Biographical Sketches

Under this head it is is proposed to publish brief sketches of the men and women who have made Vineland their home and have been more or less identified with its growth and development.

In this manner we shall be able to preserve and perpetuate the memory of many of the early settlers as well as more recent residents, who, coming from various parts of the country, have each done their part in the establishment of a town, whose name and advantages have become widely known.

These sketches of former Vinelanders with the more extended biographies appearing in our pages will, it is hoped be of interest, not only to those who knew and remember them, but also to the genealogist and historian.

George Pryor

George Pryor was born in Burlington, N. J., October 14, 1779. On November 14, 1816, he married Margaret Wilson, of Burlington, according to the order of the Society of Friends, of which they were members. In the year 1820 they removed to Jefferson County, N. Y., where he followed the occupation of carpenter. In 1828 they took charge of the boarding department of a large school at Lowviile. In 1835 Mr. Pryor purchased a farm on the shores of Skaneatales Lake, where they opened a boarding school called "The Hive." Here they became interested in the anti-slavery movement and on removing to Waterloo, N. Y. in 1838, took an active part in this and other reforms. Margaret Pryor joined in the call and co-operated with Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others, in the first Woman's Rights Convention, held at Senaca Falls, N. Y. in the summer of 1848. With their only son, George W. Pryor, this aged couple came to reside in Vineland. At their home on Vine Road, in company of relatives and personal friends, they celebrated their golden wedding, November 14, 1866. The mari age certificate, (fifty years old) was read and an endorsement on the back expressing their pleasure at meeting them on this occasion was signed by all present. Mary Ann McClintock of Philadelphia, sister of Margaret Pryor, being the only person present who signed on the first occasion.

On the 28th of December 1866, George Pryor in his 88th year, died.

George W. Pryor

George W. Pryor, only son of George and Margaret Pryor, was born at Cape Vincent, N. Y., in 1820.

In 1863 he visited Vineland and purchased a farm of forty acres on Vine Road, East of Main Road, where he and his parents resided. On November 27, 1866, he married Miss Lucetta E. Brown of Vineland. He engaged in the Real Estate business for a few years, removing to North Carolina later.