Family Record of Jonathan Knight

In the possession of Walter H. Blake, Vineland, N. J.


Anna Estella Blake was born Nov. 8th, 1870.

Mabel Blake was born May 17th, 1872.

Bertha Blake was born March 6th, 1874. Died March 5th, 1875.

Nellie Blake was born Feb. 18th, 1876.

Samuel W. Billings was born May 5, 1811.

Samuel W. Billings and Esther Knight were married Dec. 25, 1836.

Martha E. Billings was born March 8th, 1840. Died May 29, 1895.

Wm. Irwin Billings was born Nov. 1st, 1848. Died March 12st,1850, aged 16 months.

Emma J. Billings was born April 7th, 1854. Died Nov. 1st, 1862.

Martha E. Billings and Daniel M. White were married Oct. 14, 1866.

Emma Bertha White was born.

Natthaniel Morrison was born .

Natthaniel Morrison and Mary Knight were married Oct. 8th, 1839.

Edgar D. Morrison born Jan'y 17th, 1842. Died Aug. 16th, 1843. Aged 1 yr., 7 months.

Henry B. Morrison was born Nov. 18th, 1845.

Willie A. Morrison was born May 10th, 1955. Died Oct. 9th, 1856. Aged 17 months.

Myro Morrison was born June 21st, 1857. Died May 29. 1895. '

Henry B. Morrison and Dora Weston were married April 20th, 1869.

Mabel Dora Weston was born March 11, 1870.

Thomas H. Colby was born Jan'y 12th, 1823. Died June 27, 1867.

Thomas H. Colby and Achsa B. Knight were married March 22nd, 1848.

Augustus I. Colby was born April 30th, 1849. Died Oct. 15th, 1855.

Mary E. Colby was born Jan'y 29th, 1858.

Philip Barden died April 27th, 1813. Aged 56 years.

Esther Barden died April 20, 1813. Aged 24 years.

John Barden died Oct. 24th, 1814. Aged 34 years.

Phebe Barden died Sept. 29th, 1823. Aged 66 years.

Nathan Blake was born Aug. 23rd, 1782. Died April 17, 1862.

Mary C. Colby was born Sept. 29th, 1792. Died Feb. 10, 1878. Age 86- 7 mo. 11 days.

Nathan Blake and Mary C. Colby were married Dec. 31st, 1807.

James M. Blake was born Jan. 7th, 1809. Died March 22d, 1836. Aged 27.

Helena Blake was born Feb. 10, 1810. Died Feb. 15th, 1812.

Eliza Blake 1st was born May 6th, 1811. Died Dec. 27th, 1823.

Walter W. Blake was born Nov. 22d, 1812. Died March 28, 1900. Age 87- 4 mo.

Ephriam B. Blake was born March 25th, 1814.

Ruth C. Blake was born Nov. 5th, 1815.

Mary Blake was born Jan. 29th, 1817. Died Jan. 8, 1893, age 75- 11 mo.

Martha F. Blake was born Sept. 1st, 1818. Died Feb. 12, 1908, Age 90.

Maria Blake was born Oct. 29th, 1820.

Lydia Blake was born July 29th, 1823.

Eliza Blake 2nd was born Dec. 4th, 1825. Died Apr. 14th, 1897. Age 52.

Nathan Blake, Jr. was born Sept. 21st, 1828.

Emily G. Blake was born June 17, 1831. Died Feb. 18th, 1852. Aged 21 yr. 8 mo.

Jedekiah Blake was the grandfather of Nathan Blake, one of three brothers who came from England, and whose ancestry has been traced to the Huguenots.

Isrel Blake, father of Nathan had three brothers. One who settled in Canada, one in New Hampshire and one in Boston.

Harry Read was born

Harry Read and Nellie A. Blake were married Dec. 28, 1897.

John H. Read was born Dec. 27, 1899.

Mildred Read was born Jan. 30th, 1902.

Harry Read was born May 1st, 1904.

Levis P. Taylor was born

Levis P. Taylor and Mabel K. Blake were married Sept. 12, 1899.

Isabell Taylor was born Oct. 10th, 1904.

Levis P. Taylor was born Feb. 12, 1906.

Henry Whitaker died Nov. 9th, 1850.

Lydia S. Whitaker died Sept. 26, 1880.

Hannah Whitaker died Jan. 26th, 1876.

Leroy V. Smith (grandson of Henry) died Jan. 23, 1876, aged 23.

Sarah, Lydia B. Harvey, all children of Henry who died young.