Vital Records of Vineland


Marriages 1868

Allen, David W., son of Hosea and Lydia, and Lucy C. Thatcher dau. of Charles S. and A,, m. July 1, Lee, Mass.

Astle, David and Rachel Silverthorn, 30 Jan. 1867.

Ashworth, James W., and Hattie L. Chaplin, m. New Rochelle, N. Y. n. d.

Barnes, J. S., a. 29, son of David and Abigail, and Alice A. Herriman, a. 25, dau. of N. L. and A., m. March 19.

Bartlett, Francis B., a. 25, son of Amos G. and Georgianna, and Clara R Buckminster, a. 20 dau. of J. H. and H. S., m. Sept. 13.

Blake, Walter H., a. 24 and Lydia A. Whitaker, a. 22, dau. of E S. and C. A., m. Oct. 29.

Bontecou, William W., and Florence Neale, m. Dec. 23.

Brown, William a. 21 and Eleanor G. Clayton, a. 22, m. Aug. 8.

Byles, William H., a. 31, son of William and Sarah, and Julietta W. Chapman, a. 37 dau. of John and Lavinia, m. June 25.

Chambers, G. R. a. 28, and Sarah Hiner, a. 24, dau. of Robert and Harriet, m. March 10.

Chandler, George W. a. 46, w. and Harriet Matthews a. 36, w. m. April 26.

Clute, Rev. Oscar and Mary M. Mersylees, m. Lansing, Mich., June 26.

Coggswell, Elliot, a. 26, son of William and Phoebe, and Isabella Lockwood, a. 17, dau. of David and Hannah, m. Nov. 8.

Coburn, J. M., a. 46, w., son of Jonas and Anna, and C. M. Webster, a. 46., w., daughter of Andrew and Polly Fitzgerald, m. Nov. 26.
Cosaboon, William, a. 30., w., son of John R. and Susan, and Lydia Finch, a. 28, dau. of John and Hester, m, July 30.

Crocker, Frank P., a. 28, son of Moses C. and Rosanda and Gertrude A. Wooding, a. 19 dau. of James and Mary J., m. May 20.

Edwards, Thomas C, a. 30, son of David and Kalrine, and Evelyn L. Townsend, a. 25, dau. of Josiah and Cynthia, m. March 10.

Finch, Samuel, a. 50, w., son of John and Hester, and Ann E. Tarpin, a. 20, dau. of Alfred and Eliza, m. Aug. 10.

Frost, George N., a. 26, son of John and Ann, and Josephine A. Kinney, a. 19, dau. of John and Lucretia, m. Dec. 31.

Gerow, Daniel C, a. 28, son of John and Lucy, and Florence Kingman, a. 20. dau. of Lebbens and Ruth, m. Jan. 1.

Gleasner, Benjamin H., and Tilla Smith, m. Aug. 29, both of Malaga.

Green, Nathaniel W. a. 23, and Hannah A. Parker, a. 28, m. Nov. 7.

Hicks, John A. Jr. a. 27, son of J. A. and Lucy C, and Caroline A. Willson, a. 27, dau. of Marcius and F. A., m. Sept. 22.

Hiner, Matthew E., a. 21, son of Robert and Hariett, and Clara A. Brown, a. 25, dau of William T. and Cynthia, m. March 10.

Hinckley, Frederick A., and Martha Downs, m. Aug. 13.

Hires, Edward B., a. 22 and Eliza Simpkins, a. 19, m. May 30.

Howell, Jonathan and Amelia Finch, m. Jan. 11.

Jordan, Eleazer, and Hattie E. Hewes, m. March 24.

June, Lewis S-, a. 27, son of Darius and Mary A., and Susan B. Ellis, dau. of Joseph B., Gloucester, m. July 6.

Kite, Joseph, a. 22, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Sarah Alloways, a. 18 dau. of Andrew and Ann E., m. July 6.

Landis, Charles K., founder of Vineland, and Miss Clara F. Meade dau. of Capt. R. W. Meade, U. S. N. m. New Brighton, S. I., N. Y., m. Oct. 14.

Lawless, William, a. 23, and Margaret J. Garran, a. 19, m. July 4.

Longee, John T., a. 21, son of George W. and Sarah K. and Jennie M. Vail, a. 20, dau. of William J. and Sarah A., m. July 1.

