Vital Records of Vineland, N. J.


Marriages 1867

Ash, Jacob D., and Helen Goodell, m. Dec. 29.

Astle, James, son of James and Rachel Silverthorn, m. Dec. 30.

Barnard, Edward F., and Charlotte M. Kinney, m. Aug. 29.

Bennett, C. H., of So. Vineland and Mary L. Hoxie of Charleston, R. I. m. June 26 at New London, Conn.

Bridges, Charles, a. 29, son of Jonathan and Huldah, and Emma Hart, a. 28, dau. of Nelson and Hannah, Atlantic Co., m. Nov. 2 in Philadelphia.

Brown, Frank E., a. 21, son of N. R. and Nancy J., and Lizzie Gardner, dau. of S. R. and Mary A., m. Dec. 1, 1867.

Browne, William H. of Troy, N. Y., and Acelia B. Cramer, of So. Vineland, m. June 27.

Burke, John L., a. 28, son of William, and Jennie L. Wolcott, a. 28 widow, dau. of Otis and Adeline Blanding, m. Sept. 14.

Bywater, Henry A., and Justina D. Nichols, m. Oct. 31.

Clark, Charles P. and Mary Smith, m. Nov. 5.

Clark, James P., a 25, son of James and Etta Fox, a. 20, dau. of Charles, m. July 18.

Colton, Thomas and Mrs. Susan J. Merrill, m. Feb. 4.

Crissey, Sardis L., a. 27, of Washington, D. C, and Maria H. Morse, a. 25, dau. Charles H. and Laura, m. Dec. 18.

Dowler, Joseph Henry, a. 28, and Mary Hyner, a. 22, dau. of Robert, m. April 9.

Dubois, Henry K., of Pittsgrove and Hannah A. Downs, of No. Vineland, m. July 4.

Duffie, James, a. 25, son of James and Margaret McGoffin, a. 28, dau. of Philip, m. Oct. 16.

Dunakin, Francis, widower, son of Samuel and Ruth, and Mary E. Heritage, widow, dau. of John and Ann Claypoole of Millville, m. Nov. 28, at Millville.

Edwards, Thomas C, and Evelyn Townsend, m. Oct. 31.

Fry, Augustus B., a. 30, son of John and Caroline L., of Hoboken, N. J., Henrietta E. Swift, a. 28, m. Dec. 10.

Gifford, Pardon, and Eliza A. Vail, dau. of Capt. John R. Vail, m. Mar. 13.

Hearing, Martin A., a. 43, widower, son of Mandroff and Mary, and Elizabeth Hach a. 33, dau- of Valentine and Theodora Hach, m. Nov. 10.

Hewes, Charles A., of Clarksburg, Va., and Julia M. Reese, of West Galway, N. Y., m. Dec. 29.

Hewet, Joseph, a. 39, widower, son of Cumberland and Mary, and Elizabeth Battes, a. 38, widow, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Jess, m. Dec. 14.

Husted, William L., of Cape May and Maggie S. Chew, of Gloucester, N. J., m. Dec. 30 at Pleasantville.

James, William W., a. 30, son of Isaac and Mary E. A. Smith, dau. of James A., and Rachel, m. Nov. 21.

Jones, Robert, a. 23, and Becky A. Paster, a. 23, (Rebecca Carter) (notice in newspaper) m. Dec. 25.

Judd, Frank M., a. 32, and Gertrude M. Harriman, a. 22, m. Mar, 19.

Kellogg, Isaac, son of George and Endora Smith, m. Dec. 29.

Kelly, Rush, a. 32, and Althea M. Bailey, dau. of D. O. and R. M., m. Dec. 25.

Lacy, Henry F., a. 22, Salem Co., son of John D., and Phebe, and Hannah A. Harris, dau. Ebenezer and Nancy, m. Jan. 9 at Pleasantville.

