Vital Records of Vineland

Births 1871

Ackley, Sarah, dau. of William and Elizabeth, b. April 1.

Allen, , son of William, b. Jan. 3.

Andrews, Merto, son of Merto P. and Eliza, b. Aug. — .

Bailey, , dau. of S. R., b. Apr. 28.

Baird, William EL, son of Samuel and Phoebe, b. June 8.

Barens, Alice C, dau. of Willard and Caroline H., b. April 11.

Belcher, Almira, dau. of Thomas J. and Rachel M., b. June 1.

Bishop, Lewis D., son of Henry and Ann, b. Aug. 12.

Boger, , son of George, b. July 21.

Bolton, Henry J., son of Hiram and Maria, b. April 21.

Bond, James Alexis, son of William and Emma, b. Dec. 22.

Bounds, Mary, dau. of Abel and Rebecca, b. Dec. 24.

Brewer, John C, son of John and Maria F., b. April 17.

Brown, William John, son of John and Eleanor, b. March 5.

Burtch, dau. of Charles, b. July 24.

Capen, Mina C, dau. of George B. and Hannah A., b. Jan. 12.

Chubbuck, Alice Rose, dau. of George W. and Mary, b. Dec. 20.

Clute, Oscar C, son of Oscar and Mary, b. Jan. 30.

Cochran, , son of J., b. Jan. 10.

Conley, Mary R., dau. of John P. and Mary F., b. June 11.

Cook, James B., son of James W. and Anna, b. Feb. 2.

Crawford, Lilian, (Col.) dau. of George and Sarah, b. April 1.

Creamer, , son of Andrew and Martha, b. April 29.

Cunningham, Edward, son of David and Elizabeth, b. Feb. 22.

Davis, , dau. of Thomas and Anna M., b. July 26.

Dawson, Emily, dau. of Thomas W. and Mary, b. July 4.

Dedrick, Henry, son of H. S. and Laura K., b. June 6.

Dennis, Mary E., dau. of Isaac and Harriet A., b. Jan. 13.

Dodge, Mary E., dau. of Solomon and Mary E., b. May 30.

Donbavand, , son of Joseph, b. Aug. 8.

Dowler, James H., son of James H. and Mary, b. Dec. 22.

Eastlack, Anson E., son of Oscar and Abby, b. Feb. 24.

Finch, John A., son of Samuel and Eliza, b. Jan. 17.

Ford, Harry, son of Edward P. and Eva, b. June 11.

Garrison, Elwood, son of Jonathan C. and Sophia, b. Aug. 3.

Garrison, Tuttle, son of Seth J. and Mary W., b. Nov. 26.

Gormley, Mary J., dau. of Hugh and Mary, b. Mar. 14.

Gray, Samuel V., son of Charles and Lucinda, b. June 10.

Green, C. Larhenah, son of N. W. and Hannah A. G., b. May 19.

Grigg, , son of Thomas, b. Aug. 25.

Hall, , son of James and Martha J., b. May 14.

Hancock, (male) b. Aug. 14.

Holmes, Rufus, son of Rufus, b. Apr. 6.

Ingalls, Frank White, son of Harry R. and Adeline M., b. Jan. 28.

Irish, , son of David, b. Mar. 15.

James, Louisa, dau. of Thomas and Carrie, b. July 12.

James, Sarah M., dau. of Joseph E. and Rebecca, b. Feb. 15.

Jay, dau. of William H. and Catherine, b. Mar. 8.

Jennings, Charles, son of Dr. J. and Mary, b. June 9.

Jordan, — , dau. of Eleazer and Hattie E., b. Apr. 13.

Kears, , son of William P. and Anna, b. May 12.

Kilmer, Lillian E., dau. of A. H. and C. A., b. June 8.

Lamb, Albert, son of March and Rachel, b. June 4.

Landis, Charles K., Jr., son of Charles K. and Clara M., b. Mar. 28.

Lane, , son of Joseph, b. Jan. 25.

Liggin, Ida F., (col.) dau. of Thomas and Mary, b. Mar. 6.