Mabbett, Truman, Jr., a. 19 son of Truman and Charity L., and Sophia H. Remington, a 20, dau. of John W. and Louisa S., m. Feb. 26.

Miller, William and Henrietta Brown, w., m. Jan. 4.

Newton, Alvin E., a. 32 and Hattie E, Hoi ton, a. 27, dau. of J. D. and Harriet P., m. Sept. 9.
Pasco, Joseph, a. 21, son of Cephas and H. S., and Emma L. Cox, dau. of William T. and Eliza R, m. Nov. 10.

Poole, Joel H., and Lizzie P. Shattuck, m. Feb. 25.

Quan, George, a. 30 and Mary A. Bennett, a. 40, m. April 2.

Randall, George L., a. 24 son of Hugh T. and Catherine, and Annis Holebrook, a. 20, dau. of Benjamin, m. Dec. 30.

Rice, Frank C., a. 27, son of H. J. and M. B., and Josie L. Higgins, a. 26, dau. of Nathan and Hannah A., m. Dec. 7.

Sawless, William, a. 23, and Margaret J. Garron, a. 19, m. July 4.

Smith, James, a. 41, and Carrie W. Else, a 23, m. May 12.

Spaulding, Leonard E., and Mary A. Shattuck, m. Feb. 25.

Starr, Jeremiah J., a. 40, son of Moses and Rachel, and Lucy L. Butterfield, dau. of Francis A. and Polly, m. April 23.

Tighlman, William H., a. 24 and Hannah E. Murray, a. 20, m.. Oct, 23.

Trauger, R. B. a. 25 son of Solomon and Rebecca, and Cornelia A. Bennett, a. 24, dau. of Elisha and Elizabeth, m. Sept. 15.

Warner, Andrew G. a. 31, w., son of Orrin and Susan, and Gussie C. Merriam, a. 21, dau. of Joseph C. and Caroline, m. Aug. 17

Warner, William H., son of Orrin and Susan and Alzeria Burch., m. April 2.

Washburn, Daniel, a 52, w., son of Joseph, and Judith J. Harris, a. 45, dau. of Amos, m. Jan. 16.

Woolbert, Thomas, White Haven, Pa., and Mary E. Shaffer, m. Oct. 30.

Wrigley, John, a. 22, son of Joseph and Leah, and Frances L. A. Crosby, dau. of Darwin E. and Julia, m. May 1.

Births, 1868.

Ackley, Elizabeth P. dau. of Charles F. and Sarah, b. Jan. 4.

Adams— (female) dau. of W., b. Dec. 4.

Allender (female) dau of J. B. and Annie J., b. Nov. 30.

Armstrong, Alfred (col.) son of Henry and Annie, b. Jan. 1.

Bagnell, John F., son of Thomas and Hannah, b. June 22.

Bailey, Frank, W., son of C. G. and Lydia C, b. Nov. 5.

Baner, Charles E., son of Samuel and Elizabeth Baner, b. April 18.

Barnes, Marcellus G., son of Jerome S. and Alice A., b. Dec 30.

Bennett, Frederick George, son of Simeon and Henrietta, b. April 4.

Bentley, (male) son of John D. and Julia, b. April 9.

Bradbury, Georgia A., dau, of W. H. H. and Clara C, b. Aug. 28.

Buchanan, John R., son of John H. and Lizzie M., b. July 4.

Burfit, Charlota M., dau. of Charles J., and Phoebe, b. Jan. 26.

Burnett, (male) son of Oswold and Louisa, b. June 29.

Bywater, Walter M., son of Charles M. and Maggie, b. May 11.

Cannon, Harrison, son of E. J. and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 8.

Carruth, (male) son of Uriah and Lucy A. b. April 30.

Case, Freddie, son of Milner and Amanda, b. July 7.

Chambers, Flora, dau. of G. R. and Sallie, b. Nov. 1

Clark (male) son of Charles andMary, b. Aug. 28..

Clark D., son of D. L., b. June 1.

Conover, Charles H., son of Irwin and Mary A. b. March, 1868.

Cook, Edward H., son of James M. and Anna W., b. April 6.

Cotton, Thomas E., son of Thomas and Susan F., b. Sept. 6.

Crain, Annie, dau of Horatio and Amelia, b. March 5.

Cramer, Mary E., dau. of Adna S. and Anna E., b. May 8.