Lamb, Marcus and Rachel Robinson, dau. of Joseph, m. Sept. 8, So. Vineland.

Liggin, Thomas, a. 26, son of David and Jane, and Mary Wilson, a. 17, dau. of Patterson and Jane, m. Nov. 17.

Little, Romeo and Maria Robinson, dau. of Joseph, m. Sept. 8, So. Vineland.

McClure, William J., and Clemie Colby, m. Aug. 25.

Mclntyre, Francis, a. 29, son of John, of Camden Co., and Mary Howell, Atlantic Co., m. June 29 Pleasantville.

McKenzie, Walter and Ella D. Linnell, dau. Capt. John Linnell, m. Feb. 7, Bangor, Me.

Mason, Almon E., a. 22, son of J. N. and Nancy M., and Nancy J. Lane a. 20, dau. of A. F. and Mary W., m. Dec. 8.

Miller, Raymond, a. 21, son of George and Margaret, and Celetia Bowen, a. 24, dau. J. M. and Abigail, m. Dec. 19.

Moore, F. P., a. 28, son of Wm. W. and Rachel N., and Addie J., a. 21, dau. of J. M. and Abigail, m. Dec. 19.

Muliga, Thomas, of Newfield, N. J., and Marietta Ogborn. widow, m. Sept. 9.

Osgood, Carlton G., and Mary J. Sevans, dau. of Ellis, m. Sept. 1,

Pasco, William C., a. 21, son of Cephas and Louisa H. Maltrie, a 18, dau. of A. J., m. May 20.

Robbins, Henry E., a. 27, son of P. E. and Nancy, and Emma Racklayft, a. 24, m. Aug. 1.

Scales, Thomas, a. 60 widower, son of Nath and Joanna, and Hannah A. Higgins, dau. of Isaac and Susan Newton, m. Dec. 15.

Searle, Nelson and Martha Chaffee, m. Oct. 28.

Smead, Horace A., a. 25, son of Lucy B., and Anna J. Fisher, a 22, dau. of Isaac P. and Clara M., m, Nov. 28.

Smith, William G., a. 29, son of Alex, and Harriet H., and Anna C. Cook, a. 22, dau. of William D., m. Sept. 17.

Sutherland, Andrew R., a. 24, son of Reuben and Myrena, of Morris, N. Y., and Elizabeth S. Warner, a. 25, dau. of Orrin. and Susan, m. Sept. 9.

Sweet, Joseph and Elizabeth Bates, m. Dec. 14.

Thomas, Alonzo, a. 22, New York, son of Charles and Amy Worrell, a. 19, Gloucester Co., dau. of John and Malvina, m. Mar. 8, Pleasantville.

Thumbower, W. H., and A. V. Coburn, m. Dec. 24, Philadelphia.

Tregale, Richard, a. 40, son of Samuel and Grace, and Martha White, a. 23, dau. of Alex, and Margaret, m. Aug. 4.

Trout, Franklin M., widower, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., and Sarah A. Cooper, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., m. Sept. 17.

Tyler, William, a. 23, son of John of England, and Isabella Windie, a 22, dau. of Henry, of Maryland, m. Aug. 21, at Newfield.

Warriner, Charles, and Maria Anna Walls, m. July 4, No. Vineland.

Washburn, John A., a. 36, son of A. H. and Olive F. Campbell, a. 36, widow, dau. of M. Wiswell, m. Oct 24.

White, Robert, a. 22, son of William and Nancy E., and Anna

Williams, a. 23, dau. of Cirrington and Sarah A., m. July 30.

Williams, John Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, m. June 19.

Wilson, Isaac, of Philadelphia and Clara Worthington, dau. of Rev. A., m. May 27.

Yoeder, E., M. D., formerly of Vineland, and Harriet Briscoe of Portland Mills, Ind., m. Hygenia, Ross Co., Ohio.

