenly, December 15, 1852.
My beloved mother died Thursday, October 12, 1854, at 3 o'clock P. M.
Benjamin Smith died October 12, 1869.
Mrs. L. A. Leeson died April 14, 1863, at 5 o'clock P. M.