Cremer, Francis A., son of Andrew and Martha, b. Jan. 26.

Cummings. (male) son of R. C. and Mary A., b. July 21.

Cunningham, Charles, son of David and Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30.

Dare, Roxana J., dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth, b. March 2.

Davis, (male) son of William W., and Ellen, b. Sept. 4.

Dennery, John, son of Edward and Bridget, b. March 20.

Dennery, Mary A., dau. of John and Bridget, b. July 17.

Diggles, James, son of James and Grace, b. Feb. 20.

Dixon, Henry W., son of A. N., and Sarah E., b. April 12.

Dobbs, Albert S., son of Solomon and Ellen R, b. Jan. 11.

Durfee, Sarah, dau. of James and Margaret, b. Sept. 17.

Esibell, Thomas O., son of Hercules and Rosa, b. Aug. 15.

Ferrand, Hiram A., son of Hiram and Harriet, b. Dec. 10.

Faux, (female) dau. of John and Ellen, b. July 20.

Fields, Henry D., son of Levi C. and Rebecca, b. Aug. 29.

Finch, John B., son of John and Margaret, b. Nov. 22.

Flur, Francis H., son of Antoinette and George, b. Feb. 15.

Fay, (male) son of James, b. May 5.

Francis, Lilly, (col.) dau. of Charles and Caroline, b. Jan. 16.

Francisco, Herbert A., son of A. D. and Julia, b. June 16.

Fuller, Hattie A., dau. of L. C and Sarah J., b. Dec. 14.

Garfield, Lewis G., son of Solomon and Mary E., b. May 21.

Garnsey, Josie Folsom, dau. of Frank a. and Elizabeth P., b. Aug. 4.

Gerow, Lucy R, dau. of Daniel C, and Florence K., b. Nov. 8.

Gilling, Eda, dau. of William E., and Louisa A., b. Feb, 23.

Goodell, Homer C., son of Charles H. and Rosina S., b. March 3.

Gormley, Elnora, dau. of Hugh and Mary A., b. Nov- 19.

Green, Hester J., dau. of Elizah and Eva Ann, b. Oct. 9.

Hearing, Robert A., son of Martin and Elizabeth, b. Oct. 26.

Hall, child of James and Martha J., b. July 17.

Hall, Charles, son of Isaiah and Ellen, b. April 16.

Hanarty (female) dau. of John and Bridget, b. May 7.

Harrison, — child of William S. and Mary, b. Aug. 2.

Hawkins, Charles A., son of Samuel J. and Eliza, b. July 20.

Hendee, Frank, son of Eli B. and Cordelia C. b. March 1.

Hewett, Zillah, dau. of Richard and Zillah, b. Jan. 21.

Hill, Jennie B., dau. of N. W., and Harriet, b. Feb. 22.

Hotchkiss, Walter, son of Henry E., and Maria, b. March 25.

Howland, (male) son of Solomon and Hannah A., b. Aug. 30.

Irwin, Joseph W. S., son of William and Agnes, b. Oct. — .

James, Mary E., dau. of William and Mary, b. Nov. 30.

James, William Pier, son of William N., and Mary E., b. March 26.

Jane, Elizabeth, dau. of Bennett R., and Mary J., b. April 2.

Johnston, Willie, son of J. L. and Annie, b. May 29.

Kandle (male) son of Aquilla, b. Sept. 29.

Kilborn, James A., son of Alpheus J. and Jane E. b. June 4.

Lamb, Clara M., dau. of C. C. and Rebecca L., b. Oct. 25.

Lamb, George (col.) son of March and Rachel, b. April 17.

Layton, Ernest, son of E. and Eliza F., b. Oct. 21.

Leach, Laura A., dau. of Phineas and Mary A., b. Feb. — .

Lewis, Howard P. son of George W. and Mary, b. Feb. 18.

Liggin, William, son of Thomas and Mary, b. Dec. 26.

Lindsey, Alice, dau. of Henry P. and C, b. Feb. 26.

Lincoln, (female) dau. of Nathan and Sereni, b. July 13.

Linnekin, Jessie E. dau. of. T. J. and Grace R., b. Nov. 1.

Little, Sarah (col.) dau. of Romeo and Martha, b. March 14.

Loury (male) son of Walter and Marie, b. May 24.

Love, Edith, dau. of William H. and Phoebe, b. Jan. 16.

