Journal of Dr. Henry W. Cansdell

Mar. 22: Madison. Saw Governor again and General Treadway, who wanted my Racine Act, and gave draft for it. Came with Dr. Hanson to Whitewater. Saw Levi Powers at Madison. Post office in afternoon. Ellen to S. C. Hall's to tea. Walter with us.

Mar. 23: At home all day. Walter to Sunday-school to Episcopal church. Office, writing and putting to rights.

Mar. 24: Wrote to Dr. Lord. Colonel Daniels at St. Louis. By train at 8 to Milwaukee. Saw Dr. Wolcott and Dr. Hanson. 2nd calvary left for St. Louis. Home by train at 8.20.

Mar. 25: Writing to Dr. Lord, Mr. Gregory, etc. Paid washing, etc. At 1 P. M. Ellen and I to Edgerton. Saw Lizzie and young ones. Had tea there. Ellen stayed and I went on to Madison at 7. American House. Capitol till 9.

Mar. 26: American House, Madison. At the Capitol all day. As sembly and Senate, trying to put bill through to put calvary regiments on same footing as infantry. Mesmeric lecture in evening. Humbug. Barstow's regiment left today. Bad accident.

Mar. 27: Madison. Assembly and Senate till ten. By train to Whitewater. Lizzie and her children on cars. Came on visit for some time. Mr. Laurence and Mr. Edwin Graham called in evening.

Mar. 28: Writing to treasurer, Black River Falls; fixing up, etc. Newspaper from Brantwood. Music in evening.

Mar. 29: 'Round town in morning. In afternoon getting sword case made.

Mar. 30: Meeting, etc., in office. Ellen, mother and Clara to church. Bishop preached. Ellen and mother to church again in evening.

Mar. 31: 'Round town in morning, marketing, etc. At 4 P. M. by train to Madison. At 7, American House. Governor not returned.

April 1: Madison. In the Assembly with Mr. Palmer, Mr. Raymond, etc., about Surgeon's Bill, all day and evening.

April 2: Assembly and Senate, Madison, about Surgeon's Bill. Much trouble and expense.

April 3: Madison, as usual. Got Artillery Surgeon's Bill through Senate. Governor came home.

April 4: Assembly and Senate, Madison. Saw Governor and amended bill in afternoon. Referred to committee.

April 5: Madison all day. Very busy in Senate and House. Got Artillery Surgeon's Bill amended in conference committee. Passed both houses. Governor very busy signing bills. Did not see him. Cold and Stormy weather.

April 6: Sunday. American Hotel, Madison, all day until evening. To church with Dr. Hanson, State Treasurer Hasely and his lady.

April 7: Deep snow. Driving storm all day. Could not see the Governor till evening. Settled payroll with Mr. Mills, paymaster. $487. Got it cashed at 15% discount. Cashed at Racine. Payroll also at same rate. $201 for $170!!

April 8: American Hotel, Madison. Snow deep. Saw Governor at 9 1/2. He says, 1st regiment Wisconsin cavalry does not want 2nd assistant, and he will consider about appointing me to the artillery again. Home by cars 1 1/2. Dinner 2, all well. L. Lyceum at 7 1/2 with Lizzie and Ellen.

April 9: Cold and snow deep still. William came at 8j4 to see his wife and children. Gave Lizzie $5 treasury note. All left by cars at 1. Wrote to Captain Foster and Captain Drury.

April 10: Round town, office, etc. News of great battle at Pittsburgh, Tenn. Bought bale of hay. Marketing and writing, arranging papers, etc. Mrs. C reading in evening.

April 11: At 8 A. M. started by cars to Milwaukee. En route for Pittsburgh battlefield. Governor and many surgeons going. Chicago at 5. Sherman House. Saw Sanitary Commissioners. Wrote home. Sent papers.

April 12: Sherman House, Chicago. Breakfast 7 1/2. Letter from Sanitary Committee. Cars at 9 1/2 for Cairo. Arrived there at 6 A. M. Sunday morning.

April 13: Cairo, St. Charles Hotel. Pass from General Strong to Pittsburgh landing. On board Platte Valley steamer. Governor Harvey and Dr. Wolcott on the Gladiator. 5 P. M. left Cario. Fine evening. Supper on board. Poor. Stateroom with Dr. Fuller. Bed on Tennessee River.

April 14: Platte Valley. Breakfast 6j4. Very mean. Fort Henry 9 A. M. Went on shore. Pleasant ride. Saw burning bridges floating past, drowned soldier, etc.

April 15: Savannah, Tenn. 9 A. M. Went in to hospital, saw many cases of wounded. Attended four. About 2500 there. Every house a hospital. Saw Lieutenant Hubbard, of 3rd Battery. Wishes me to go with them. Will if Governor will let me. He is behind on the Gladiator. Saw and became acquainted with Dr. LaCount, 2nd assistant 14th Wis. at Cairo, and Dr. Eastman, surgeon of 16th. Pittsburgh landing at 12 noon. Went on shore. Walked 'round camps all afternoon. Terrible bustle and amount of troops, teams, etc.

April 16: Battlefield, Pittsburgh, Tenn. After breakfast on boat, went off to camp. Saw many wounded and more sick. Camp 7 miles long and 4 wide. Rode partly on mule team. Bad roads. Went through 14th, 15th and 18th regiments, Wis. Attended many cases with Dr. Eastman, and walked home with him to the boat. After supper at his tent, Dr. E. slept in my room. Dr. Wolcott came to 16th, and ordered me to stay a day or two with them to attend sick. Will do so.

