Albro S. Brown
Third Mayor of the Borough of Vineland By Ex-Mayor Joseph A. Conwell

Albro S. Brown, who served Vineland as its Mayor for two terms, was numbered among the honored pioneers of the town.

Mr. Brown was born in Riga, Madison County, New York, in July 1820. While he was yet a child his parents moved to near Jamestown. He learned the trade of carriage maker and married and settled in Ellington, N. Y., where he resided for twenty years, doing quite an extensive business making wagons and carriages. With his brothers he also engaged in boat building and had some experience in navigating the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.

Mr. Brown settled in Vineland May 23d 1866, he having left Western New York to escape the severe winters of that locality. He invested in Vineland real estate and for many years carried on the business of wagon and carriage building.

Before coming to Vineland, Mr. Brown had become interested in public affairs, and entertained pronounced views upon the subject of temperance and other reform measures.

In the Spring of 1878 he was elected a Justice of the Peace and was twice elected Mayor of the town.

As a public official he was conscientious and painstaking. Being a genuine lover of peace, he was always ready to offer an honorable compromise and many were the differences and misunderstandings that he brought to an amicable settlement. By many years experience as a Justice, he became well posted regarding legal proceedings and was considered as the best informed local Judge in this part of the State. He used his influence to secure the passage of such laws as would expedite the trying of petty criminals. He was a man of sound judgement and endeavored to deal justly with everyone.

Mr. Brown was a man of strong religious convictions and for over fifty years was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church. He and his wife journeyed together for 44 years and were recognized as among the most faithful supporters of every good cause. He was possessed of more than ordinary education and was a frequent contributor to the local press, his writings always showing a high purpose and clear reasoning.

Albro S. Brown died, after a lingering illness, on December 20th, 1890, aged 70 years and 5 months. His widow survived him six months. On the Sunday morning following his death, Rev. D. H. King preached an appropriate memorial sermon in the Presbyterian church, where Mr. Brown for many years had been a member.