Vital Records of Vineland


Johnson, Ella L., dau. of J. E. and Ellen, b. July 1.

Johnson, Nettie May, dau. of Elan G. and Jennie, b. Dec. 6.

Kemmerer, James R., son of Christian and Martha, b. July 1.

Kerr, George, son of George and Susan, b. March 27.

Kidder, Valentine A., son of Peter and Frances, b. Feb. 11.

Kilborn, Horace H., son of Chauncey W. and Mary F., b. July 28.

Krough, Francis, son of William and Caroline, b. Sept. 23.

Landis, Henry M., son of Charles K. and Clara M., b. Sept. 1.

Larpush, Annis, dau. of Louis and Margaret, b. July 4.

Larpush, Ernest, son of Louis and Margaret, b. July 4.

Lawless, Frank, son of William and Margaret, b. Feb. 12.

Leach, Ben, son of George and Jennie, b. Jan. 10.

Lee, John A., son of Shalometh, b. March 2.

Lader, , son of James, b. Sept. 19.

Lyman, Oreon, son of Charles H. and Juliaetta E., b. Dec. 4.

Macintosh, Isabella A., dau. of James arid Charlotte, b. April 5.

McCoy, Thomas, son of Donald and Aim, b. June 10.

McDonald, George B., son of Michael and Ellen, b. July 9.

Mabbitt, , dau. of Truman and Sophie R., b. April 13.

Manly, Emma, dau. of Patrick and Bridget, b. March 6.

Miller, Emma, dau. of Raymond and Celestia E., b. Nov. 27.

Miller, William, son of Robert and Catharine, b. June 3.

Mooney, Willy, son of William W. and Lydia, b. March 18.

Moore, Mary, dau. of F. P. and Addie, b. March 19.

Mulkern, John, son of Patrick and Mary, b. Sept. 30.

Newcomb, Howard, son of Colby and Ellen J., b. Sept. 4.

Newman, Samuel, son of David and Clara, b. Oct. 8.

Nichols, Josephine, dau. of Enoch and Josephine, b. March 23.

Orne, Mary A., dau. of William H. and Lucilla, b. April 27.

Orrin, , dau. (?) of William, b. April 28.

Parry, Charles Edward, son of Henry and Anna, b. Aug. 11.

Pasco, Alvah C, son of W. C. and Louisa W., b. May 4.

Pasco, Gertrude E., dau. of Joseph and Emma S., b. Oct. 16.

Perrigo, , dau. (?) of H. C, b. Aug. 30.

Perrigo, Herbert, son of W. C. and Olive, b. March 25.

Perrigo, Willie F., son of H. W. and Jennie, b. Aug. 31.

Perry, Lydia, dau. of Henry and Phoebe F., b. April 10.

Powe, , son of John, b. Oct. 1.

Rhodes, Samuel Oliver, son of Francis D. and Sarah A., b. Dec. 24.

Riley, Sally, dau. of Jonathan, b. April 7.

Robinson, (male), b. Feb. 15.

Robinson, Edna, dau. of Joe and Maria, b. June 5.

Rockwell, Ellen M., dau. of C. D. and Jane, b. May 13.

Rork, Daniel, son of William and Anna, b. Feb. 5.

Sargent, Alice M., dau. of Samuel H. and Maria N., b. May 7.

Sawyer, Herman, son of James H. and Sophia P., b. Dec. 17.

Searl, (male), b. May 13.

Seiburt, , son of B. F. and M. J., b. April 13.

Seiders, John C, son of John and Elizabeth, b. April 14.

Shaw, Joseph, son of Harvey T. and Anna F., b. April 1.

Shaw, William Henry, son of George H. and Matilda, b. Sept. 3.

Shoemaker, , son of William S. and Margaret P., b. May 17.

Smith, Jessie F., dau. of Walton O. and Sarah E., b. Sept. 27.

Smith, May Belle, dau. of James and Caroline E., b. Feb. 28.

Snell, Richmond, son of Charles R. and Mehitable, b. March 22.

Solomon, Laura E., dau. of Emanuel and Mary, b. March 1.

Sprague, Enos H., son of Enos H. and Mary, b. Nov. 9.

Starr, Francis P., son of J. J. and Lucy, b. Feb. 6.

Steele, , dau. of T. B. and Margaret S., b. Dec. 13.

Stringer, Charlie, son of William and Anna, b. May 17.

Swift, , dau. of William H. and Minerva, b. Aug. 2.

Thomas, Emma Bertha, dau. of Charles M. and Anna, b. May 11.

Thorn, Franklin, son of George and Matilda, b. Oct. 19.

Vail, Guy P., son of Henry H. and Laura B., b. Sept. 16.

Vanloren, , dau. of Ambrose, b. Dec. 22.

Warren, Sophie M., dau. of A. G. and G. M., b. May 6.

Wiley, Horace S., son of D. E. and Mary E., b. May 24.

Williams, , son of John, b. June 11.

Young, Mary Ann, dau. of Arthur and Mary, b. Jan. 13.

