Fortescue, a well-known summer resort, is situated on the eastern shore of Delaware Bay, within the bounds of Cumberland County, some twenty-five miles southwest from Vineland, and is easily reached by automobile over good roads in an hour's time. Each year the place is visited by Vinelanders, some of whom have cottages there.

Fortescue was named from John Fortescue, who sold to William Smith a tract of land amounting to ten thousand acres, containing the site of the present resort, in June, 1776.

Long before the Civil War a large hotel stood near the beach, which during the season was filled with guests drawn thither by the charm of the location. One enthusiastic admirer has expressed in verse the feelings of many:


(Tune: Dearest May.) Let others boast of Rockaway and old Long Island's shore, And tell what rapture fills their souls to hear the breakers roar -That sea-girt shore, Atlantic washed, or, never can compare With Fortescue's familiar sands and noble Delaware.

Chorus. O Delaware, to thee I'll e'er be true, And never let my heart forget the beach of Fortescue.

I love to feel the glorious winds that o'er the billows play, And watch the crested waves pile up and break against Cape May; I love to see the snow-white sails "fade o'er the waters blue," But more I love the Delaware and more our Fortescue. -Cho.

The weary jaded traveler o'er life's fatiguing way Should leave his troubles and his toils to seek our beauteous bay; For here they drive from off the brow the marks of grief and care, And melancholy always drowns in noble Delaware. -Cho.