Vital Records of Vineland

Marriages — 1870

Spragg, William H., and Elizabeth Joslin, m. Apr. 23.

Stewart, Isaac S., a. 25, son of Isaac and Mary, and Mary E. Hand, a. 23, dau. of Samuel R. and Sarah D., m. Dec. 22.

Strickland, Charles S., a. 21, son of David and Tryphena, and Dora Brower, a. 20, dau. of Herbert and Melicent, m. Jan. 13.

Strong, Orin T., a. 22, son of Smith and Mary, and Marion E. Holton, a. 25, dau. of Jesse D. and Harriet P., m. Jan. 27.

Swartwant, , a. 73, and Elvina Knights, a. 56 (w.), dau. of Ethan and Elizabeth Sweet, m. (date omitted).

Tanner, P. W. ? a. 28, son of W. R. and Sarah L. and Ella R. Beach, a. 18, dau. of Myron L. and Antoinette, m. March 22.

Tice, Alonzo A., a. 25, son of James W. and Phebe L., and Addie L. Lewis, a. 19, dau. of Isaiah and Harriet E., m. June 29.

Tompkins, William A. E., a. 30, son of Abel and Lucy, and Hettie M. Mears, a. 21, dau. of Thomas S. and Jane., m. April 28.

Wilcox, Alfred L., a. 25, and Mary L. Millington, a. 24, dau. of C. S., m. April 18.

Willson, Perry, a. 22, son of Perry, and Sarah Walker, a. 22, dau. of Francis and Sarah, m. March 18.

Woodlin, George H., and Hannah Everringham, m. July 25.

Births — 1870

Allen, Charles D., son of Frank and Lois S., b. June 20.

Ash, Peter, son of Jacob and Helena, b. Feb. 24.

Ashley, John, son of Thomas and Amelia, b. Jan. 28.

Ashworth, Lydia, dau. of John P. and Lydia R., b. July 18.

Auld, Willie, son of Charles and Mary M., b. May 6.

Barrett, James, son of James C. and Sophia, b. Aug. 10.

Bartlett, Georgeana S., dau. of Frank and Clara, b. July 7.

Barton, Susie, dau. of Hiram and Anna, b. May 7.

Beadman, Robert H., son of James and Christina, b. July 11.

Beck, Philip, son of Philip and Frederica, b. April 13.

Bee, Enos, son of Jonathan and Serena, b. March 3.

Birch, , son of George, b. Aug. 27.

Blaisdell, , dau. of John H. and Emma L., b. July 7.

Blake, , dau. of W. H., b. Nov. 3.

Boreno, Mary, dau. of James and Mary A., b. Dec. 20.

Boyer, George, son of George D. and Elforate, b. July 31.

Brittain, Mary T., dau. of John H. and Demia, b. Oct. 5.

Bryan, William Henry, son of David and Jane, b. July 8.

Burk, Lockton, son of John L. and Jane M., b. March 14.

Burtch, , dau. of S. W. and Harriet J., b. July 24.

Bywater, , son of M., b. Jan. 18.

Chambers, Robert, son of G. R. and Sarah, b. Jan. 1.

Church, Mary E., dau. of George H. and Sophia E., b. Aug. 5.

Clark, , son of Alfred D. and Mary, b. May 23.

Clark, , dau. of J., b. March 5.

Clark, Frederick N., son of Luther H. and Emily J., b. Sept. 19.

Clayton, William W., son of George W. and Margaret M. f b. Nov. 22.

Cleaver, Charles, son of Johnson and Elizabeth, b. May 31.

Cobleigh, , son of D. and M. L., b. Feb. 24.

Cook, Harriet J., dau. of Thomas R. and Margaret, b. Sept. 20.

Coombs, Georgiana, dau. of Robert and Sarah, b. March 28.

Cossaboom, Mary E., dau. of William and Lydia, b. Dec. 17.

Cottrell, Laura, dau. of George S. and Mary M., b. July 8.

Cummings, , dau. of Robert T. and Sophrona, b. Aug. 13.

Cushman, John, son of H. B. and Myra, b. Nov. 13.

Dare, , son of Thomas and Elizabeth, b. June 30.