Little, Clara M., (col.) dau. of Romeo and Martha, b. Jan. 28.

Lockwood, Daniel C, son of Daniel and Hannah, b. Feb. 11.

Luke, , son of George, b. May 15.

Merritt, Hiawatha, son of Elizabeth, b. June 8.

Miller, Edgar E., son of Raymond and Celestia E., b. Aug. 26.

Miller, Matilda, dau. of Robert and Catherine, b. Nov. '20.

Monahan, Michael, son of Francis and Anna, b. May 15.

Moorehouse, , son of A. W. and Besta, b. June 1.

Parkinson, James, son of Dr. J. C. and Anna S., b. June 15.

Pasco, , dau. of William C. and Louisa H., b. July 17.

Pulver, Solomon, son of S. J. and Charlotte L., b. Jan. 21.

Reby, Harry F., son of Hiram and Caroline, b. Feb. 19.

Richman, Benjamin F., son of Gilbert and Eliza, b. Sept. 9.

Robinson, , son of George, b. Aug. 17.

Robinson, , son of Matthew, b. Jan. 14.

Ross, , (female) b. Aug. 12.

Sanford, George, son of George and Lucy, b. Get., 10.

Scheer, Paulina, dau. of Gustave and Caesarina, 1>. Aug. 10.

Shearer, dau. of Gustave and Caesarina, b, July S.

Smith, Annabel, dau. of James and Carrie W., b. June 20.

Smith, Arthur Floyd, son of Wm. G. and Anna C, b. Sept. 27.

Sykes, , dau. of R. C, b. June 22.

Taylor, William, son of Alex. C. and Clara, b. Dee. 12.

Thorpe, James, son of James and Mary, b. June 1.

Tice, Charles H., son of Alonzo and Adelaide L., b. Mar. 16.

Underwood, , dau. of A. B. and Mary S., b. July 13.

Warner, , son of William H. and Algma, b. July 15.

Williams, Sarah A. E., dau. of John and Sarah, b. Mar, 7.

Deaths 1871

Allen, Ethan K., (m) son of Stephen and Lydia, d. Jan. 19, a. 54.

Auld, Willie, son of Charles and Mary, d. May 15. Infant.

Baker, Amy E., dau. of Ezra and Mary, d. Apr. 7, a. 12.

Bard, William H., son of Samuel and Phoebe, d. July 12, a. 1.

Bliss, Jane K., dau. of Alfred H. and Hannah S., d. Apr. 15, a. 9.

Burtis, Frank 0., son of Peter S. and Elizabeth, d. Aug. 28, a. 3 yr. 9 mos.

Clark, Ida M., dau. of L. D. and E. S., d. Dec. 30, a. 17.

Cross, C. E., (m) dau. of Stephen and Hannah Long, d. Feb. 20, a. 46.

Cummings, Mary M., dau. Robert T. and Sophronia, d. Sept. 27, a. 1.

Difley, Simon, son of James and Ann, d. Sept. 30, a. 23.

Dimon, John Gum, son of David and Amelia, d. July 14, a. 5 mos.

Dodge, Mary E., (m) dau. of John R. and Joanna Christy, d. June 8, a. 29.

Dodge, Mary E., dau. of Solomon and Mary E., d. June 21, a. 3 wk.

Dyer, Nellie, dau. of Eli and Lucy B., d. Dec. 2, a. 3.

Fish, Alice M., dau. of John and Mary, d. Apr. 3, a. 9.

Gardner, Fred N., son of Cor. Y. and A., d. Apr. 6, a. 2.

Gage, Emily P., dau. of Edmund and S. G., d. Mar. 10, a. 28.

Gale, Betsey M., (m) dau. of Richard and Eliza, d. May 14, a. 32.

Gibson, Rev. Hugh, son of Hugh and Margaret, d. Feb. 18, a. 86.

Gray, Sarah N., dau. of Charles H. and Lucinda, d. Aug. 12, a. 3 mos.

Green, Charles A., son of Charles and Sarah, d. Feb. 11, a. 1 yr. 4 mo.

