Siloam Cemetery

The Siloam Cemetery Association was organized in 1864, the first meeting being held in the Magnolia House on January 2d of that year.

At the meeting Charles K. Landis, L. C. Field and John McMahan were elected to serve as Trustees for one year; Joseph W. Morton, J. C. Parsons and George W. Pryor for two years and A. G. Warner, H. H. Holbrook and W. O. H. Gwynneth for three years.

At the first Annual Meeting in June following, Joseph W. Morton was elected President, William O. H. Gwynneth, Secretary and Charles K. Landis, Treasurer.

Mr. Landis donated ten acres of land to the Association, located on Valley Avenue, midway between Park Avenue and Oak Road, about one and a half miles from the centre of the town.

Through purchases the original plot was increased to twenty acres, to which twelve more have been added in recent years.

The Cemetery is the property of the lot owners and is managed by the Directors elected by them at the annual meeting.

A heavy granite coping, surmounted by an iron fence, extends along the entire Valley Avenue front. The main entrance to the grounds is through an elaborately designed double arch of granite.

The Association erected a temporary receiving vault a number of years ago and will complete, the present year, an imposing chapel of granite with stained glass windows.

The visitor to the beautiful city of the dead, will find much to admire as they pass through the well kept grounds.

In the season the trees and flowering plants add much to the beauty of the place and if the visitor is to the Manor born, or has, through a long residence, made friends and acquaintances among the early settlers and their descendants, they will find many familiar names inscribed upon the marble slabs or more pretentious memorials.

To such a person a walk through the shaded paths will open the floodgates of memory and bring to mind pleasant recollections of other days and other scenes in which the silent sleepers, lying just beneath their feet, took an active part.

Some names of persons buried in this cemetery not having tombstones, or having them not yet inscribed, with date have been added to the list endorsed in dockets.