Vital Records of Vineland, N. J.


Births 1864
Beadman, Sarah, dau. of James and Christina, b. Dec. 15.
Bidwell, Hatlie, dau. of Osborne and Carrie, b. Oct. 19
Cassaboon, Willie, son of Wm. and Eliza, b. Sept. 5.
Charmelia, Emma, dau. of Thomas and Eliza, b. Aug. 5.
Davis, Sarah, dau. of David and Margaret, b. Sept. 11.
Gilling, William E., son of Wm. and Mary, b. Dec. 29.
Hughes, Elmira, dau. of Eli and Sarah, b. Aug. 8.
McCoy, George, son of George and S., b. Nov. 13.
McMahon, Flora, dau. of Samuel and Flora, b. Sept. 25.
Merrill, Albert, son of James and Susan, b. Dec. 20.
Mills, John, son of John and Sarah, b. Sept. 26.
Spencer, Edgar, son of Andrew and Anna, b. Sept. 20.
Stevens, Ida P., dau. of Nelson P. and S., b. May 29.
Taylor, William, son of Wm. A. and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 12.
Wilder, George, son of Wm. and Lydia, b. June 27.

Marriages 1865
Arnott, William, a. 19, son of John and Rebecca Green, a. 19. m. April 18.
Campbell, Archibald, Jr. a 37-W. and Sarah E. Campbell a. 20. dau. of Asbury. m. Oct. 2.
Dougherty, A. E. and E. A. Barnhart. m. Oct. 10.
Goff, William, son of Andrew and Mary Heater, dau. of Abram. m. Aug. 23.
Hotchkiss, Henry K. son of Merritt and S., and Eliza Holebrook dau. of Benjamin, m. Oct. 4.
Lashley, Philip, a. 23, son of Josiah and Sarah Slimmer a. 20. m. April 6.
McMahon, L. C, a. 23, son of J. M. and Lizzie C. Swain a. 19. dau. of Benjamin, m. Aug. 17.
Thorp, James Jr., son of Jas. and Mary, and Mary Chalmers, dau. of Robert and Mary. m. Oct. 4.
Vale, William S., a. 47. w. son of Thos. and Priscilla G. Brockway, a. 26, dau. of Artemas. m. Oct. 28.
Ward, William, a. 23, son of Thos. and S. and Annie M. Arrow, a. 21, dau. of Wm. and M. A. m. Mar. 18.
Washburn, Agustus, a. 25, son of Chas. and M. B. and Ellen J. Robbins, a. 18, dau. of John and L. m. April 4.
Births 1865