Green, Daniel, son of Wilson and Almira, d. July 5, a. 1.

Green, John, son of John and Margaret, d. Apr. 10, a. 21.

Hall, , son of James and Martha J., d. May 14. Infant.

Hall, Francis O., (m) son of John, d. Dec. 31, a. 46.

Hall, Martha J., (m) dau. of Robert and Jane Robinson, d. May 14, a. 37.

Hanson, William C, son of John and Annie, d. July 19, a. 9 mo.

Hodges, Eddie, son of Henry and Eugenia, d. June 20, a. 1.

Holliday, Jane, d. Mar. 9, a. 35.

Holmes, Abby, (m) dau. of Abigail Whitford, d. Apr. 17, a. 53.

Hoyt, Abby, (m) d. Dec. 18, a. 83.

Huntington, Josiah, (w) son of Daniel and Abigail, d. Apr. 26, a. 84.

Johnson, Achsah, (m) d. Aug. 28, a. 48.

Johnson, Jennie (m) dau. of J. F. and Annie Guthrie, d. Feb. 21, a. 22.

Keith, John, son of Edwin and Julia A., d. Nov. 25, a. 25.

Lynis, H. E., dau. of E. C. and P. M., d. Sept. 29, a. 14.

Matthews, George, son of Elisha, d. Feb. 28, a. 31.

Matthews, William, d. Aug. 29, a. 51.

Middleton, F., (m) son of Mordecai and Sarah, d. Apr. 7, a. 36.

Miller, Catharine, (m) dau. of James and Bridget Forrest, d. Nov. 20.

Moore, C. A., (m) female, d. Mar. 19, a. 23.

Moreson, Caroline, d. Oct. 19, a. 18.

Niles, William C, (m) son of Samuel and Althea, d. Oct. 8, a. 64.

O'Neal, Ebenezer, (m) d. Sept. 17, a. 59.

Parker, Lillian H., dau. of Edgar and Mary, d. Jan. 27, a. 9.

Paul, A. B., son of Chauncy, d. Aug. 11, a. 29.

Price, Marcellus, son of D. W. and Anna, d. Aug. 26, a. 29.

Reed, George H. H., son of Alex, and Caroline S., d. Apr. 7, a. 7 mo.

Riley, Charlotte M., dau. of Jonathan and Susan, d. Sept. 19, a. 17.

Robbins, N. C, (m) d. Jan. 6, a. 61.

Roberts, Cordelia A., (m) dau. of Jonathan and Mehetabel True, & Nov. 14, a. 45.

Russell, E. M., (m) dau. of Rowley, d. Apr. 26, a. 39.

Slocum, John A., (m) son of James and Sarah, d. Dec. 29, a. 40.

Stillman, A. E., (m) dau. of John and Sarah Murry, d. May 26, a. 24.

Taylor, Fred W., son of C. W. and C. S., d. M#r. 21, a. mo.

Thayer, Elmira, E. N., (m) dau. of James H. Perry, d. Aug. 16, a. 26.

Thayer, Elmira E., dau. of Henry E. and Elmira, d. Aug. 28, a. 25 d.

Thompson, Joseph B., son of John and Hannah, d. May 30, a. 3.

Titcomb, Joseph, d. a. 28.

Turner, Edwin M., son of John and Mary, d. Dec. 16, a. 15.

Walls, Capt. S. M. (m) son of Simeon and Prudence, d. Apr. 12, a. 50.

Warner,, A. J., (m) son of Orrin and Susan, d. Dec. 13, a. 34.

Waterford, Julia, dau. Isaac and Anna, d. Jan. 19, a. 38.

Webster, Amy, (w) d. Feb. 12, a. 75.

Whitford, Abigail (m) d. Mar. 18, a. 80.

Wiley, James (m) d. June 10, a. 52.

Wilson, Joseph H., son of Jonathan and Mary A., d. Aug. 14, a. 40.

Woodford, Lydia, (w) dau. of Thomas and Margaret, d. July 11, a. 28.

Worthington, Ruth P., (m) dau. of Timothy and Ruth Parker, d. Apr. 17, a. 62.