The First Vineland Schools

The first school taught in Vineland commenced July 28th, 1862 and continued through a term of twelve weeks. It was a private school of eleven pupils, which number included nearly if not quite all the children of a suitable age to attend school, on the Vineland tract. The school was taught by Luella S. Richardson.


Katie S. Richardson
Martha Bachelder
Frank Fish
George Fish
Moses Bachelder
Ansel Faunce

The first public school in Vineland opened May 4th, 1863, closed July 24th. Was taught by Luella S. Richardson. The number of pupils was fifty-five.

Fannie M. Cotton
Hattie Perry
Carrie Davis
William Willis
Alexander Bachelder
Charles Gifford
Samuel Forrest
Frank F. Gwynneth
George Fish
William H. McMahon
Samuel McMahon
Willie Beacham
George Gifford
Clifton O. Gwynneth
Frank Fish
Franklin Lombard
Thomas S. McMahon
Charles A. Morgan
Alfred O. Vanviller
Herbert Amsden
Edward Kuhns
Herman Brownley
Agnew Gilson
Willie Impson
Levi Loomis
Henry Day
Mary E. Johnson
Katie A. Richardson
Jennie Barker
Emily A. McMahon
Katie C. Dowling
Ada Morehouse
Carrie Davis
Elian E. Kuhns
Mary Drake
Maggie Roberts
Ella Beach
Susie Ball
Alice Barker
Theodore Kuhns
Webster E. Rifenburg
Nettie Day
Oscar Adams
Willie Ball
Winthrop Loomis
Charles Roberts
Lucretia A. Johnson
Mary L. Baker
Myra L. Lombard
Ellen M. Lombard
Mary E. McMahon
Julia M. Gifford
Eliza B. Parsons
Eva Rollins
George Anna Refenburg
Mary Hamilton
Emma Roberts
Martha Ball
Elvie Mathers
Ida Noyes