Vital Records of Vineland


Peck, Joseph B., (m) d. Aug. 16.

Pennypacker, M., (m) d. Aug. 3.

Poulton, T. C, (m) son of John S. and Fatima, d. Apr. 30, a. 35.

Powers, Lucinda, (m) dau. of Simon and Eliza Durand, d. Jan. 2, a. 80.

Proctor, Henry C, son of Thomas H. and Maria C, d. Aug. 23, a. 6 mo.

Proctor, Maria C, (m) dau. of James and Susan Culver, d. June 8, a. 35.

Reustle, , son of J. D. and Catherine, d. Sept. 8.

Robinson, Josephine, dau. of Joseph and Marion, d. June 2, a. 18.

Robinson, Mary A., dau. of John S. and Dinah, d. Mar. 18, a. 25.

Rowell, Mary D., dau. of Franklin and Martha, d. Nov. 23, a. 6.

Shumway, Mrs., d. Nov. 22, a. 50.

Shumway, O. O., (m) d. Jan. 24, a. 56.

Smith, Lloyda K., dau. of H. D. and Grace K., d. Mar. 20, a. 8 mo.

Smith, William J., (m) d. Jan. 30, a. 62.

Spears, Bertha M., dau. of John and Lucy T., d. Sept. 20, a. 8 mo.

Swift, Minerva P., (m) d. Mar. —

Swing, Mary L. U., d. Nov. 10, a. 4 mo.

Taylor, , dau. of Charles W., d. July 27, infant.

Turner, A. R., (m) d. Sept. 7, a. 94.

Tyler, John E., (m) d. Aug. 18, a. 60.

Vernal, Charles, (m) d. Apr. 3, a. 26.

Vernal, Ralph P., son of Oliver and Jeanette, d. Nov. 14, a. 19 mo.

Wainwright, Fred, son of J. B. and Mary J., d. Aug. 13, a. 6 mo.

Wainwright, Mary J., (m) d. Aug. 17, a. 37.

Whitney, Nellie J., dau. of T. L., d. Mar. 19, a. 35.

Wiley, Stella C, dau. of C R. and M. D., d. Dec. 22, a. 6

Williams, Sarah A., dau. of John and Sarah, d. Jan. 26, a. 1.

Wood, Lydia, (m) d. Oct. 18, a. 29.


Adams, Andrew L., a. 32, and Anna E. Garrison, a. 30, dau. of Charles, m. Jan. 6.

Adams, Charles C, and Jeanette R. Lowe, m. Feb. 24.

Beckett, Henry D., and Mary J. Garrison, m. Jan. 2.

Blaisdell, George W., a. 24, son of Horace and Theresa, and Ella J. Sargent, dau. of Samuel H. and Maria N., m. April 7.

Boody, Isaiah, a. 35, (w) son of Henry and Margaret, Mary E. Atkinson, a. 31, dau. of Moses and Maria, m. Jan. 1.

Brick, Frank E., son of E. K., and Augusta C Warner, (w), m. March 5. Brown, R. H., a. 26, and Carrie B. Garton, a. 18, m. Oct. 26.

Clark, Albert M., a. 28 (w), and Ida E. Marshall, a. 17, m. July 31.

Cook, Aaron W., a. 36, son of Chauncey and Ruby, and Jennie U. Constantine, a. 23, dau. of Austin and Maria, m. March 7.

Cornell, Edward H., a. 60 (w), and Susanna Hicklin, a. 55, m. Feb. 5.

Crawford, William, a. 60 (w), and Keturah Wright, a. 44, m. Nov. 19.

Dawson, Walter, a. 21, son of William, and Eva M. Holden, a. 17, dau. of Caroline, m. July 31.

Dickerson, James D., a. 29, son of Joseph B. and Mary, and Anna E.

Carlisle, a. 20, dau. of Frank and Anna, m. July 3.

Doughty, Elbridge, a. 24, son of Elias and Jane, and Harriet Wiley, a 24, dau. of James and Rebecca, m. Nov. 25.

Eastburn, Thomas K., a. 23, son of A. K. and Nettie R. Day, a. 20, dau.

of John W. and Lucy, m. Feb. 12. Ewing, William L., son of Alex., and Justine S. Bywater, m. Feb. 21.

Grandy, Amos T., and Hannah S. Devoul, m. March 23. Harrison, George H., and Rebecca A. B. Harris, m. March 23.

