Family Record of Jonathan Knight

In the possession of Walter H. Blake, Vineland, N. J.

Jonathan Knight was born 1732. Died 1814.

Benjamin Knight (Son of Jonathan Knight) was born Dec. 25th, 1751. Died July 5th, 1827. Age 76.

Lydia Lake was born May 15, 1749. Died Jan'y 2nd, 1843, Age 94.

Benjamin Knight and Lydia Lake were married August 15th, 1778.

Benjamin Knight Jr., was born Sept. 11th, 1779. Died March 17th, 1783. Age 4 yr.

Mehitable Knight was born Sept. 14th 1783. Died Dec. 25, 1827. Age44yr.

Benjamin Knight 2nd, May 5th, 1785. Died May 25, 1849, Age 64 yr.

Lydia Knight was born Apr. 3rd, 1788. Died Aug. 15th, 1798, Age 10 yr.

Lucy Barden was born July 30th, 1784. Died Apr. 21st, 1852, Aged 67 yrs.

Benjamin Knight and Lucy Barden were married Dec. 10th, 1805.

Phebe V. Knight was born June 19th, 1807. Died Oct. 21, 1882.

Lydia Knight was born March 26th 1809. Died March 8, 1874.

Lucinda Knight was born March 13th, 1811. Died Feb. 13. 1874.

Esther Knight was born March 7th, 1813. Died Sept. 28, 1876.

Mary Knight was born Oct. 18th, 1815. Died Apr. 24, 1885.

Mehitable Knight was born March 28, 1818. Died Feb. 17, 1846. Age 27.

Achsa Knight was born Aug. 12, 1820. Died May 17, 1890.

Josiah S. Morrison was born January 12, 1808. Died

Josiah S. Morrison & Phebe V. Knight were married Sept. 4th, 1831.

Sarah T. Morrison was born Aug. 5th, 1832.

Mary E. Morrison was born Mar. 23rd, 1836. Died Apr. 24, 1885.

Ellen Morrison was born June 29th, 1840.

Sylvia S. Morrison was born Dec. 8th, 1842. Died Sept. 13, 1844.

Robert S. Morrison, was born Oct. 15th, 1845.

Edgar F. Morrison was born May 6th, 1848.

Phebe Morrison was born Mar. 2nd, 1852. Died April 13, 1852.

Luther Darling was born Dec. 19th, 1808. Died Apr. 26th, 1860. Aged 53 yrs.

Luther Darling & Lydia Knight were married Mar. 24th, 1831.

Susan A. Darling was born Aug. 1st, 1832. Died October 8th, 1846. Age 14 yrs.

Benj. P. Darling was born Feb. 14th, 1834.

James A. Darling was born May 31st, 1836. Died Sept. 14th, 1916. Age 80 yrs.

Josiah M. Darling was born May 23rd, 1838.

Lydia Ann Darling was born Jan'y 8th, 1841. Died Feb. 28, 1897.

Mary Jane Darling was born Aug. 15th, 1843.

Mehitable A. Darling was born Sept. 18th, 1845. Died Feb. 25th, 1865. Age 19 yrs.

Susan M. Darling was born Apr. 3rd, 1848.

Johnathan E. Darling was born Apr. 20th, 1850.

Walter W. Blake was born Nov. 22nd, 1812.

Walter W. Blake & Lucinda Knight were married Oct. 4th, 1838.

James Martin Blake was born Sept. 2nd, 1841. Killed at Petersburg, Va. July 27th, 1864. Age 23 yrs.

Walter Herbert Blake was born Sept. 10th, 1843.

Wm. Henry Blake was born May 23rd, 1845. Drowned at Franklin, N. H., July 9th, 1863. Age 18 yr.

Lucy Barden Blake was born Nov. 10th, 1847. Died Feb 2nd, 1849. Age 15 mo. at Thornton, N. H.

George F. Blake was born Sept. 4th, 1849. Died March 4th, 1897, Alameda, Cal.

Ella Blake was born May 1st, 1853. Died June 6th, 1853, at Campton, N. H. Age 5 weeks.

Mary E. June was born Feb. 29, 1844. Died Aug. 12, 1867. Aged 22 years.

Walter Herbert Blake was married to Mary E. June, Oct. 10th, 1866.

Walter Herbert Blake was married to Gussie L. Whittaker, Oct. 29, 1868.