Urge Exhibit of World War Relics

[The following letter was published in THE EVENING JOURNAL and THE VINELAND REBUBLICAN on Saturday August 30th, 1919. The suggestion has been very favorably received and commented upon. The New Historical Building would be a model place for an exhibit of war relics, - safe, well cared for and open to the public.

It is to be hoped that a real live committee will soon be organized and that a creditable and permanent exhibit of war relics and souvenirs will result.]

Historical Society Directors Offer To Set Aside Place in Local Building


A Letter to Our Returned Soldiers, Sailors, Nurses and Others:

The World War, in many respects, will be regarded as the greatest event in human history. One of its chief results will be to create a common interest among those who took part in its activities. Its magnitude and its victorious ending can well be regarded as the most gigantic and brilliant as well as the most heroic achievements of which the world can boast.

In a legion of interesting ways the great war will be remembered. But the most real and instructive lessons which come to us will be taught through the public exhibition of relics gathered by our boys from the battlefields of Europe.

About 600 boys went out from Vineland. They brought home with them a large number of relics and souvenirs. What a splendid permanent exhibit might be made of World War relics in our Historical Building. This building is practically fireproof and is one of the most commodious and attractive institutions of the kind in the state.

A portion of the building could be set aside and devoted to this purpose. Every article could bear the name of the donor, and be far safer than in the average home.

Such an exhibit would be an honor to our boys surpassed only by the "Memorial Circle" in the park. The Board of Directors of the Historical Society would welcome such an exhibit and would co-operate with any movement to make it a success.

It is suggested that a committee, composed chiefly of returned soldiers, be appointed to take the matter under consideration. Let us have an exhibit of World War relics worthy of the town and of those who served in the great cause.

When such an exhibit was completed it would be one of the most attractive show places for both citizens and visitors in the town.

Very respectfully,

Joseph A. Conwell, President
Frank D. Andrews, Secretary
Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society