Vital Records of Vineland, N. J.

Marriages, 1863.

Laurence, Peter and Saline Brooks in July 13

Virden, Robert W. a. 23 and Inez (?) Fitzpatrick a. 20 m. May 16

Births, 1863.

Adams, dau. of J. C. and A. J. b. Dec. 5.

Ashley,, dau. of John C. and Julia, b. Dec. 21.

Leavenworth,, son of Jerome B.

Peters, Vinelandis, dau. of Wm. H. and Ann, b. Dec. 26.

Deaths, 1863.

Davis, Hezekiah, b. Vt m. d. Mar. 31.

Parsons, Eliza R. a. 6, dau. of J. C. and E. b. Rittstown, N. Y. d. July 5.

Riffenberg, George, a. 35, m. son of N. J. and C, b. Gloucester, Mass. d. Sept. 14.

Marriages 1864.

Demay, John W. a. 21 and Rebecca Brannan a. 18. m. June 1.

Fish, Winslow, a. 40. w. and Zerinah Heath, a. 39, m. June 9.

Miner, Nathaniel, a. 28, son of Nath'l., and Fannie G. Meech, a. 22, dau. of C. L. m. Oct. 21.

Births, 1864.

Anthony, dau. of Wm. P. and Marilla, b. Jan. 6.

Bassett, parents, Wm. F. and S. b. Jan. 25.

Boynton, parents, Chas. A. and A. b. Feb. 3.

Darrah, son of A. H. and C. b. Feb. 19.

Fish, dau. of Winslow L. and H. b. Feb. 16.

Houndlett, dau. of Geo. W. and M. b. Jan. 22.

Morgan, dau. of Wm. A. and Lucy, b. Feb. 17.

Ralfstine, son of George and Susan, b. April 24.

Wentworth, Lizzie, dau. of Lewis and S., b. Feb. 7.

Deaths 1864.

Davis, Eben W. a. 29, m. b. Hill, N. H., d. Jan. 3.

Jones, Lucinda M., a. 4, dau. of John K. and S., b. Pleasantville, N. J. d. Sept. 23.

Knight, John, a. 56, m. b. England d. July 25.

Lyford, Wm. C., a. 20, son of Stephen C. and E., b. Laconia, N. H. d. Dec. 6.

Mather, James W. a. 5, son of E. W. and E., b. Solon, O., d. November 20.

Sykes, Louisa J., a. 37, m. d. Mar. 10.

Wentworth, Zenale, s. d. July 30.