Vital Records of Vineland


Albertson, John, son of Anson and Mary J., d. Aug. 15, a. 10 mo.

Ames, Nathan M. (m.), son of William and Lydia, d. Sept. 5, a. 45.

Ashworth, Emma A., dau. of John P. and Lydia R., d. Aug. 16, a. 2 mo.

Bacon, Olive L.(m.), dau. of A. J. and Olive Thorndike, d. Sept. 13, a. 24.

Boody, Arabella, dau. of John H. and Lettie, d. Jan. 11, a. 3 wks.

Boody, Mary E. (m.), dau. of S. M. Van Meter, d. Nov. 19, a. 31.

Bounds, Mary E., dau. of Abram and Rebecca, d. Sept. 22, a. 8 mo.

Bradford, Hannah (m.), dau. of Nathan and Hannah Allen, d. July 21, a. 77.

Brick, Mary E., dau. of E. K., d. Nov. 17, a. 37.

Brown, Elizabeth, dau. of Isaaac Williams, d. July 28, a. 30.

Buckminster, Arthur B., son of J. H. and Hannah, d. Dec. 24, a. 8 mo.

Burtis, Peter S. (m.), son of S. and Martha, d. July 28, a. 50.

Case, Milner (m.), son of Nathan and Lucy, d. June 6, a. 51.

Connell, Phoebe A. (m.), dau. of Lemuel and Jane Powers, d. July 30, a. 47.

Cornell, Hannah G. (m.), dau. of Ives and Mary Wilde, d. Feb. 16, a. 55,

Creamer, Furman L., son of Andrew and Martha, d. July 14, a. 1.

Darius, Tamen, dau. of Hannah J. Royal, d. April 21, a. 4.

Davenport, Ruth (w.), dau. of Abner and Ruth Coleman, d. Nov. 7, a. 78.

Dickenman, Enoch (m.), d. Dec. 27, a. 67.

Dooner, Mary (m.), dau. of John and Mary Moran, d. Nov. 11, a. 28.

Durfee, Samuel, son of James and Mary, d. Feb. 11, a. 83.

Duplanty, William H., son of A. E., d. Aug. 9, a. mo.

Edwards, Susannah, dau. of Martin and Elizabeth, d. July 29, a. 2.

Eilenberg, Peter J. (m.), son of Jacob and Christina, d. Aug. 18, a. 61.

Ellis, Elmira J., dau. of John and Josephine, d. July 3, a. 3 mo.

Ellis, William A., son of J. and J., d. Oct. 4, a. 2.

Esten, George H., son of H. and L., d. Nov. 17, a. 20.

Everett, W. W., son of James H. and Sarah, d. July 2, a. 3 mo.

Gallaher, Robert D., d. Sept. 17, a. 1 yr. 9 mo.

Garrison, Mary E., dau. of Davis and Sarah, d. July 4, a 8 wks.

Gifford, Robert P., son of Solomon and Delia W., d. Oct. 26, a. 19.

Goodrich, Horace (m.), d. Sept. 2.

Gray, Lydia, dau. of Alfred, d. April 15, a. 18 mo.

Gray, Mary E., dau. of Alfred and Mary, d. Sept. 25, a. 3 wks.

Green, Clement, son of Nath. and Hannah, d. Mar. 25, a. 10 mo.

Gross, Zackanah, son of Hannah, d. May 9, a. 1 mo.

Hall, Line J. (m.), dau. of Maria Stewart, d. Oct. 3, a. 38.

Hanchett, Laura D., dau. of W. F. and Harriet E., d. Apr. 22, a. 2.

Hankins, Josiah (m.), d. Feb. 15, a. 80.

Harris, William (m.), d. Aug. 21, a. 45.

Harvey, Amos, son of Rusey and Phoebe, d. Mar. 11, a. 49.

Hendricks, Olivia, dau. of H. H. and E. L., d. Sept. 28, a. 24.

Hubbard, Helen A. (m.), dau. of James and Parma Hunt, d. Apr. 29, a. 30.

Ingalls, Frank W., son of Harvey R. and A. M., d. Sept 4, a. 1 yr. 7 mo.

Jolly, Eleanor C (m.), dau. of David and Mary Say, d. Aug. 1, a. 50.

