Vital Records of Vineland

Marriages 1872

Allen, Charles H, son of A. H. and Alice A. Spangler, dau. of Elijah, m. Sept. 17.

Allen, William E., and Ida L. Wing, m. Dec. 22.

Bartlett, Clarence A., and Mary S. Buster, m. Aug. 10.

Berrs, Alfred B., a. 25, and Caroline A. House, a. 22, dau. of William and Eliza, m. Feb. 29.

Brick, Charles S., a. 23, son of E. K., and Anna E. Byram, a. 22, dau. of A. R., m. Oct. 26.

Brown, Josiah, a. 25, son of James and B. D., and Ida Robinson, a. 20, dau. of Joseph and Maria R., m. June 4.

Buckminster, Charles F., and Ellen F. Chase, m. Dec. 25.

Buzine, John G., a. 27, son of Louis A. and Sarah A., and Miriam N. Holton, a. 26, dau. of J. D. and Mary E., m. April 7.

Constantine, Austin, a. 45 (w.), and Mary M. Star, a. 40, m. Jan. 2.

Cook, George, and Ruby Searl, m. Sept. 22. Davis, Charles H., and Belle Lashley, m. Oct. 7.

Doughty, John F., a. 28, son of Elias and Elvira M. Hale, a. 21, dau. of Freeman S., m. Dec. 24.

Garrison, David D., and Emma M. Hunt, m. July 21.

Gillam, Manly M., and Alice M. Goodell, m. Jan. 7.

Graves, Hiram S., a. 24, and Anna A. Mott, a. 16, m. 1872 ( ?)

Howard, Emory E., and Clara M. Graham, m. Nov. -.

Huff, J. D., and Lydia A. Weeks, m. Nov. 2.

McConnell, Samuel, a. 29, and Ellen M. Love, a. 19, m. Aug. 15.

Metcalf, Solomon H., a. 28, son of John W. and Jerusha B., and Nellie C. Sexton, a. 26, dau. of Luke and Lenora, m. July 1.

Newcomb, Stacey, a. 23, son of James and Amelia, and Sallie Foster, a. 20, dau. of Amaziah and Elizabeth, m. Sept. 3.

Pardee, D. Edwin, and Nellie H. Bowen, m. May 6.

Robertson, Charles, a. 37, son of J. C. and Eleanor J., and Maggie Donbavand, a. 22, dau. of Joseph and Mary A., m. May 7.

Savory, J. Frank, and Lizzie A. Holt, m. Dec. 24.

Shedd, Nelson E., a. 52 (w.), son of Eben and Elizabeth, and Eunice S. Pusby, a. 47 (w.), dau. of John and Roxanna Shaw, m. Nov. 14.

Shirrifs, Robert A., and Mary E. Aber, m. Oct. 23. Thomas, J. Clark, and Ellen S. Shearer, m. May 14. Trauger, A. B., and Abbie S. Bennett, m. Oct. 13.

Vail, William D., a. 23, son of John R. and Eliza A., and Lizzie Graham, a. 17, dau. of John and Lizzie, m. June 8.

Vaughn, Charles W., and Mary E. Ester, dau. of Rev. Henry, m. Sept. 25.

Waldron, Fred C, a. 33, son of Samuel M. and Martha, and Blanche A. Alexander, a. 24, dau. of John M. and Anna T., m. Oct. 26.

Ward, Joseph T., a. 23, son of Wm. H. and Mary A., and Emma L. Garton, a. 21, dau. of Charles and Rachel, m. June 19.

Whitaker, Harry H., a. 24, son of E. S. and Annie, and Annie J. Gardner, a. 20, dau. of Robert and Mary J., m. Nov. 27.

Woolsow, Alexander, and Alice L. King, m. Nov. 4.

Births 1872

Ashworth, Emma, dau. of John P. and Lydia, b. June 20.

Bacon, Agnes, dau. of Warren and Olive, b. Jan. 9.

Barcus, Thomas, son of Willard and Caroline, b. Dec. 29.

Barrett, Alexis, son of James C. and Sophia, b. Dec. 15.

Bowen, John E., son of John and Hannah, b. Feb. 17.

Brackett, George, son of Charles D. and Lydia, b. June 15.