Arnold, Morris E., son of Cyrus and Nellie, b. Oct. 24.
Ball, Willie, son of William and Matilda, b. May 29.
Beck, Caroline, dau. of Philip and Frederika, b. April 8.
Bentley, John, son of John D. and Julia, b. Feb. 22.
Boody, Mary E., dau. of Isaiah and Mary, b. Jan. 9.
Campbell, Althia, son of William F. and Deborah, b. Mar. 29.
Cassaboon, Ida, dau. of Elias and Mary b. May 4.
Chase, Florence, dau. of George W. and Phebe, b. Jan. 31.
Corner, Rebecca, dau. of Israel and Sarah, b. Jan. 8.
Cosman, Liberty, son of Jonathan E. and Elizabeth, b. July 4.
Davis, Harris, son of Walter H. and Harriet, b. July 3.
Dittoe, Eugene, son of George M. and Martha, b. Mar. 19.
Downs, Martha C, dau. of L. H. W. and Mary E., b. Mar. 13.
Ellis, George, son of Stephen T. and Eliza, b. Mar. 14.
Field, Frederick, son of Levi C. and Rebecca, b. June 10.
Finch, Maggie, dau. of John and Margaret, b. Feb. 2.
Fish, Clara L., dau. of Winslow L. and G., b. Mar. 7.
Garrison, Emma, dau of Enoch and Priscilla, b. Jan. 7.
Gayton, George, son of Solomon and Mary, b. Aug. 1.
Grigg, Joseph D., son of Thomas and Isabella, b. Nov. 21.
Hailet, Maria C. dau. of A. Wesley and Mary, b. Feb. 4.
Hammond, Mary E., dau. of Milo and Harriet, b. Aug. 1.
Heater, Laura, dau. of Jacob and H., b. Nov. 15.
Haswell, Frank S., son of John H. and Annie S., b. Sept. 3.
Hilton, Horman, son of Joseph and Rebecca, b. April 18.
Horton, Mary, dau. of Jonathan E> and Elizabeth, b. July 3.
House, Rose, dau. of William A. and Eliza, b. May 4.
Halloway, Eva, dau. of James and Mary, b. April 24.
Lamb, Cordelia, dau. of Charles C. and Rebecca, b. June 27.
Lawton, Minnie, dau. of Barrett and Mary, b. Jan. 25.
Leahy, Harry, son of John and Eliza, b. Mar. 20.
Mood, Charles, son of Charles and S., b. Jan. 6.
Mood, George, son of Charles and Christina, b. Jan. 12.
Morley, Carrie, dau. of Ezekial and Martha, b. Feb. 20.
Morton, Lillia, dau. of J. W. and Mary J., b. May 22.
Mosman, Alphonso, son of James L. and Abbie, b. Aug. 21, 1865.
Moulton, Charles, son of Ephraim W. and Mary, b. April 23.
Osgood, Mary, dau. of Aaron and Harriet, b. Mar. 12.
Rood, William G., son of Alonzo and Rachel, b. June 7.
Snyder, Edwin, son of John W. and Sophia, b. Jan. 26.
Thorn, George E., son of George and Matilda, b. Mar. 18.
Whitby, Mary E., dau. of John and Mary, b. Mar. 8.
Young, James, son of Robert and Mary, b. April 9.

Deaths 1865

Albenson, Reuben, d. Aug. 15.
Allen, Almira F., d. Nov. 19, a. 67.
Allen, M. F., d. Oct. 20.
Allender, Elizabeth, d. Nov. 17, a. 68.
Atkinson, Augusta, V., d. Aug. 22, a. 22.
Bishop, Hannah, d. Oct. 26, a. 79.
Bush, Ida, d. Aug.__, a. 18.
Cramer, Desdemona L., d. Nov. 8, a. 52.
Creemer, Mary, d. May 11, a. 84.
Edson, Dora, d. Oct. 15.
Fenton, Fidelia, d. Sept. 13, a. 22.
Fish, Eveline M., d. Feb. 22, a. 32.
Gibson, John D., d. Nov. 6, a. 17.
Gifford, Amanda, d. Dec. 31, a. 31.
Goodale, Bessie R., d. July 19.
Haight, Edward A., d. Dec. 4, a. 3.
Haley, F. H., d. Oct. 2, a. 1.
Harvey, Alice Smith, d. Mansfield, Conn., DecHarvey, Samuel, d. Nov. 25, a. 33.
Hicklen, William, d. Nov. 17, a. 60.
Howland, A. L., d. Sept. 1, a. 3 mos.
Howland, Arthur, d. July 1.
Hoyt, John N., d. Aug. 2.
Johnson, , d. Dec.
McMahan, Mary H., d. May 25, a. 58.
Moulton, Charles F., d. Aug. 30, a. 4 mos.
Pond, A. P., d. Sept. 6, a. 22.
Potter, William D., son of John A. and Sarah J., a. 13 mos.
Priest, John P., d. Aug. __
Robbins, Emma, d. Oct. 27, a. 14.
Shaver, Willie, d. May 2.
Spaulding, Anna M., d. Nov. 6, a. 30.
Spencer, Mary B., d. July 13, a. 10 mos.
Townsend, L. C, d. Sept. 28, a. 36.
Wager, Charles, d. Oct. 18, a. 14.
Wood, Philomela, d. Aug.__