Letter from Sarah T. (Harvey) Pearson
with Pusey Family Record

Hamberton, Pa., 4 m. 15, 1849.

My brother's family.

Over the hills and far away. * * * I have not lost sight of thy request regarding family Record. Here I laid down my pen and set out to the garrett, in search, and unexpectedly found all that now remains of our Harvey and Pusey origin. Thee has some of it already. I will give thee some more. Now the record begins: William Harvey was born the 5th of ninth month, 1678, in Worcester, in the Parish of Leyd, Old England. He came to Pennsylvania in the year 1712, and in 1714, married Judith Osborn who came over sea in the same vessel with her husband, Peter Osborn, and four children. She was born in the year 1862 in Balson, in the county of Stafford, England, aforesaid; she died 1st of 5th month, 1750. The above named William Harvey died 20th, 6th month, 1754.

His son, William Harvey, our great-grandfather, began my former record. Thee has all that follows in this line except Pusey's children in our particular branch. Thee now has the date with the first letter, in this line in America. He settled here where our poor little Uncle William now lives, and Peter Osborn in Birmingham, where the Osborn family still live, I believe.

Cousin Lea Pusey gave me the following:

Joshua Pusey, b. 9th, 11 mo., 1714-15; m. 29th, 8 mo., 1734; d. 16th, 8 mo., 1760. Mary Lewis, b. 6th, 1 mo., 1715-16; m. 29th, 8 mo, 1734; d. 22nd, 8 mo., 1760.

Their children:

Ellis, b. 21st, 6 mo., 1735. William, b. 26th, 8 mo., 1736. Joshua, b. 19th, 9 mo., 1738; d. 16th, 3 mo., 1804. Elizabeth, b. 17th, 5 mo., 1740; m. Smith; d. 30th, 9 mo., 1783. Mary, b. 8th, 6 mo., 1742; husband, Mifflin. Susanna, b. 11th, 5 mo., 1745; m. Harvey; d. 1st, 7 mo., 1768. Robert, b. 15th, 12 mo., 1746-47; d. 12th, 6 mo., 1747. Phebe, b. 7th, 12 mo., 1748-49; m. Passmore; d. , llmo., 1785. Hannah b. 21st, 4 mo., 1752; m. Harvey. Lewis, b. 4th, 3 mo., 1754. Lydia, b. 2nd, 7 mo., 1756.

Their son Joshua, our Grandma's brother:

Joshua Pusey, b. 19th, 9 mo., 1738; m. 25th, 9 mo., 1761; d. 16th, 3 mo., 1804. Mary Miller, b. 6th, 1 mo., 1741; m. 25th, 9 mo., 1761; d. 22nd, 8 mo., 1760.

Their children:

William, b. 1st, 6 mo., 1762. Joshua, b. 22nd, 10 mo., 1763. Ann, b. 14th, 2 mo., 1765; m. Richards; d. 5th, 6 mo., 1796. Mary, b. 23rd, 7 mo., 1767; m. Samuel West. Caleb, b. 12th, 2 mo., 1769. Hannah, b. 8th, 2 mo., 1771; m. William Gibbons. Samuel, b. 29th, 1 mo., 1773; m. Hopper. Miller, b. 16th, 4 mo., 1775; d. 20th, 12 mo., 1794. Susanna, b. 17th, 10 mo., 1776; m. Jonas Eyre.

Second wife:

Lydia Thomas, b. 4th, 12 mo., 1740-41; Joshua Pusey m. Lydia Trimble 21st, 10 mo., 1798; d. 15th, 11 mo., 1780.
Their daughter:

Lydia Pusey, b. 9th, 4 mo., 1780.

Third wife:

Hannah Lea, b. 31st, 3 mo., 1753; Joseph Pusey m. Hannah Canby, 6th, 11 mo., 1782; d. 23rd, 8 mo., 1816.

Their children:

Joseph, b. 22nd, 8 mo., 1783; m. 13th, 4 mo., 1803. Lea, b. 8th, 6 mo., 1785; m. 11th, 11 mo., 1806. Edith, b. 22nd, 1 mo., 1787; m. 15th, 10 mo., 1806. Jonas, b. 3rd, 7 mo., 1789; d. 21st, 3 mo., 1790. Jonas, b. 12th, 1 mo., 1791; m. 16th, 11 mo., 1811. Jacob, b. 10th, 9 mo., 1792; (Cousin Jake has buried three wives). Mary Ann, b. 26th, 3 mo., 1794; m. Samuel Cope.

Well, brother, I could not bear to put off this task, altho nearly dark and company interrupting.

The first Puseys are our grandparents. I have their marriage certificates, at old Kenneth; near 100 signers, it is a curiosity. Grandfather Lewis owned all about what is now Taylor's Mills, below the square. He was the largest subscriber to building K. M. house about 130 years ago.

We are sprung from a worthy stock. All English, I believe in every lineā€”the Townsends, England and Houses included. Do write soon to thy mother and sister.


Sarah T. (Harvey) Pearson, wife of George Pearson, lived in Vineland in 1863, and took an active part in the development of the place. (Editor).