(From Original documents in office of Secretary of State, Trenton, N. J.)

ABIGAIL CRANE of Essex Co., 1 Jan., 1823, 2 Aug.. 1825

daughter Maria
granddaughter Julia Ann Magie

AGNES CRANE of Essex Co., 26 Feb., 1831; 14 Feb.. 1833.

brother Solomon Cooper
sister Charity Sayre
sister Lucretia Annis
niece Mary Annis
niece Susan Annis
niece Elizabeth Annis

ANDREW CRANE of Essex Co., 15 Jan., 1825; 19 Sept.. 1829.

son John B.
son Thomas
son Ezekial
son Robert
daughter Sarah Williams

ANNA CRANE, widow, of Newark. Essex Co., 21 March, 1826; 26 April. 1838.

daughter Sally Ruckel
daughter Sophia Milliard
granddaughter Anna Milliard
granddaughter Sally Milliard
granddaughter Mary Ann Ruckel
granddaughter Jane Ruckel
granddaughter Sophia Ruckel

BENJAMIN CRANE, Sr.. of Pequasup, N. J. 2 Mar.. 1811; 25 June, 1819.

wife Mehitable
son Jeremiah
son Benjamin
son Amazi L.
son John
daughter Julia, wife of Hiram Dodd
daughter Mehitable, wife of John Parsons

CALEB CRANE, of Newark, Essex Co., 22 Nov., 1777; 17 Aug., 1793.

wife Phebe
son John
daughter Sarah
daughter Phebe, wife of Benjamin Williams
daughter Hannah, wife of Viles Harrison
grandson Caleb

CHARLOTTE CRANE of Orange, Essex Co., 6 Feb., 1818; 12 May, 1819.

brother Lewis
brother-in-law, Caleb Harrison
sister Sarah Burnside
Her daughter Adriene Burnside

DAVID CRANE of Newark, Essex Co., 14 Feb.. 1794; 25 Feb., 1794.

wife Abigail
son Joseph
son David
son Stephen
son Jedediah
brother Jedediah
son Aaron

DAVID D. CRANE of Newark, Essex Co., 25 May, 1837; 27 Sept., 1838.

wife Martha
son James
son John R.
daughter Sarah, wife of David Halstead
daughter Catherine B. Hinsdale
daughter Martha Woodruff and her children
Catherine C, David and Archibald.

ELIAKIM CRANE of Essex Co., 25 Jan., 1803; 24 Sept. 1808.

son John
son Josiah

ELIAS CRANE of Newark. Essex Co.. 4 Jan.. 1789; 18 Aug.. 1789.

son David
daughter Sarah Tichenor
granddaughters, Abigail and Mary of my daughter Mary Smith.

EZEKIAL CRANE of Newark. Essex Co.. 7 Nov.. 1792; 31 May. 1794.

daughter Joana Plum
daughter of deceased son. Joseph.
children of deceased daughter, Rachel Lyon
daughter Rebecca Ball
daughter Sarah's children
grandson Aaron Crane
son Elias
cousin Israel Crane

HANNAH CRANE of Essex Co.. 14 April. 1831; 24 April. 1837.

husband Nathaniel
Sally, daughter of brother Oliver
daughter-in-law Elizabeth
Hannah, widow of Cyrus Crane

ISAAC CRANE of Essex Co.. 2 Sept.. 1830; 24 Feb.. 1831.

wife Abigail
grandson Benjamin, son of Jeremiah, dec'd.
son Jonathan E.
son Thomas O.
daughter Elizabeth

JACOB CRANE of Essex Co., 26 July. 1 81 1 ; 31 July. 1811.

son Jacob
son Stephen
son Matthias
daughter Phebe Stiles

JACOB CRANE OF Essex Co.. 18 June. 1814; 27 June. 1817.

wife Mary
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Passell
daughter Abigail, wife of Elias Winans
daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Crane
nephew Isaac Crane
son Noah
son Jacob
son Caleb
son Nehemiah

JAMES CRANE of Essex Co.. 18 April, 1809; 16 April. 1813.

wife Lydia
brother-in-law David Nichols
brother Phineas, who married Patience Gifford,
daughter of John.

JAMES CRANE of Elizabeth, Essex Co.. 9 June, 1812; 25 Oct. 1819.

son Jeremiah
son Stephen
daughter Anna
daughter Rachel
daughter Sarah
daughter Elizabeth Woodruff

JAMES CRANE of Essex Co.. 1 March. 1820; 9 Feb., 1822

son Solomon M.
daughter Sarah
daughter Mary

JEDEDIAH CRANE of Newark. Essex Co.. 21 May. 1827; 12 July. 1827.

wife Mary
daughter Sally
daughter Abby Ann
daughter Julia, wife of John Tucker
daughter Eliza, wife of Aaron Baldwin
daughter Mary, wife of James H. Robinson

JEPTHA CRANE of Essex Co.. 2 Aug.. 1815; 28 Aug, 1815.

wife Margery
brother Timothy
brother Elias
brother Zenas
brother Thomas and his daughters, Joanna and Eliza
sister Nancy Pierson
sister Hannah Crane
sister Abigail Crane
sister Polly Crane

JOANNA CRANE of Bloomfield, Essex Co., 29 Jan., 1813; 4 March, 1823
sister Dorcas
sister Elizabeth
sister Mary
sister Esther Baldwin and her children John, Caleb, Zenas, Joan, Betsy, Esther, Naomy and Kannah.