Young, Henry S., a. 23, of Honesdale, Pa., and Nellie Lombard, a. 18, dau. of R. F. and Rhoda, m. Nov. — .

Births 1867

Adams, John Ellsworth, son of William and Eliza Jane, b. Nov. 6

Andrus, Arthur E-, son of Milo P. and Eliza, b. Aug. 9.

Arling, Clara, E. H., dau. of Clement and Mary A., b. Sept. 25.

Beaumont, Isabella, A., dau. of Joseph and Anna E., b. May 21.

Benjamin, Eva S., dau. of Fred and Mary F., b. Oct. 5.

Boody, William, son of Daniel and Sarah A., b. Nov. 18.

Bowen, Fred F., son of John and Hannah, b. Aug. 9.

Brackett, Annie, dau. of C. F., and Mary A., b. Dec. 17.

Brewer, Etta R., dau. of Robert and Lizzie, b. May 17.

Brough, Fannie, dau. of William and Carrie, born June 12.

Brown, Rosalie M., dau. of J. B. and Mary C, b. Dec. 30.

Burge, Bertha, dau. D. H. and Carrie M., b. June 18.

Burgin, Nellie F., dau. of Thomas H. and Annie L., b. Oct. 30.

Burk, Kate, dau. of William and Sarah, b. June 11.

Burtch, dau. of T. R. and R. A., b. Sept. 30.

Carlisle, Lizzie I., dau. of Joseph and Louisa, b. Feb. 26.

Chandler, dau. of Wilbur F. and Fannie, b. June 28.

Clark, Sarah E., dau. of Luther H. and Emily J., b. Aug. 22.

Clarke, Charles S., son of Alfred D. and Mary A., b. Oct. 12.

Cole, Mary Ann, dau. of David and Mary, b. April 5.

Cosman, Mary, dau. of J. E. and Catharine, b. Sept. 10.

Cowles, Charles, son of William and Nancy, b. Dec. 29.

Crouch, Cassie F., dau. of J. B. and Frances, b. Oct. 31 at Erie, Pa.

Davis, David, son of David and Margaret, b. June 24.

Davis, Effie, dau. of William W. and Effie, b. Mar. 13.

Dodge, Nellie P., dau. of Solomon and Elizabeth, b. Oct. 19.

Dole, Frank W. Jr., son of Frank W. and Rebecca A., b. Dec. 25.

Donbavand, Joseph Edward, son of Joseph and Mary, b. Dec. 30.

Dowler, Sherman T., son of J. H. and Mary, b. Dec. 28.

Dowlin, Matilda W., dau. of Charles and Christiana, b. Dec. 4.

Dudley, Addison C, son of Alden S. and Harriet B., May 23.

Edwards, George, son of and Hannah, b. Aug. 11.

Ellis, George A., son of George A. and Alice T., b. Nov. 16.

Gilston, Laura M., dau. of John and Nancy, b. Nov. 2.

Green, Mary L., dau. Zathariah and Ann L., b. Nov. 29.

Grigg, Justine, dau. of Thomas and Isabella, b. Nov. 8.

Hall, James and Mary, b. July 17.

Hall, Harmon, son of Jas. and Martha I., b. Feb. 7.

Hanchett, Martha Alma, dau. of William F., and Harriet, b. Nov. 16.

Harrington, May, dau. of Morris and Cornelia, b. June 21.

Heater, Charles K. L., son of Jacob and Angeline, b. Nov. 26.

Holmes, Frederick P., son of Albert N. and Maria S., b. Nov. 15
Holton, Ella C, dau. of and Marion E., b. Jan. 28.

Holton, J. Herbert, son of J. A. and A. T., b. Sept. 7.

Irwin, Joseph W. S., son of William and Agnes, b. Oct. 27.

Jay, Lena, dau. of William H. and Catharine, b. Sept. 18.

Kennedy, Ellen, dau. of William and Margaret, b. June 21.

