Vital Records of Vineland

Marriages 1871

Andrews, Emory A., a. 37, son of Charles and Anna, and Marietta G. Lane, dau. of David and Cynthia, m. Apr. 20.

Barnes, Charles L., a. 24, son of Richard and Rebecca, and Martha McQuilkin, a. 20, dau. of Charles and Mary, m. June 1.

Blanchette, Peter, a. 23, son of John and Lucy, and Mary Love, a. 19, dau. of William H. and Phebe, m. Nov. 13.

Boody, John H., a. 27, and Lydia J. Wilder, a. 19, m. Apr. 27.

Brannan, James, a. 25, son of James and Ann, and Anna Fritz, a. 20, m. July 20.

Brotins, Paxton, a. 28, son of Nathan and Matilda, and Amy R. Hand, a. 27, dau. of Samuel R. and Sarah D., m. Apr.

Daugherty, Samuel, a. 28, son of John and Elizabeth, and Caroline J. Rodgers, a. 22, dau. of William and Catherine, m. June 14.

Davis, Albert E., and Sylvia Lodema Lamb, m. Sept. 18.

Edwards, Charles L., a. 22, son of David F. and Eliza A., and Florence J. Flint, a. 21., dau. of Nathan G. and Persis, m. Sept. 20

Gill, William H., a. 21, son of William H. and Nancy M.. and Esther E. Roberts, a. 28, dau. of George and Elizabeth B., m. Sept. 9.

Goodenough, Charles H., a. 26, and Frances Odell, a. 26, m. Dec. 24.

Harvey, William R., and Georgie A. Deleware, dau. of Orrin, m. Apr. 25.

Hutchens, F. E., a. 39, and Mary C. Raymond, a. 27, m. Jan. 3.

Jagoe, Abram, a. 28, and Carrie McEwen, a. 17, m. July 19.

Judkin, George M., and Emma Hand, m. Sept. 4.

Kiatz, Edwin B., a. 20, son of Elias S. and Angeline, and Sarah M. Brady, a. 17, dau. of John and Mary, m. Sept. 22.

Kilborn, Frank C, a. 21, son of Henry, and Emma 0. Stetson, a. 20, m. Mar. 20.

Kindall, Jason T., and Ida F. Boynton, m. Oct. 23.

Learned, Durand W., a. 23, and Sylvia H. Buckminster, dau. of J. H. and H. S., m. Feb.-.

Long, Isaac, a. 34, and Martha Boston, a. 25, m. May 14.

May, William, a. 28, and Harriett E. Lombard, a. 17, m. Nov. 11.

Millspaugh, Samuel W., a. 29, son of John H. and Mary A., and Amelia Wells, a. 20, dau. of John 0. and Charlotte, m. Oct. 11.

Myers, Fred C, and Sarah M. Whitney, m. Sept. 25.

Newman, Benjamin, and Margaret Cossaboon, m. Dec. 30.

Osgood, George B., a. 21, son of Aaron and Harriett, and Phebe E. Coffee, a. 19, dau. of Peter and Caroline, m. May 24.

Purvis, Cranmer R., a. 22, son of William C. and Celestia E. Dodge, a. 22, dau. of John S. and Sarah J., m. June 1.

Renn, Joshua, and Mary N. Radcliff, m. Sept. 2.

Scenard, Willard D., and Hannah S. Buckminster, m. Feb. 26.

Smallwood, Jefferson, and Alexenia Steelman, m. Nov. 26.

Smith, H. C., a. 28 ,son of Allen, and Fannie Vanderburgh, a. 19, dau. of S. A. and Mary, m. Mar. 14.

Weaver, John H., a. 40, and Mary A. Guptill, a. 30, m. Aug. 17.

Wills, Albert, a. 24, son of Charles R. and Abigail, and Hannah Farley, a. 18, dau. of John and Jane A., m. May 18.

Wilson, Thomas, a. 24, and Eliza Wilmore, a. 17, m. 1871 or 1872.