Jones, Frank B., son of Robert and Sylvia, d. July 2, a. 8 wks.

Kilmer, Lillian, dau. of Alvanes and O. A., d. Oct. 9, a. 16 mo.

Lane, Fanny A., dau. of Franklin and Adelaide, d. Jan. 10, a. 15.

Laubsch, Eliza (m.), dau. of Rodgers, d. Jan. -, a. 40.

Leach, Phineas (m.), son of John and Sarah, d. Nov. 18, a. 44.

Leitch, Janes (w.), dau. of Patterson, d. June 17, a. 63.

Loomis, Charles N., son of Charles E. and Emmeline, d. July 17, a. 4 mo.

Lyons, William B. (m.), son of Daniel and Anna, d. Feb. 26, a. 51.

McCoy, Ann (m.), dau. of Robert Chesnut, d. Apr. 14, a. 48.

Masters, Amelia L. (m.), d. Sept. 1, a. 25.

May, Warren (m.), d. Feb. 16, a. 23.

Mitchner, Franklin, son of Charles and Ruth, d. Nov. 19, a. 7.

Moody, A. F. (m.), d. Oct. 11, a. 44.

Moody, Lillian, dau. of H. F., d. Dec. 25, a. 17.

Muzzey, Viann, dau. of Healey and Nancy P., d. Aug. 30, a. 32.

Ogden, James (m.), d. Oct. 31.

Peck, Louisa H., dau. of Henry and Teptha, d. Oct. 20, a. 21.

Perrigo, Leon Eugene, son of Lorenzo and Lizzie, d. Aug. 27, a 4 mo.

Pitman, Louisa, dau. of Thomas and Carrie, d. July 4, a. 1.

Robbins, Walter (m.), son of Amos and Polly, d. Apr. 6, a. 56.

Robertson, Lucinda S. (w.), dau. of Eben and Lucy Sweet, d. Apr. 26, a. 83.

Royal, Lovina, dau. of David and Tamar, d. Oct. 3, a. 26.

Smith, Emma, dau. of Henry and Ella, d. Oct. 19, a. 2.

Smith, Emma D., dau. of W. J. and H. L., d. Mar. 20, a. 6 mo.

Snell, Benjamin C, son of Charles R. and Mehitable, d. Oct. 3, a 8 mo.

Strickland, Sarah E., d. Aug. 25, a. 60.

Strong, Esther (m.), dau. of Robert and Elizabeth MacMurray, d. July 24, a. 45.

Sylvester, Flora, dau. of S. G. and S. J., d. July 22, a. 7 wks.

Tanner, B. Frank W., son of William and Sarah, d. Oct. 4, a. 31.

Tew (?), Maria T. (m.), dau. of John and Maria C Stern, d. Aug. 10, a. 59.

Thompson, Achsah (m.), dau. of Fred Hubbard, d. Jan. 24, a. 84.

Tillman, William H. (w.), son of William H. and Matilda, d. Jan. 17, a. 39.

Trauger, Cornelia (m.), dau. of Elisha and Betsey Bennett, d. Mar. 23, a. 28.

Trask, Laura (m.), dau. of P. and S. Collins, d. Sept. 12, a. 60.

Warren, Alzenia (m.), dau. of Edward and Eliza Burtch, d. Apr. 22, a. 24.

Warriner, Elbridge, son of W. A. and B., d. Feb. 22, a. 3 wks.

Watson, Arthur H., son of Samuel B. and Olive D., d. Sept. 21, a. 21.

Westerfield, Charles P., son of Henry A. and Nellie, d. July 26, a. 1.

Whitaker, Martha B., dau. of Ephraim and Christina, d. Mar. 3, a. 16.

Williams, Carrie, dau. of John and Sarah, d. Sept. 21, a. 4 mo.

Wilson, Clara W. (m.), dau. of Alben and R. Worthington, d. Jan. 27, a. 34.

Wilson, Henry (m.), son of Gabriel and Grace, d. Nov. 24, a. 73.

Wood, James M. (m.), son of Benjamin and Nancy, d. July 29, a. 63.

Yerkes, Mary Louisa, dau. of Houston and Catherine, d. July 15, a 21.