Brannan, Anna, dau. of James and Mary, b. April 20.

Bristol, Bessie, dau. of Louis and Augusta C, b. Aug. 7.

Buckminster, , son of Jerry and Hannah, b. April 18.

Burfitt, Clara, dau. of Charles J. and Phebe, b. Nov. 16.

Caldwell, , dau. of George W. and Abby M., b. Sept. 3.

Cary, Sarah, dau. of John F. and Martha E., b. Sept. 17.

Cole, Hattie, dau. of David and Mary, b. April 27.

Cossaboon, Ephraim, son of Elias and Sarah, b. May 10.

Culverwell, William, son of Wm. J. and Arabella, b. April 14.

Dennery, Hannah, dau. of Edward and Bridget, b. Dec. 27.

Edwards, , child of Martin and Eliza, b. May 31.

Elliot, Charles, son of Charles and Mary, b. Feb. 6.

Farr, Clifford, son of Lincoln D. and Hannah, b. April 17.

Frisbie, Mary, dau. of John and Susannah, b. Oct. 13.

Gerow, , child of Daniel C. and Florence, b. May 3.

Green, Anna, dau. of James K. and Anna, b. Dec. 16.

Green, Herbert, son of Charles E. and Sarah, b. Aug. 12.

Hansen, Howard, son of Mark G. and Mandana, b. Dec. 25.

Harbud, Laura, dau. of John C. and Selina, b. Nov. 10.

Hargraves, Mary Jane, b. July 18.

Harrell, Letitia, dau. of John and Martha, b. Nov. 11.

Harris, Albert, son of James and Eveline, b. May 2.

Hendee, Willie, son of Eli B and Cordelia, b. Dec. 1.

Hunt, Lavinia, dau. of James J. and Mary J., b. March 30.

Hutchins, , child of F. E. and Mary, b. 1872 (?).  

Kemmel, Delia, dau. of Lewis and Kate, b. Aug. 16.

Krough, Walter, son of Peter and Carrie, b. Feb. 20.

Lamb, Henrietta, dau. of March and Rachel, b. June 8.

Linnekin, Allan Randall, son of Thomas J. and Grace, b. May 23.

Little, Julia, dau. of Romeo and Martha, b. Jan. 24.

Lockwood, Harrison, son of Daniel and Mary, b. Aug. 24.

Love, Bertha, dau. of William and Phoebe, b. April 24.

Manley, James, son of Patrick and Bridget, b. June 14.

Mathewson, Clara, dau. of Peter and Henrietta, b. Oct. 19.

Meyers, Harry, son of Fred C. and Sarah, b. Feb. 1.

Mulheisen, Louisa, dau. of George and Jacobina, b. May 18.

Newcomb, Rosa, dau. of Colby R. and Ellen J., b. Dec. 30.

Nichols, Meilton, son of Hosea and Martha, b. Oct. 13.

Peck, , dau. of Abram and Harriet, b. Dec. 30.

Potter, Charles, son of Michael and Maggie, b. April 17.

Poulton, , dau. of Campbell T. and Eliza A., b. April 4.

Reustle, Caroline, dau. of David and Caroline, b. May 27.

Smith, Fred, son of Henry E. and Cordelia, b. Nov. 14.

Snell, , child of Charles R. and Mehitable, b. Jan. 25.

Spear, Darwin, son of Darwin P. and Ida, b. Dec. 28.

Starkweather, Ruth Emma, dau. of George R. and Deborah, b.March 29.

Steele, Carrie, dau. of Thomas B. and Margaret, b. Sept. 6.

Taylor, Addie, son of Charles W. and Caroline, b. Sept. 29.

Taylor, Eva, dau. of Charles W. and Caroline, b. Sept. 29.

Thompson, , child of John and Emma, b. July 25.

Wemchen, Augusta, dau. of Gustave and Mary, b. Oct. 19.

Wood, Edward, son of Lee L. and Mary, b. Sept. 19.

Wood, John, son of Lee L. and Mary, b. Sept. 19.

Yazmer, Amelia, dau. of Henry and Ann, b. Nov. 18.

Young, Arthur, son of Arthur and Mary, b. April 20.