Vital Records of Vineland


Applegate, George, son of John and Caroline, d. Dec. 24, a. 3 wk.

Ashworth, , dau. of John P. and Lydia, d. July 9, a. 3 mo.

Babbitt, Sarah A., (m) dau. of David James, d. Aug. 25, a. 22.

Baker, Amy, (m) d. Mar. 7, a. 62.

Barton, Hattie E., d. May 20, a. 61.

Beacham, James, (m) son of James and Sarah, d. June 22, a. 56.

Beadman, James, (m) son of Joseph and Elizabeth d. Oct. 12, a. 67.

Bigwood, Stephen, (s) d. Mar. 30, a. 45.

Bigwood, Thomas, (m) d. Dec. 14, a. 76.

Bill, Ida F., dau. of James and Jane, d. Aug. 11, a. 1.

Brackett, Mrs., d. Jan. 18.

Brannon, James E., son of James and Sarah, d. Jan. 5, a. 12.

Brewer, M. L., son of Julian and Harriet, d. Nov. 12, a. 7 mo., 19 da.

Brick, Caroline, dau. of Charles and Caroline, d. Aug. 15, a. 1.

Brown, James, (m) d. June 30, a. 35.

Buswell, Charles L., (m) d. May 17, a. 62.

Capen, Hattie E., dau. of George and Ella, d. Nov. 6, a. 7 mo.

Carpenter, Otis, son of Otis and Alice, d. June 21, a. 6 mo.

Chadwick, Horatio N., (m) d. Dec. 27, a. 67.

Cheever, Deborah, (m) d. May 12, a. 61.

Chubbuck, Betsey, (m) dau. of Amos and Laura, d. Nov. 14, a. 84.

Chubbuck, Olive, dau. of George W. and Mary, d. Aug. 30, a. 1 yr. 6 mo.

Clark, Fanny E., dau. of J. B. and Ella, d. Aug. 19, a. 6 mo.

Coddington, Clarissa, (m) dau. of Silas and Experience Smith, d. Aug. 8, a. 77.

Cummings, Suffrona W., (m) dau. of Quartus and Olive Wright, d. Jan. s, a. 34.

Cheeney, Leonard, (m) d. Feb. 28, a. 78.

Dearborn, Mary, (m) d. Mar. 9, a. 48.

De Groff, Andrew, (m) d. Aug. 23, a. 76.

Doughty, John F., (m) son of Elias, d. Aug. 23, a. 31.

Foster, Theo., son of Levi and Etta, d. Jan. 18, a. 1.

Fowler, Mary A., (m) d. July 18, a. 45.

Gale, George A., (m) d. July 9, a. 35.

Garton, David W., (m) d. Apr. 28, a. 65.

Guilford, Chester C., (m) d. June 11, a. 54.

Gowdir, Robert, (s) d. Feb. 17, a. 33.

Green, , son of Nathaniel and Hannah, d. June 21, a. 3 mo.

Green, Henrietta, dau. of Andrew and Mary, d. Feb. 17, a. 2.

Hennis, , dau. of David F. and Rebecca, d. Feb. 8, a. 1.

Hinsman, L. Byron, son of L. and Carrie (?), d. Aug. 9, a. 1.

Holden, William, son of John and Sarah, d. Aug. 1, a. 69.

Hopkins, Francis, (s) son of William O. and Phebe, d. June 15, a. 22.

Hopkins, Mary, (m) dau. of David and Polly, d. Dec. 10, a. 82.

Hubut, Vidor E., son of J. W. and Josephine, d. Oct. 2, a. 2 yr., 6 mo.

Jagoe, Abraham, (m) d. Aug. 31, a. 73.

James, David, (m) d. Mar. 10. a.63.

Jones, John, (m) son of Thomas and Lucy, d. Dec. 25, a. 36.

Kelk, Charles, (m) d. Mar. 18, a. 42.

Kellogg, , dau. of Isaac and Eudora, d. Aug. 15, a. 3 mo.

Knipe, James, (m) son of James and Matilda, d. Oct. 23, a. 32.

Krough, , son of Peter W. and Caroline, d. Feb. 13, a. 1.

Lamb, Eliza A., dau. of March and Rachel, d. Aug. 12, a. 6 mo.

Lamb, Marshall, son of March and Rachel, d. Apr. 5, a. 4.

Loomis, Emeline P., (m) dau. of Pliny and Mary Warren, d. Feb. 5, a. 38.

McMahan, Jane, (m) d. July 18, a. 93.

Moore, Horace L., (m) son of David and Mary, d. Sept. —, a. 55.

Palmer, Sarah E., dau. of Charles W. and Jane, d. May 13, a. 17.

Peacock, James H, (m) son of James and Harriet, d. Nov. 12, a. 50.

Poor, Lucinda, (m) d. Apr. 9, a. 68.

Prevear, Mary, (m) dau. of Joseph and Mary , d. Mar. 6, a. 52.

Robinson, Mary P., dau. of Joseph and Parmelia, d. July 13, a. 2.

Robinson, Sewell G, (m) son of Daniel and Ruth, d. June 12, a. 67.

Rolla, Nancy B., (m) dau. of Deborah Blockman, d. Sept. 14, a. 69.

Scarborough, Lizzie, (m) dau. of Uri and Jane Finn, d: June 22, a. 27.

Schuelder, Oleando, son of John and Theresa, d. Jan. 25, a. 11.

Smith, Carrie, (m) dau. of Isaac and Mary Neal, d. Nov. 7, a. 21.

Smith, Henry D, (m) d. Aug. 15, a. 44.

Smith, James, (m) d. Feb. 16, a. 85.

Starr, , dau. of E. R. and M. E., d. Oct. 29, infant.

Tice, Laura, dau. of Alonzo A. and Adeline, d. July 24, a. 6 mo.

Van Meter, Eliza, (m) dau. of Joshua and Mary Richman, d. Dec. 19, a. 30.

Van Meter, John, (m) son of Erasmus and Mary, d. Sept. 10, a. 69.

Wadleigh, Delia, (m) dau. of John and Winifred Bray, d. July 4, a. 64.

Warren, Francis P., (m) d. June 17, a. 45.

Warriner, Bertha J., (m) d. Feb. 15, a. 48.

Webber, Benjamin, (m) d. Aug. 23, a. 76.

Weinchen, Gustave, son of Gustave and Mary, d. Feb. 19, a. 1.

Williams, Gertrude, dau. of Richard and Eliza, d. Dec. 18, a. 3.

Woolsey, Laura H., (m) d. May 9, a. 27.