Descendants of Elder William P. Chase
Of New Hampton, New Hampshire, who settled in Vineland, N. J., in 1868
Record Copied from Family Bible, Concord, N. H. 1835

Elder William Chase was married to Miss Sally Ann Morehouse on the 12th of May, 1835.

Ellen F. Chase was married to Mr. Charles Herbert Buckminster, Dec. 25, 1872, at Vineland, by Rev. R. R. Russell.

Levi Chase was born Dec. the 30th, 1836.

Ellen Frances Chase was born April 15, 1848.

Sarah J. Chase was born February 8, 1861.

William P. Chase was born May the 30th, 1812.

Sally Ann Chase was born Nov. the 21, 1816.

Irving H. Buckminster was born Sept. 24, 1875.

Lewis L. Buckminster was born June 22, 1877.

Levi Chase died Feb. 14, 1839, aged 2 years and 15 days.

William P. Chase died Feb. 5, 1874, at Vineland.

Sally A. Chase died April 22, 1888, at Vineland.

Charles H. Buckminster died Sept. 7, 1897, at Monrovia, California.

Capt. Charles H. Buckminster came to Vineland from Fox Island, Maine.

Irving H. Buckminster (now 1920) of Lockport, N. Y., married Oct. 24, 1915, Lydia Birch Howe, Vineland. Children:

Frances H., born May 6, 1916; Irving II., Jr., born Aug. 17, 1917;

Roy Pace, born May 24, 1919.

Lewis L. Buckminster married Grace R. Howe Sept. 1, 1908. Children born in Vineland:

Charles S., born Aug. 13, 1909; died April 4, 1913.

Melissa Ellen, born Sept. 19, 1912.

Edith May, born June 12, 1914.

Alice Myrtle, born Oct. 25, 1916.

Lewis L., Jr., born March 30, 1918; died Mar. 1, 1920.

Edwin Frank, born Jan. 30, 1920.

Lewis L. Buckminster died February 8, 1920, in his 43d year, Vineland, N. J.