European Journal of Charles K. Landis

Founder of Vineland

Left Inverness at a little over seven, by the steamer of the Caladonia Canal for Ballachulish, through the lakes, or lochs, as they are called. The scenery was very poor until we passed Benhavis. Here it was better. Arrived at Ballachulish at 5.30 o'clock. Walked out and supped at 6.30 o'clock. Talked to a laboring man I found working in a field. He got three shillings and six pence a day, ten hours' work. Two girls at work in the same field got one shilling and six pence. Walked out after supper. Read a portion of "The Lady of the Lake." It reads more beautiful than ever. Mind so much disturbed about home matters that I could not read. Retired a little after nine.

July 24, 1874.

Left Ballachulish by the pass of Glenive for Collender, if I could get there. This took me through the celebrated pass, the best part of Loch Lomond and the entire length of Loch Katrine. Found the scenery more interesting from associations than from its beauty or grandeur. On Loch Katrine the captain of the boat pointed out the places mentioned in Scott 's poem, "The Lady of the Lake." Could not get to Collender. Stopped at the Trossachs Hotel. Felt so uneasy about home, letters, etc., that I decided to push right on to London, there get my letters, attend to them, and go to Ireland through Wales. Wanted very much to go over Loch Katrine again, but felt too uneasy in mind.

July 25, 1874.

Left the pretty hotel in the Trossachs for Collender to go to London via Edinburgh. Got to Edinburgh at 12.20 and having two and a half hours, took dinner and afterwards bought some very handsome Scotch pebble jewelry as presents to my wife and Borne friends. Left Edinburgh, and on the way saw the old castle and cathedral of Durham from the car windows. Must see York and Durham, also Berwick and the seat of Lord Percy.

July 26, 1874.

Arrived in London at 3.30 a. in. My trunk which had boon properly marked could not be found. They say they will get it in the course of the day. Stopped at the Edinburgh Hotel. Slept until nine o'clock. Got my letters. Went to the depot about trunk. Not vet heard of. Returned to hotel and wrote letters. At 5 o'clock went t<> the Langhorn Hotel and dined at the table d'hote. Good dinner. Talked with a fellow countryman at the table from Xcw fork. Bead the papers until 8 o'clock. Returned to the Edinburgh Hotel and retired at 9 o'clock.

July 27, 1874.

Went to office in Leadenhall St. Looked over letters of inquiry. Find that they are coming in slowly. Must put on more steam. Will take the day for reflection. I invited Stephens and Mr. Grohman to dine with me at the Langhorn House at 6 p. m. Returned in the afternoon to my room and read French so far as I could take my mind from my troubles. At six dined with the gentlemen above mentioned. Talked over different matters until 10.30. Returned to my room and went to bed. Wrote in the morning to Mr, Burk. Trunk arrived today.

July 28, 1874.

Went to office in Leadenhall St. Wrote a new circular about Vineland. Received two good letters, one from William Roberts, and the other from Mr. Jackman, both from English farmers in Vineland. Can make good use of them.

Called on Mr. Pearce, of the Temperance Alliance. He thinks of going to Vineland with his brother and some others. Mr. Stephens and wife called on me. They are going to America and will visit Vineland. Was invited by Groham down to his house, also by Grellier, but did not go. Felt tired. Came to my room at 6.30. Went to sleep and afterwards went to bed. Slept all night. This is my medicine. Read French every day.