April 17: Dr. Eastman and I breakfasted on boat. Went to see Governor, and I wrote to Ellen and then went to 16th (5 miles) partly on wagon. Stayed there all day, attending many cases of sick, fractured arms, legs, etc. Governor came in the evening. Told me to meet him at Savannah, and he would fix up my transfer to 3rd Battery. Goods to go tomorrow. Dr. Eastman at Savannah. Slept on ground. Caught cold. Governor around 16th till 10 at night. Drs. Dousman, Bartlett and Cody. Picket firing all night at a distance. N. B.—Hard living in camp, scent of dead horses, offal, graves, etc., bad.

April 18: Battlefield, 16th Regiment. Up at 5^. Not well. Cold in bowels. Saw some of the sick. No medicine then, the rebels having taken it all away, with everything else of value. After breakfast, left camp and rode to landing. Went on board Gladiator. Governor not on board. Going by some other vessel. Saw Dr. Wolcott. Left Pittsburgh at 3. Arrived at Savannah at 4. Met Dr. Drury, of 3rd Battery. Walked up to his camp. Heavy rainstorm at 6. He had orders to move to Pittsburgh. Had supper and pulled up stakes. Loaded up and rode on caisson to river. Too dark and muddy to go on board. They had to stay on the road all night, and I got on to the supply boat at wharf after much trouble. Slept on a tick matress. Tired. Governor and Dr. Wolcott were expected to arrive on another boat, but did not—the January.

April 19: Up at six. Battery mostly gone over by ferry boat. Breakfast very bad on supply boat, then on board the January. Saw the surgeon, Dr. Huff. He wanted me to remain on board and go with him to Keobuc, Iowa, with our wounded, his being a government hospital boat. Remained on board the January until she started at noon. But 68 of our wounded Wis. soldiers on board in the best cabin on new beds and bedding. Four lady nurses on board. Many very badly wounded. About three hundred Iowa wounded on board also. The Governor not having arrived, I could not leave Savannah without his orders, so let the January go. Dr. Wolcott and Dr. Dousman, Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Carey, Dr. Cody, Com. Genl. Wadsworth, Mr. Broadhead were there. Rain all the time. Col. and Major of 18th and Captain Waldo of 14th, and three others killed in the battle, were disinterred, and I, assisted by Dr. Treat, removed the bodies, in a most horrible state, to metallic coffins to be taken home. The Governor came on ferry boat and I went up to the hospital in afternoon, and came on board the Dunluth, supply boat. Talked with me and others and arranged to leave Dr. Carey with the rest of the wounded. Governor and I had supper together, the others having finished in our absence on deck.

More talking and arrangements, and Governor went to back part of boat with some of the party. The rest of us lay down on the floor for a spell waiting for the Minnehaha to come up to take most of the party home, when, about 10 P. M. the whistle was heard, and the Governor came past us and said: "Well, the state of Wisconsin is well represented," to us on the floor, and he passed on to the lower deck, and spoke to Dr. Clark coming in on the Minnehaha. It was raining, and very dark, and all confusion and noise, and the Governor missed his footing and fell into the water. Every effort was made to save him, but without effect. The current was strong, and swept him under a large barge at the stern, and he was drowned, having only just before confirmed my appointment to the 3rd Battery, and another surgeon to the 14th. Dr. Wolcott and Mr. Broadhead stayed behind to look for the body, and I came on, after waiting an hour in vain, with the rest of the party on the Minnehaha.

April 20: On board the Minnehaha, Tennessee River, with the rest of the Governor's party. Breakfast very poor. Fort Henry about 10 A. M. Padukah about 3 P. M. Took in coal till 7. Changed boat to Musselman. I went on to Cario, all of us feeling very bad on account of our loss in the drowning of our Governor. Mound City 1 A. M., having slept a little on the floor.

April 21: Mound City, 2 A. M. Dark. City all flooded. Could not get to Cario by cars. Got to cars after "a deal of difficulty by scows over fences and stumps. Cars in two feet of water. Waited in cars until 8 A. M. before starting for Illinois by Central Road. Cold, hungry and tired all of us. Had a car to our party, mostly. Riding all day and all night. N. B. Had to pay full fare on this road.

April 22: Chicago at six A. M. Tremont Hotel. Washed, breakfast, etc., with the rest of the party. Poor Mrs. Harvey. Then at 7:40 by cars to Kenosha. Saw Dr. Farr. Stayed at his house. Dinner, tea, music, by his niece. Paid $7 on account for horse board. Bought maple sugar. Called at Mr. Bell's. Saw Mrs. Mather. Wrote home.

April 23: At Dr. Farr's, Kenosha. After breakfast, started with horse and buggy for home. Dined at Judson, 12 miles. Bad road. Burlington at 5. Stayed over night at hotel.

April 24: Burlington. Started at 8 A. M. Roads bad. East Troy to dinner. Home at 6 P. M. All well. Tea, talking.

April 25: Home. Removing currant trees to little house all day till 4. By cars to Madison, 7 P. M. Governor Solomon gone to Milwaukee. Saw Mr. Watson, General Treadway to get pass to Milwaukee and back. Bed at station.

April 26: Madison. Up at 5. Breakfast at station. Milwaukee 123/2. Dinner at a restaurant. Saw Dr. Wolcott and Governor Solomon, about my appointment. They think it's all right. To meet them at Madison on Monday evening. Home 83^2.

April 27: Home. Writing, fixing up, etc. My sister Henrietta, 40 years old. Walter at Sunday-School. Dinner. Writing, etc., after. Ordered chest made at 4 P. M.