Kidder, Peleteah B., son of Peter and Frances L., b. Sept. 13.

Knowles, Margarette P., dau. of Robert and Emily L , b. Mar. 31.

Lane, Charles E., son of Alonzo F. and Mary W., b. Sept. 19.

Loder, Jonathan D., son of James and Esther, b. Aug. 31.

Lowendhall, Catharine Emma, dau. of Israel and Gertrude, b. June 11.

McCoy, Sarah J., dau. Daniel and Ann, b. Sept. 6.

Mc Erwin, Ada E., dau. of James and Ellen M., b. June 10.

Merchant, Lilly V., dau. of Alpheus and Sarah, b. May 17.

Mitchell, Fred, son of William and Mary, b. Sept. 23.

Monahan, Sarah A., dau. of Francis and Ann, b. Oct. 15.

Mooney, Lizzie, dau. of William and Lydia, b. Oct. 29.

Nelson, Mary, dau. of William R. and Elizabeth A., b. Oct. 14.

Newcomb, Bryant, son of Franklin and Anna. b. Aug. 22.

Nutting, George H., son of George E. and Ada L., b. Dec. 25.

Nutting, Harry A., son of Willis A. and Mary A., b. Oct. 14.

Osgood, Bertrand, son of Everett B. and Carrie S., b. June 4.

Parmelee, Frederick C, son of Chauncey and Louisa, b. Feb. 10.

Parsons, Ernest, T., son of Theodore and Nancy, b. June 2.

Peck, Lizzie, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth, b. Aug. 11.

Pierson, Andrew F., son of William and Charlotte, b. Oct. 17.

Pollock, Ida A., dau. Albert and Jane, b. Feb. 6.

Potter, Roy, son of J. A., and Sarah I., b. Feb. 26.

Reischler, Albert, son of David and Caroline, b. Sept. 8.

Rollo, Freddie, son of Albert S. and Annie E., b. Feb. 28.

Rooksby, Edwin, son of John P., and Marietta, b. June 10.

Rowell, Mary D., dau. of Franklin and Martha, b. Oct. 19.

Russell, Ralph Eldridge, son of Henry Y. and Fannie E., b. May 22.

Seabrook, Edwin, son of Samuel and Fannie, b. June 13.

Sibert, son of Benj. F. and M. J., b. April 20.

Skelley, Joseph, son of Thomas and Maria, b. Sept. 26.

Snell, Edgar E., son of Charles R., and Mahitable, b. Aug. 14.

Sockwell, Osceola, son of Lewis and Lizzie, b. Nov. 25.

Sykes, Lillian T., dau. of Henry K. and Margaret, b. Nov. 7.

Taylor, Charles H., son of Charles W. and Cornelia, b. Nov. 12.

Thorn, Lauretta, dau. of George and Tilda, b. Aug. 6.

Townsend, Hollis, son of Chester and Maria, b. Mar. 29.

Turner, Walter, son of John and Nancy, P., b. Dec. 16.

Virden, Thomas L., son of Robert and July, b. Mar. 29.

Weincken, Agnes M., dau. of Gustave and Mary, b. Sept. 14.

Wigfall, Thomas M., son of Alfred and Sarah A., b. Aug. 7.

Wiley, Charles K. L., son of David E.,and Mary E., born Apr. 27
Wing, Clarence, son of Henry R. and Sarah, b. July 19.

York, Clarence, son of S. P. and E. A., b. Nov. 24.

Deaths 1867

Ackley, Mary R., b. Egg Harbor, m. d. Dec. 13, a. 51.

Albinson, Mary A., b. England, m. d. Sept. 18, a. 62.

Beadman, Sarah, dau. James and Christiana, d. Feb. 17. a. — .

Blake, Mary E., b. New York, m. d. Aug. 12, a. 23.

Bridges, Thomas B. son David A. and Sarah A., d. Sept. 9, a. 5 m.