Hires, Edwin B., a. 20, and Sarah Johnson, a. 24, m. Oct. 18.

Ivins, George, M. D., a. 26, son of G. I. and Helen W. Hinman, a. 21, dau. of D. B., m. May 27.

Kingman, Charles G., a. 25, son of L. and Lydia Poole, m. Aug. 6.

Learned, M. D., a. 30, son of Harvey and Elvira, and Hattie M. Cochran, dau. of Robert and Mary, m. Feb. 25.

Lloyd, John H., a. 22, son of Albert M. and Mary, and Naomi E. Lake, a. 20, dau. of S. B., m. Jan. 1.

McMahon, Willard C, a. 25, son of John and Elizabeth, and Emma F. Sears, a. 20, dau. of J. M., m. April 26.

Miller, Aquila D., and Mary E. Mooney, m. Jan. 4. Ober, Carlos, and Ida May, m. March 26.

Poole, Augustine, a. 27, and Cassa W. Purvis, m. March 9.

Prince, William V., a. 30, son of John and Abby T., and Addie S. Kingman, a. 22, dau. of Ruth, m. June 17.

Restwick, George W., a. 26, and Mary A. Swift, a. 21, dau. of Ebenezer and Fannie, m. Sept. 29.

Rays, Franklin, a. 36, son of Charles and Pamelia, and Sarah R. Sargent, a. 19, dau. of Samuel H. and Maria N., m. April 7.

Scofield, Edward D., a. 32, son of Justice A. and Elizabeth, and Emma R. Hallenback, a. 26, dau. of John and Deborah, m. Sept. 6.

Simpkins, Thomas, a. 46 (w), and Mary Stiles, a. 31, m. July 14.

Smith, Alexander, and Hannah Johnson, m. July 2.

Smith, J. Frank, a. 25, son of L. W., and Mary E. Cole, a. 22, dau. of R. M., m. April 20.

Stevens, A. H., and Ava B. Gwynneth, m. May 28.

Thompson, Jonas C, a. 25, and Sarah E. Ash, a. 26, dau. of Peter and Margaret, m. Nov. 21.

Trevett, Samuel R., and Anna E. Frither, m. Jan. 11.

Vail, William J., a. 52, (w) son of Thomas and Hannah, and Sarah Barrett, a. 36, (w) dau. of Stephen and Emily Hoyt, m. Sept. 7.

Van Deusen, Benjamin, a. 23, and Jennie J. Little, a. 23, dau. of Rufus, m. July 4.

Wainwright, Isaac B., a. 39, (w) and Christina I. Bailey, a. 31, dau. of Davis C and Ruby M., m. June 2.


Abbott, Winifield, son of Robert and Mary, b. March 15.

Andrews, Frank Emory, son of Emory and Harriet, b. Mar. 9.

Atkinson, , child of George O. and Lizzie, b. July 1.

Baliey, George, son of Ezra and Hattie, b. Feb. 16.

Ball, Charles, son of Lafayette and Sarah, b. Nov. 27.

Bartlett, Hannah, dau. of Francis P. and Clara, b. Dec. 26.

Bill, Ida, dau. of James R. and Jane, b. Oct. 16.

Boody, Rebecca, dau. of Daniel and Sarah, b. Dec. 17.

Burch, Delia, dau. of Lewis and Lydia, b. Dec. 21.

Chambers, Reading, son of George W. and Sarah, b. Dec. 25.

Chubbuck, Olive May, dau. of George W. and Mary, b. April 4.

Chonnelia, Arabella, dau. of Thomas and Eliza, b. May 9.

Cummings, , dau. of Richard and Mary, b. Oct. 7.

Cummings, John, son of John and Nora, b. Oct. 15.

Davenport, Mary, dau. of James A. and Mary, b. Oct. 12.

Dennery, Kate, dau. of Thomas and Margaret, b. Jan. 15.

Dunn, Flora, dau. of Marvin and Martha J., b. May 21.

Earle, Christopher, son of Christopher and Alice, b. Dec. 13.

Elliot, Howard, son of Charles C and Mary, b. April 12.

Gage, Porcius, son of John P. and Mary C, b. Dec. 9.

Garrison, Walter, son of Jonathan and Sophie, b. March 2,

Gerow, Harry, son of Daniel and Florence, b. May 24.

Goodenough, Arthur, son of Charles A. and Frances, b. Dec. 3.

