Sketch of Solon Scott Gould

By Lizzie Gould Walls

SOLON SCOTT GOULD was born in Hanover, N. H., Oct. 9, 1823. In his early boyhood his family moved to Piermont, N. H. His family were active in the early struggles of the Colonies. His Great Grandfather Phineas Gould, born in 1715, was killed by the savages at Lake George in 1758, July 22nd.

His Grandfather James Gould, born in Graton, Mass., Feb. 22, 1743, married Mary Lovejoy, who was born in Hollis, N. H., Sept. 27, 1747.

James Gould fought in the Revolutionary War. He was Sergeant Major in Col. Timothy Bedell corp of Rangers. He was commissioned First Lieutenant in 1777. He was shot in the body at the Battle of Bemis Heights, for which he was pensioned Sept. 1, 1778.

James Gould was the father of fourteen children. Theodore A., the tenth child, father of Solon Scott Gould, was born in Hanover, N. H., July 28, 1782. He was Drum Major in the War of 1812. His second wife was Sibil Lund, to whom was born seven children. Major Theodore A. Gould was a Mason and belonged to Hiram Lodge of New York City.

Solon Scott Gould married Philura Woodward, of Fairlee, Vt., on July 4, 1848. While a young man he was commissioned Captain in the State Militia and was always called Captain Gould. In 1850, taking his wife and baby, he went to Wisconsin with a half brother and family. They endured many hardships, going by the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes, where they were nearly shipwrecked. The last stage of the journey Was made by ox teams. They were compelled to wait many weeks because the roads were not passable, but the first team to start out was Mr. Gould and his party.

He returned to his old home in New Hampshire, Piermont, where he farmed, and clerked in a country store, and when the Boston and Maine Railroad was built up through the White Mountain District, he was in charge of the work in the adjoining town of Haverill.

He later bought a farm with a younger brother, on which he lived five years; this was also in Piermont. He was honored by being one of the Selectmen and in Church he was honored by being Sunday School Superintendent and Choir Master. He sang in Church Choirs nearly seventy years.

In 1860 he sold the farm and moved to Lisbon, N. H., where he engaged in the hardware and tin business. He was successful in this enterprise and was honored by his townspeople by being given various offices of trust.

On account of his wife's health he sought a milder climate, and so moved to Vineland, N. J., in Feb., 1868. Mr. A. W. Thorndike, a former townsmen of Piermont, N. H., who had preceded him to Vineland, met him at the depot as he alighted from the train in Vineland and greeted him with the following remark; "I want to see you in the morning, I have a business project for you to consider." Within twenty-four hours he with Mr. Thorndike had bought out a small hardware store on Landis avenue and the partnership of Gould and Thorndike was started.

This partnership continued many years until Mr. Gould's oldest son, Lewis W., wished to engage in business. Mr. Gould sold his interest to Lewis and then purchased a similar business just a few doors from the old stand. In this enterprise he took another son, Milo D., into partnership with him. Nothing but the best of friendship existed between the two firms.

He became also an auctioneer, crying sales in front of his store every Saturday afternoon. He served as one of the first councilmen when the Borough form of Government was adopted. He also served the Township of Landis as its Assessor. Mr. Gould was an acitve member of the First M. E. Church and served many years in various official positions for the Church.

He became a Mason in N. H. in the early sixties and was buried under their ritual.

His ancestors were noted for their longevity, many living to reach their nineties. A sister still survives him at the age of eighty-seven.

Solon Scott Gould died in Vineland, N. J., on Aug. 10, 1904, leaving a wife who survived him six years, and two sons, Milo D. and Edwin A., both of Moore, Pa., and two daughters, Mrs. Frank H. Walls and Mrs. W. I. Frost, both of Vineland, N. J.

Lewis W. Gould, the oldest son, was born in Piermont, N. H., Nov. 25, 1849, and died in Vineland, N. J., Dec. 1, 1899.

All that remains mortal of Solon Scott Gould lies in Siloam, our beautiful city of the dead.