Burgin, Rhoda, dau. Colcord, b. New Market, N. H., widow, Jerry, d. Sept. 30, a. 89.

Butterfield, Estella, dau. William and Sarah, d. July 26, a.—.

Clark, James, b. England, m. d. May 18, a. 48.

Coburn, Mary F., dau. Zebrina and Harriet Fuller, b. Brookfield Vt, m. d. Brookfield, Vt. Oct. 11, a. 47.

Cosaboon, Patience, widow, d. Oct. 24, a. 60.

Cramer, Georgie, d. Millville, July 29, a. — .

Cross, Sophia, m. d. Aug. 13, a. 72.

Crawford, Martha I., dau. John and Mary, b. Mass., s. d. Millville, May 14, a. 20.

Dole, Kate, dau. I. W. and Rebecca, b. Burlington, d. Nov. 23, a. 3.

Edwards, Hannah, dau. Dennis and Lydia, s. d. Aug. 17, a. 19.

Foy, George W., d. Aug. 3.

Gardenier, Kate, m. d. Oct. 8, 1867, a. 43.

Hanford, James B., b. England, m. d. Aug. 17, a. 55.

Hatt, Mary, b. England, s. d. June 23, a. 60.

Henderson, T. W. P., son John and Emma, d. Aug. 29 a. 9 m.

Howland, Emma F., d. Jan. 9.

Jackson, Mary E., dau. J. D., b. Brookfield, d. Sept. 24, a. 22.

James, David, b. Newark, d. June 28, a. 3.

Johnson, Margaret, d. Aug. 15, a. 6.

Kellogg, Elizabeth A., dau. Isaac and Emma, b. New York, s. d. Mar. 16, a. 34.

Kellogg, Isaac, son Nathan and Hannah, b. Conn. d. Mar. 29, a. 87.

Kilburn, Mary, b. Ireland, s. d. Feb. 26, a. 92.

Kilpatrick, Charles, b. Scotland, s. d. July 3, a. 41.

Loeder, John C, son James and Esther, b. Millville, d. Dec. 17, a. 9.

Lowndhall, Cathonne, d. Aug. 12.

McCulloch, Jane P., b. St. John, s. d. Apr. 25.

McMahon, Walter S., s. d. May 16, a. — .

McPeak, Lizzie, dau. Thomas and Lucy, s. d. Aug. 20, a

Merchant, Luella V., dau. Alpheus and Sarah, M. d. Sept. 3, a. 3 m.

Mitchell, Abigail, m. d. Oct. — , a. 80,

Mulkin, Tim. b. Ireland, s. d. Aug. 9, a. 20.

Murphy, Margary, b. Ireland, d. Mar. 23, a. 86.

Parsons, Ernest, T., s. d. Aug. 27, a. — .

Pearson, Margaret, b. Nova Scotia, m. d. Feb. 13, a. 30.

Peck, Lizzie S-, dau. A. H. and Caroline, d. Sept. 12, a. 1 m.

Pierson, Charles, b. Boston, d. May 11, a. 2.

Purvis, W. C. son William and Isabella b. Greenburgh, Pa., d. Nov. 18, a. 51.

Seigman, Edward, E. D., son W. V. L. and Isabella J. d. Dec.18.

Sexton, Henry C-. son Luke and Lenora, b. Plymouth, s. d. Sept. 6, a. 19.

Spaulding, David, b. New York, son Jeremiah and Betsey, m. d. May 12, a. 74.

Spaulding, Lucy, b. Rhode Island, m. d. May 16, a. 72.

Stephen, James H., b. East Dunham, N. Y., m. d. Sept. 6. a. 43.

Thorndyke, Asa J., b. New Hampshire, m. d. June 20, a. 45.

Thorn, Henry, son Henry B. and Eliza, b. Ohio, d. Jan. 12, a. 18.

Tompkins, John S., b. Boston, widower, d. Sept. 6, a. 53.