McGargle (male) b. Nov. 22. Mclntire (male) son of Frank, b. Sept. 30.

McKenzie (female) dau. of W. M. and E., b. Jan. 19.

McMahan, Annie S. dau. of Robert A. and Mary E., b. Feb. 10.

McPeak, William, son of Thomas and Lucy, b. April 20. 72

Malkerns, Thomas, son of Patrick and Mary, b. May 6.

Marshall, Horatio, son of Hiram and Hannah M. b. March 18.

Marston, John son of Francis and Emma, b. July 16, 1868.

Merrell, Charles, son of James H. and Susan J., b. June 21.

Miller, Mary A., dau. of Henry and Catherine, b. Nov. 5.

Mitchell, Walter, son of John and Sarah, b. May 15.

Mozer (male), son of John and Sally, b. July 20.

Muhleisen, John, son of George and Frederica, b. April 26.

Mulkins, Thomas, son of Patrick and Mary, b. May 6.

Murray, Ralph S. son of John and Eliza, b. March 24.

Nichols, Maggie, dau. of Hosea and Jane, b. Oct. 4.

Ogborn, Ella, dau. of Benjamin T. and Annie, b. July 5.

Osgood (male) son of Everett B. and Carrie S., b. Nov. 3.

Osgood, Mary A., dau. of Carlton G. and Mary, b. April 28.

Pasco, Harry A., son of William C- and Louisa H., b. April 8.

Pollock, Maude M., dau. of Albert and Maria J., b. Nov. 30.

Potter, Aravilla, dau. of Michael and Margaret, b. Aug. 6.

Price, George W., son of Joseph and Mary A., b. June 7.

Price, Grace, dau. of John and Elizabeth, b. Feb. 12.

Pritchard, Eben G., son of Harrison and Sarah A. b. July 3.

Pryor, Edward, son of G. Wilson and Lucretia, b. May 24.

Rice (male) son of J. P. and Clara O., b. May 2.

Richman, Irene, dau. of E. C and Sarah, b. Nov. 6.

Richmond, Mary, dau. of G. G. and Lizzie, b. June 1.

Robinson (male) son of William, b. May 18.

Rooksby, Charles Wesley, son of J. P. and M. O- b. Nov. 29.

P.owell, Mary D., dau. of Franklin and Martha P., b. Oct. 19.

Sargent, Annie L., dau. of Samuel H. and Maria, b. July 26.

Sawyer (male) son of A., b. Feb. 23.

Share, Alfred, son of Gustave and Cebennan, b. May 20.

Smith, Paula M., dau. of Mulford M. and Ruby, b. Nov. 21.

Soule, Anna May, dau of Jethro and Mary G., b. Dec 24.

Souther, Minnie M. dau. of George G. and F. A. M., b. Feb.

Spencer, Frank, son of Andrew and Elizabeth, b. Aug. 21.

Spink (male) son of John and Sarah, b. Dec. 15.

Spink (female) dau. of John and Sarah, b. Dec. 15.

Stock, Llewellyn, son of John and Mary H., b. Oct. 21.

Sweet, Lizzie M., dau. of George A., and Clara M., b. Aug. 26.

Taylor, George H., son of Joseph and Harriet M., b. May 30.

Thomas, Emma B., dau. of Charles and Anna, b. May 11.

Thompson, Emma D., dau. of John and Hannah, b. Dec. 31.

Tregale, Margaret G., dau. of Richard and Martha, b. June 4.

Turner, James R., son of James and Margaret, b. April 14. 73

Vanhorn, Mellville, son of David and Mary L., b. July 19.

Vanvalin, Mary, dau. of Frank, b. Aug. 28.

Warren, Edwin L., son of J. S. and M. E., b. Oct. 18.

Wheeler, Effie R. dau. of J. C. and A. F. b. Nov. 28.

Whitney, Ellen, dau. of Sturgeon and Nellie, b. June 15.

Wigfall, Francis, son of Alfred and Sarah, b. Aug. 16.

Williams (male) son of Orson S. and Eliza J., b. Sept. 13.

Williams, George S., son of Richard A. and Eliza A., b. Jan.

Wood, Isabella C. dau. of L. L. and Mary A., b. May 11.

Work, Clara E., dau. of H. C. and Sarah P., b. April 13.

Worthen, Josie, dau of Charles H. and Louisa D., b. May 15.