(Continued from Nov. 1917)

JOHN CRANE of Westfield. Essex Co., 9 March. 1831;  4 June, 1837.

father John
brother Elijah
son Elias
son Josiah
son John G. (dec'd) his children William and John
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Moore
daughter Phebe, widow of Benjamin Potter
daughter Rebecca Potter
daughter Huldah, wife of John Potter

JOHN C.CRANE of Essex Co., 1 Nov., 1808; 1 May. 1812

wife Sarah
son Samuel
son John
son Henry
son Simeon H.
son Ezra D.
daughter Hannah
daughter Sarah
daughter Phebe
daughter Lydia
sister Sarah
nephew Caleb Crane
nephew Israel Day
nephew Joseph T. Hardie

JONAS CRANE of Caldwell. Essex Co., 4 Oct., 1806; 11 Nov., 1806.

wife Phebe
brother Oliver
son Amos
son William
son Calvin Smith
son Bethuel
daughter Abigail
daughter Lydia, wife of Benjamin Harrison
daughter Rachel, wife of Jacob Harrison

JONATHAN CRANE of Caldwell, Essex Co., 1 Aug., 1803; 2 Nov., 1805.

wife Mary
brother William
son Abijah
son Uzall

JOSEPH CRANE, Jr., of Essex Co., 7 March. 1805;  9 Dec. 1807.

son Joseph Crane
son Moses Crane
son Daniel Crane
son Aaron and wife Hannah
daughter Hannah Moore
daughter Eunice Taylor

JOSEPH CRANE (Deacon) of Bloomfield. Essex Co., 10 Nov., 1832; 27 May. 1833.

son Eleazer
son Nathaniel
son Noah
daughter Sarah
daughter Jane
daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Williams
daughter Rhoda, wife of Peter Doremus
granddaughter Elizabeth Sarah Ball

JOSEPH CRANE of Essex Co., 6 Sept., 1832; 4 Feb., 1836.
son Nathaniel
daughter Amanda
daughter Phebe
daughter Hannah
daughter Rachel
daughter Eunice

NATHANIEL CRANE of Essex Co., 11 March. 1825; 16 Sept., 1825.

wife Sarah
son Moses M.
son Job
son Elisha
daughter Mary
daughter Elizabeth
daughter Abigail

NEHEMIAH CRANE of Elizabeth, Essex Co., 8 April, 1777; 9 Aug., 1789.

wife Castor
brother Jacob
daughter Charity
daughter Easter

NOAH CRANE of Essex Co., 30 Jan., 1823; 31 March, 1831.

wife Martha
son Elias Winans Crane
son Jonathan
daughter Phebe, wife of John Van Durber.

OBADIAH CRANE of Orange. Essex Co., 4 Jan., 1833; 1 May, 1833.
wife Mary
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Job Meeker
daughter Joana, wife of Abraham Scudder
daughter Cornelia, wife of Enos Woodruff
daughter Maria, wife of Daniel Reeves
daughter Phebe, wife of Ezekial Magie

PHEBE CRANE of Essex Co., 21 Nov., 1820; 7 April. 1824.

son Isaac
son Samuel
son Urzal
son John
son William
daughter Polly Smith
daughter Sally, wife of John More
daughter Martha, wife of Caleb Williams

PHEBE M. CRANE of Essex Co., 7 Feb., 1820; 11 March, 1820.

mother Abigail
father William
daughter Maria

PHEBE CRANE of Essex Co., 5 Jan., 1824; 30 Nov., 1825.

son Daniel
daughter Rachel Marsh
granddaughter Phebe M. Marsh

REBECCA CRANE of Newark, Essex Co., 7 March. 1786; 2 July, 1787.

son Jonas Crane and his children John. Paul,
granddaughter Sarah Crofut
granddaughter Katie Pierson

SAMUEL CRANE of Caldwell. Essex Co., 27 Feb., 1811; 10 Oct., 1811.

wife Mary
son Caleb
son Nathaniel
son Cyrus
son Zenas
grandson Zenas
daughter Betsy
daughter Abby, wife of John Sturdevant.

SARAH CRANE, widow of Sayrs, of Essex Co., 12 Oct., 1830; 24 Nov., 1830.

son Moses Baldwin
daughter Maria, wife of Benj. T. Munn.
grandchildren Sarah and Julia Lawrence, chil-
dren of daughter Sarah.

STEPHEN CRANE of Newark, Essex Co., 12 March. 1794; 26 Dec. 1795.

wife Rhoda
son Azriah
son Jeremiah
son Benjamin
daughter Katura
daughter Sarah
daughter Abigail, wife of Charles Martin
daughter Martha, wife of Dr. Bone
daughter Rhoda, wife of Lynas Baldwin
daughter Lois, wife of Justus Burnett

STEPHEN CRANE of Essex Co., 14 Dec, 1813; 10 June, 1816.

wife Johanna
son Jonathan
son David

WILLIAM CRANE of Essex Co., 23 Dec, 1819; 11 Dec. 1832.

wife Lydia
son Josiah
son Joshua
son William
daughter Hanna
daughter Lucy
daughter Sarah
daughter Polly
daughter Prudy  
SOURCE:  Vol, VIII, No 1 & 2, January, February 1918 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry