Vital Records of Vineland


Marriages 1869

Arrow, William J., a. 23, son of William and Mary A. and Fannie M. Cady, a. 21, dau. of Nelson and Hannah I., m. Dec. 25.

Ashworth, John P., a. 27, son of John and Betsy; and Lydia P.

Stetson, a. 21, dau. of Charles C. and Lydia O. m. Sept. 13.

Ashworth, Thomas H., a. 23, son of John and Betty; and Mary Clegg, a. 21, dau. of James and Jane, m. Aug. 1.

Barrett, Melvin J., a. 26, son of Thomas and Sophronia; and Lillie L. Wilder, a. 16, dau of J. P. and Jane S., m. Aug. 1.

Bissell, Edward M., and Phoebe More, m. Oct. 7.

Bontecou, George and Margaret E. Dustin, July 1.

Bowman, Thomas E., a. 40, and Mary S. Botte, a. 26. m. Feb. 26Brackett, Charles D., and Lvdia A. Hoops, dau. of George, m. Dec. 21.

Braddock, William M. and Emma A. Holden, m. Dec. 8.

Brittain, Homer J., and Frances A. Graves, m. Sept. 5.

Brittain, Rev. J. H. andDeura E. Willson, of Homdel, N. J., m. May 25.

Brown, Charles, a. 30, and Louisa James, a. 23, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth, m. Aug. 23.

Brown, James M. and Priscilla E. Wheeler, m. Oct. 10.

Bryant, David, a. 21, son of Charles and A. E., and Rainey J. Moodey, a. 17, dau. of Henry R. and Deborah, m. Jan. 7.

Chapman, Benjamin H., and A. Cahoon, m. Nov. 14.

Colesbury, Wm. H. and Mattie E. Skiren, of Worton Point, Md., m. May 29.

Doe, Erastus E., a. 32, son of T. E. and Cornelia, and Mrs. Mary E. Shirley, a. 26, (w.) dau. of R. B. and Ruth B. Brown, m. Aug. 17.

Dorr, George, and Rachel Ann Tanner, dau. of Peter and Mary Vanvorhis, m. June 5.

Dubois, Isaac A., a. 28, son of Jared R. and Ann, and Harriet L. Hitchner, a. 23, dau. of John and Nancy, m. May 12.

Else, John F. and Miss J. Watesoll, m. February 10. Haines, David H., Jr., a. 30, and Emma C. Wooding, dau. of

James and Mary, m. Sept. 20.

Holmes, James D. and Sarah J. Jennings, m. Jan. 2.

James, Edward, a. 20, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, and Bella Bostwick, m. Sept. — .

Kimball, Myron J., a. 22, son of C. A. and C. C. and Clara A. Prince, a. 22, dau. of John and Abby, m. June 3.

Lacey, Isaac, a. 25, son of Joshua and Mary, and Anna R. Bateman, a. 22, dau. of Francis and H. m. April 14.

Linnell, Sylvester G. and Mary E. Johnson, m. Nov. 9.

Loomis, Charles E. and Emeline A. Warren, m. Northampton Mass., May 27.

McKinney, Charles, a. 21, son of Silas and Mary; and Ida George, a. 18, dau. of Elizabeth, m. April 14.

Merton, Arthur, and Olivia F. Stevens, m. Nov. 12.

Noren, A. H., a. 25, and Elizabeth Young, a. 16, m. April 17.

Parsons, Theodore, and Clara C. Clark, a. 31, dau. of William and Clarissa, m. April 13.

Poole, Ed. Do a. 27, son of Lot H. and Anna G., and Gertrude E. Gardner, a. 34, dau. of Stephen, m. Oct. 27.

Razor, Peter, a 33, son of Christian and Barbery, and Elizabeth Cohider (?) a. 26, m. June 15.

Robinson, Joseph, and Mary Hart, m. April 4.

Rowley, Emory, a, 25, and Flora M. Myers, a. 21, dau. of Miles and Caroline, m. June 8.

Spencer, Jesse, a. 26, son of Joseph and Elizabeth, and Jennie Hickland, a. 26, m. Nov. — .

Strong, Benjamin K., of Hartford, Conn., and Laura A. Drew, m. Nov. 5.

Suydam, George, a. 23, son of Peter and E. J., and Minnie A. Merwin, a. 23, dau. of Uri N. and Irene, m. May 5.

Swan, William H., a. 27, and Thecla A. Worden, a. 21, dau. of L. W. Worden,m. Feb. 10.

Swartwout, Peter and Mrs. Elrira Knights, m. Sept. 2.

Swing, George W., a. 39, (w.) son of J. L. and Rebecca, and Sarah J. Reed, a. 40, (w.) dau. of Jesse and Mary A. Sexton, m. Aug. 5.

Sykes, Robert C. and Carrie L. Taylor, dau. of J. J. Taylor of Norristown, Pa., m. Philadelphia, Dec. 18.

Thomas, A. C, a. 28 and Elizabeth Parke, a. 25, m. July 8.

Wing, James P., a. 25, son of James and Lydia, and Sarah J. Charlesworth, a. 26, dau. of William and Mary A. m. Dec. 4.

Wood, Lucius 0., a. 20, son of John M. and Lucy A., and Josephine Barton, a 20, m. April 14 (?).