Dennery, Hannah, dau. of Thomas and Margaret, b. Jan. 4.

Dennery, James, son of Edward and Bridget, b. March 10.

Denniss, Bertie A., son of Julius A. and Libbie H., b. Mar. 15.

Dix, Rosamond, dau. of Jirah B. and Harriet, b. May 21.

Dobson, , dau. of H. A., b. July 8.

Doe, Charles G., son of E. A. and Mary E., b. Aug. 7.

Dost, Walter S., son of George A. and Anna R., b. Oct. 31.

Dowler, , dau. of Joseph W. and Mary, b. May 18.

Dowlin, George W., son of Charles and Christina, b. May 2.

Downs, , dau. of L., b. Nov. 15.

Eaton, , son of J. D., b. Sept. 15.

Edwards, Susanna, dau. of Martin and Elizabeth, b. May 1.

Elliott, Walter, son of Charles and Mary E., b. May 3.

Ellis, William, son of John and Josephine, b. Jan. 31.

Else, Frank, son of John and Jemima, b. Feb. — .

Fenton, Edna, dau. of E. and Acelia, b. Feb. 21.

Finch, Mary S., dau.' of John and Margaret, b. Feb. 20.

Francis, Marietta, dau. of Charles and Caroline, b. Mar. 5.

Gardner, Alonzo Hosea, son of Alonzo and Mary, b. Feb. 4.

Gelston, , son of J., b. Feb. 8.

Gerow, Mabel, dau. of Daniel G. and Florence K., b. Sept. 9.

Grey, Lydia, dau. of Alfred and Mary, b. Dec. 11.

Green, , dau. of Elijah and Eva A., b. Aug. 16.

Green, Julia A., dau. of William and Elmira, b. May 30.

Green, Margaret E., dau. of Andrew and Mary J., b. Dec. 7.

Green, Pauline, dau. of H. N. and Emma, b. Nov. 14.

Green, William W., son of Elijah, b. Sept. — .

Green, Wilson, son of Wilson and Elmira, b. June 27.

Greene, , son of James K. and Anna, b. June 16.

Gross, , son of William, b. Dec. 8.

Halowell, -, son of H., b. March 19.

Hanchett, Laura B., dau. of William F. and Harriet, b. Sept. 16.

Hanna, Maggie P., dau. of Robert and Isabella, b. May 19.

Hanson (male), b. Oct. 4.

Harrison, Caroline, dau. of William S. and Mary, b. Aug. 4.

Hartzele (female), b. Oct. 1.

Hazard, Charles H., son of Charles and Anna M., b. June 4.

Hazzard, Charles H., son of Charles and Annie, b. May 26.

Hendee, George, son of Eli B. and Cordelia C, b. March 29.

Henderson, Elizabeth J., dau. of John G. N. and Charlotte, b. June 15.

Hersey, Eddie, son of Henry H. and Eugenia, b. April 16.

Hires, , dau. of Charles, b. Aug. 27.

Holland, Hannibal, son of York and Anna, b. April 6.

Hotchkiss, Ella E., dau. of H. E. and Maria M., b. July 10.

Hotchkiss, Lilla O., dau. of H. E. and Maria M., b. July 10.

House, , son of A., b. June 4.

House, Libbie, dau. of William A. and Lizzie C, b. July 2.

Howland, Charles, son of Solomon and Hannah, b. June 25.

Hurrell, Ada M., dau. of John and Martha, b. Oct. 20.

Ireland, , dau. of Clement and Mary Ann, b. June 7.

Jane, Mary Annise, dau. of Benjamin R. and Mary, b. Jan. 1.

Jaque, , dau. of B. R., b. Jan. 2.

Jones, , dau. of Henry, b. Jan. 19.

Kandle, Blanche, dau. of Aquilla and Eliza J., b. March 16.

Kemmel, Deliah, dau. of Louis S. and Katie, b. May 9.

Kerr, , dau. of George and Susan, b. Dec. 15.

Kimball, Eugene M., son of Myron J. and Clara, b. Dec. 17.

Lake, , son of Byron, b. Nov. 15.

Lamb, Alexander, son of March and Rachel, b. Feb. 13.