Brief History of Millville & Glassboro R. R.

By F. F. Sharp

Charter was obtained from the Legislature of 1858 and 1859 for a railroad to run from Millville, either to Glassboro or Winslow, the former to connect with the West Jersey R. R. then only completed to Woodbury and the other to connect with Camden & Atlantic R. R. then running.

It was, of course, only contemplated to build one road-that in case one company failed to treat for connection the other might be resorted to for railroad connection between Millville and Philadelphia. The West Jersey proposed to connect with the M. & G. R. R. at Glassboro and it being the most direct this route was adopted, and books opened May 21st, 1859 for subscriptions of stock at Millville. This is the first opportunity offered for subscriptions.

Mr. R. D. Wood had said to the people wanting the road that he would duplicate all the subscriptions-with this encouragement a few of the men of Millville went to work in earnest and in a short time obtained subscriptions to about $80,000, which when duplicated by R. D. Wood would make about $160,000. With this amount of subscription the road was surveyed adopted and put under contract under the superintendance of Mr. George W. Roberts of Philadelphia as engineer.

The right of way was obtained for almost the whole road before grading was commenced.

The first election for directors was held June 13th, 1859, when the following gentlemen were chosen.

R. D. Wood Matthias W. Crane

Thos. P. Whitney William D. Wilson

Isaac B. Mulford Russel D. Green

John McNeal Com. R. F. Stockton

F. F. Sharp

The Directors chose Mr. T. P. Whitney as President of the Road, Mr. Louis Mulford as Secretary and Treasurer.

The Road was completed by about the ist of August, 1860-at a cost of about $160,000. The rolling stock, including two engines and six cars, open and passenger, besides seven small cars for constuction, cost about $28,000 more-making the cost of Road and equipment about $188,000. The Road earned the first year about $15,000 at the end of which time, Mr. Landis purchased the Vineland tract. Two years afterward the Cape May R. R. was built which with the Vineland enterprise has contributed very much towards the increase of the earnings of the M. & G. R. R. from $15,000 the first year to $108,000 the last year-a space of only five years.

Stephen A. Garrison was elected as Superintendent at the Annual Meeting of Directors, 1860 and the Road was leased to George W. Thomas and Co. the present ist of August 1861.

The present Board of Directors are,
Richard D. Wood Matthias W. Crane

William D. Wilson John McNeal

F. F. Sharp George R. Wood

Thomas P. Whitney Isaac B. Mulford

Louis Mulford William D. Kimble, Sec.-Treas.

The Engine "Eagle" was bought for constructing the road for $2500 and afterwards the T. P. Whitney for $7500

Millville for 10000
C. K. Landis for 25000