Wrotnowski, Col. Thomas and Josephine R. Thomas of Williamstown, N. J., m. Philadelphia, Pa. June 21.


Births 1869

Adams, , dau. of W„ b. Dec. 23.

Allen, Charles H., son of David W. and Lucy E., b. June 6.

Andrews, Fannie, dau. of Milo P. and Eliza, b. May 27.

Bailey, , dau. of S. E., b. July 26.

Bailey, Eddie C, son of E. O. and Hattie D., b. Aug. 14.

Bailey, Luella, dau. of Samuel and Ella, b. July 27.

Barrett, John, son of John and Mary, b. Jan. 16.

Beals, Minnie Irene, dau. of D. W. and Nancy H., b. March 4.

Beatty, Frances A., dau. of J. H., and Olive M. b. July 14.

Bid well, Jennie M., dau. of Osborn and Carrie, b. Nov. 13.

Bidwell, Marshall O., son of Edwin C. and Isabella C. G., b. April 28.

Bond, Mary E., dau. of William and Emma, b. April 25.

Bounds, Thomas J. P. S., son of Abram and Becky, b. Dec. 19.

Bridges, , dau. of William and Mary Jane, b. July 26.

Brown, Catharine A., dau. of William and E., b. June 6.

Burge, Katie A., dau. of D. H. and Carrie M., b. Dec. 24.

Burtis, Seaman, son of P. S. and Elizabeth, b. June 25.

Cadwell, Frank, son of D. M. and Ada E. b. Jan. 18.

Cantner, Clara S. dau. of Valentine and Margaret, b. March 11.

Cleaver, Arthur N. D., son of Jonathan and Mary E., b. March 13.

Clute, William Merryless, son of Oscar and Mary, b. May 11.

Cogswell, , son of E., b. Dec. 24.

Cole, Walter Alex, son of David and Mary, b. Dec. 28.

Calwell, , son of George W. and Abby M., b. Oct. 20.

Cooper, , son of G. E., b. Nov. 15.

Cottrell, Carleton, son of Charles and Vina, b. Sept. 14.

Cramer, D. Hamson, son of David H. and Harriet, b. Oct. 6.

Cramer, Rosanna, dau. of Enos and Rosanna, b. June 25.

Crandall, Minnie J., dau. of Joel and Martha J., b. Feb. 3.

Cummings, Commandus, son of R. C. and Mary A., b. Oct. 20.

Davis, Charles Henry, son of Benjamin and Susanna, b. May 24

Dawson, Eliza, dau. of Thomas W. and Mary b. July 18.

Dennery, Susan Jane, dau. of John and Bridget, b. Nov. 30.

Dennis, James H., son of Isaac and Harriet A., b. Sept. 5.

Dennis, Julia E., dau. of Julius M. and Elizabeth H., b. Feb. 2.

Dodge, Willis B. son of Solomon and Mary E., b. Oct. 16.

Donegan , dau. of F., b. May 13.

Dowler,May Belle, dau. of Joseph H. and Mary, b. May 27.

Duplanty, Louisa, dau. of Albert and Elizabeth, b. March 30.

Dutton, Fred, son of T. A. and L. A. b. May 19.

Eaton, , dau. of J. D., b. Feb. 8.

Ellis, Fannie May, dau. of H. Z. and Ellen N., b. April 24.

Ellis, Lewis, son of S. T. and Elizabeth, b. July 12.

Ewing, John W., son of William and Sarah, b. Oct. 7.

Fairbanks, Lemuel J., son of E. J. and Mary C. b. June 23.

Flagg, Charles W., son of C. M. and Ida, b. Oct. 10.

Gardner, Fred, son of Cornelius Y. and Alzina b. July 1.

Garrison, George S., son of Enoch and Priscilla, b. April 5.

Garton, Lutie, dau. of David and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 15.

Gifford, , son of Pardon and El iza, b. June 26.

Gilling, , dau. of Fred J. and A. S., b. Jan. 19.

Gould, , dau. of S. S. and Philena W., b. Aug. 26.

Gray, John L., son of Charles and Lucinda, b. Mar. 31.

Green, Charles A. son of Charles E. and Sarah M., b. Oct. 3.

Green, William E., son of James and Ellen, b. Feb, 14.

Grey, John L., son of Charles and Lucinda, b. March 31.

Gutterson, Williard M., son of Abel F. and Jennie M., b. Feb. 29.

Hadsell, Nellie May, dau. of Frederick and Adaline, b. Sept. 19.

Hampton, John, son of William M. and Comfort N., b. April 8.

Hanson, Hugh F., son of George and Anna, b. Sept. 28.

Hartman, Martha, dau. of Uriah and Sarah E., b, Oct. 22.

Hassell, Jennie E., dau. of A. R. and S. J., b. Jan. 9.

Henderson, , son of John and Emma, b. June 12.

Hibbard, Charles W., son of Bushrod and Olive, b. Oct. 15.

Hicks, , son of John A. and Carrie W., b. Aug. 13.

Hotchkiss, , son of C. L. and Adeline F., b. July 7.

James, , dau. of Thomas and C, b. Nov. 5.

Johnson, , (male) b. July 16.