DEATHS— 1869

Adams, Millie R., dau. of William and Millie B., d. May 24, a. 5.

Allen, Charles H., son of D. W. and Lucy E., d. Aug. 16, a. 11 wk.

Allen, Lucy E., wife of D. W. Allen, dau. of Charles S. and A. Thatcher, d. Aug. 22, a. 34.

Andrews, Augustus, d. March 20.

Bagnell, John F., son of Thomas and Hannah, d. Nov. 6, a. 1 yr. 4 mo.

Bailey, Frank W., son of C. G. and Lydia C, d. Aug. 19, a. 9 mo.

Barrett, James E., son of James E. and K., d. Oct. 11, a. 1 yr. 2 mo.

Brockett, Eliza, dau. of Dewitt and Sarah, d. Oct. 29, a. 20.

Branning, Prank, son of Joseph and Emma, d. Aug. 31, a. 14 mo.

Brown, Valentine O., son of Valentine O. and Mary, d. Nov. 18, a. 44.

Bush, Katite, dau. of William W. and Sarah, d. Aug. 31, a. 2.

Cansdall, Henry M., son of William and Henrietta, d. Jan. 28, a. 61.

Church, Julia A., dau. of Harry and Sally, d. Oct. 2, a. 47.

Churchill, Gilbert W., son of R. M. and Isabella, d. Sept. 21, a. 4.

Clark, Arthur O., son of L. D. and E. S., d. Dec. 21, a. 17.

Clark, Danforth, (m) son of Wallace and Polly, d. Sept. 20, a. 58.

Cleara, Arthur O., son of J. and Elizabeth, d. July 16, a. 4 mo.

Clerer, Arthur M., son of J. and Elizabeth, d. Aug. — , a. 8 mo.

Coburn, Catherine M. (m) d. Nov. 17, a. 48.

Coburn, Willis C, son of J. M. and Mary P., d. April 7, a. 17.

Cramer, Rosanna, (m) d. June 25, a. 40.

Cramer, Rosanna, dau. of Enos and Rosanna, d. July 25, a. 1 mo.

Curry, Moses M., (w) son of David, d. Aug. 16, a. 76.

Dow, Asa, d. Dec. 11, a. 47.

Dowler, May Belle, dau. of Joseph H. and Mary, d. May 28, a. 1 da.

Dennis, J. E., son of J. A. and H., d. Oct. — , a. 8 mo.

Durfee, E. Sheldon, son of Stephen and Sarah, d. Oct. 3, a. 24.

Everett, Anna C, (m) d. April 1, a. 56.

Field, Henry D., son of L. C. and R. S., d. Sept. 26, a. 1.

Finch, J, B., son of John and Margaret, d. March — .

Finch, John, (m) son of William and Alice, d. Nov. 20, a. 40.

Fowler, Emma C, wife of Seaman R., d. July 2, a. 47.

Frederick, Johanna, dau. of J. P. and M., d. Oct. 3, a. 1.

Green, Caroline, dau. of James K. and Anna, d. June 9, a. 15 mo.

Green, Georgianna, dau. of Elijah and Eva, d. March 28, a. 6.

Green, William E., son of James and Ellen, d. April 1, a. 6 wk.

Hale, Eliza N., (m) d. July 22, a. 50.

Hall, Hattie L., dau. of F. O. and S. P. A., d. May 10, a. 2.

Hall, George H., d. June 18, a. 3 mo.

Hall, Lucinda, P., wife of F. O. Hall, d. June 10, a. 36.

Harris, George W., son of William H. and L., d. Sept. 3, a. 1.

Hecklin, Rachel S., dau. of Daniel and Mary Sawkins, d. May 11, a. 65.

Hendee, Frank, son of Eli B. and Cordelia C, d. April 3, a. 13 mo.

Henderson, Charles E., son of John and Emma, d. Oct. 12, a. 4 mo.

Hendrickson, Francis H., son of A., d. July 18, a. 3.

Herrick, Louisa, dau. of D. K. Stebbins, d. Dec. 14, a. 32.

Hotchkiss, Walter L., son of H. E. and Maria, d. May 20, a. 14 mo.

Johnson, Ella S., d. Aug. 3, a. 1 mo.

Johnson, Alice L., dau. of J. E. and Ellen M., d. July 11, a. 7 mo.

Kellogg, George, (m) son of Isaac and Eunice, d. May 30, a. 58.

Kendricks, Mary A., dau. of D. and A. Olin, d. July 1, a. 38.

Kidder, Myra B., dau. of Luther and Lucinda, d. June 12, a. 26.

King, George L., (m) d. July 3, a. 44.

Kinkman, Libbins, (m) son of Libbins and Sally, d. Nov. 16, a. 59.

Lamb, George, son of March and Rachel, d. Nov. 1, a. 1.

Laning, Mary S., dau. of John and Mary Edgerton, d. Jan. 24, a. 48.

Lee, Isaac, (m) son of Isaac and Lucy, d. June 16, a. 55.