Hanson, William, son of John and Annie, b. Aug. 1.

Harper, John, son of Benjamin and Clara, b. Sept. 1.

Harris, James, son of James and Matilda, b. Dec. 6.

Hicks, Evelina, dau. of John A. and Caroline, b. Nov. 9.

Hires, Edward, son of Edwin and Sarah, b. Sept. 15.

Irish, Charles, son of David and Sarah, b. Dec. 22.

Jackson, Maggie, dau. of William and Maggie, b. Sept. 16.

Jenkins, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel E. and Mary, b. Oct. 2.

Kelk, Mary, dau. of Charles and Emma, b. March 11.

Knipe, Mary, dau. of James and Mary, b. Oct. 13.

Leeds, Edward, son of Edwin and Annette, b. Oct. 6.

Liggin, Daniel, son of Thomas and Mary, b. June 1.

Lloyd, Albert John, son of John H. and Naomi, b. Nov. 3.

McMahan, Mabel, dau. of Thomas and Emma, b. Dec. 31.

McPeak, Thomas, son of Thomas and Lucy, b. Dec. 24.

Manchester, Mary, dau. of Otis and Mary, b. June 12.

Manly, Bridget, dau. of Patrick and Bridget, b. April 20.

Mason, Joseph G. S., son of Joseph, b. May 28.

Meder, Sarah, dau. of John L. and Josephine, b. June 21.

Miller, James, son of John L. and Josephine, b. Dec. 18.

Moore, Bertha, dau. of George and Mary C, b. Oct. 17.

Muhleisen, Catherine, dau. of George and Kate, b. Feb. 3.

Rice, Alice, dau. of Philip J. and Clara, b. Jan. 28.

Rollo, Winnie, dau. of Albert S. and Anna E., b. Jan. 21.

Rubert, Clarence, son of William and Naomi, b. Sept. 10.

Rubert, Clarissa, dau. of William and Naomi, b. Sept. 10.

Sanderson, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Austin H. and Nellie E., b. July 19.

Shaw, Frederick, son of William W. and Deborah, b. April 18.

Souther, Lillie Irene, dau. of George G. and Fanny, b. March 17.

Taylor, Elnorah, dau. of William and Lovinda, b. Dec. 20.

Van Deusen, Rebecca, dau. of John and Mary, b. July 18.

Van Pelt, Mary, dau. of Jacob and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 25.

Weeks, , dau. of Daniel and Sarah E., b. Aug. 30.

Werry, Sarah, dau. of John and Mary, b. Jan. 2.

Williams, Harry, son of John M. and Sarah, b. March 2.

Willson, Mary, dau. of Andrew and Anna, b. Dec. 17.

York, Ellen M., dau. of Benjamin and Eliza, b. Jan. 7.


Allen, Augusta M., dau. of Amasa H., d. Dec. 13, a. 35.

Brascki, Fillipo, son of Antonio and Proscina, d. July 28, a. 26.

Bristol, Otis C, son of Louis and Augusta C, d. Feb. 10, a. 6.

Brown, Jarah W., (m) d. Dec. 16, a. 39.

Chase, William P., (m) son of Levi and Sarah, d. Feb. 5, a. 61.

Clark, P. T., (m) d. July 5, a. 65.

Cook, Mary A., (m) dau. of Filer, d. Nov. 21, a. 58.

Cox, Elbridge, d. May 7.

Crocker, Moses C, d. March 14, a. 72.

Davis, Margaret, (m) d. Aug. 8, a. 63.

Dennery, Hannah, dau. of John and Bridget, d. Mar. 5, a. 8.

Fitch, Francis P., (m) son of Simon and Eunice, d. Dec. 23, a. 68.

Fuller, L. C, (m) d. Feb. 12, a. 45.

Goodell, Charles L., son of Charles H., d. Aug. 16, a. 16.

Goodell, Mary E., d. June 8, a. 21.

Green, Sarah A., dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah, d. Dec. 6. a. 6 mos.

Gubbins, Mrs., d. Feb. 17, a. 60.

Guy, Cordelia, dau. of Alfred and Mary, d. Oct. 13, a. 1. *

Gwynneth, Lillian O., dau. of William M. and Minnie, d. June 22, a. 6.

Hallock, Erwin, d. June 9, a. 76.

Holden, Levi H., (m) d. May 12, a. 59.

Holt, Charles, (m) son of Oliver, d. March 20, a. 69.