Ham Family Record

From Bible in the possession oj Franklin J. Ham, Vineland, N. J.


Charles H. Ham and Nancy Rackleff was married Wiscasset (Me.), August 13, 1834.

Charles H. Ham was born in the town of Harrison, in the County of

Cumberland, July 11, 1814. Nancy Rackleff was born in Wicasset, in the County of Lincoln, March 15, 1814.

Charles E. Ham and Fanny J. Fling was married, Portland, April 4, 1872. Franklin J. Ham married, Portland, Mary E. Littlefield.


Fedrick Agustus Ham was born Oct. 16, 1835.

Mary Eliza Ham was born July 8, 1837.

Robert Thayer Ham was born March 9, 1839.

Edward William Ham was born Feb. 15, 1841.

Abby Maria Thayer Ham born January 20, 1843.

Charles H. Ham born December 4, 1845.

Charles Edwin Ham born February 20, 1847.

Fedrick Augustus Ham born March 31, 1849.

Franklin J. Ham was born June 6, 1851, in Portland, Me.; came to

Vineland about 1878.


Fedrick Augustus Ham died November 5, 1836.

Robert Thayer Ham died December 25, .

Edward William Ham died September 15, 1842.

Charles H. Ham died October, 1847.

Fanny J., wife of Charles E. Ham, died December 1, 1872.

Charles Edwin Ham died December 21, 1877.