Brown Family Record

Bible in the Possession of Mrs. Eleanor C. Washburn,

Vineland, N. J. The Holy Bible

Containing the Old and New Testaments Oxford, 1770


John F. Brown and Austris Kinyon, married, Richmond, R. I., July 6, 1823.

Jacob True and Nancy A. Brown, married, Litchfield, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1845.

Thomas Street, born in Yunthorp, England, November 29, 1821; married Lucy B. Brown, May 4, 1882 in Philadelphia, Pa.


John F. Brown, born in Rhode Island, February 10, 1800.

Austris Kinyon, born in Richmond, R. L, November 18, 1803

Nancy A. Brown, born in Richmond, R. I., May 28, 1824.

Lucy B. Brown, born in the town of Litchfield, Herkimer County, N. Y., May 18. 1834.

Francis Brown, father of J. F., was born the 20th of February, 1770.

Lucy Brown, his wife, was born the 1st of September, 1778.

Samuel B. Brown was born the 27th of March, 1793.

Nancy Brown was born the 17th of March, 1796.

Susan Brown was born the 5th of February, 1798.

John F. Brown was born the 10th of February, 1800.

Lucy A. Brown was born the 17th of January, 1802.

Sally S. Brown was born the 15th of January, 1804.

Nicolas S. Brown, born the 16th of December, 1809.

Elizabeth Brown, born the 14th of January, 1812.

Henry J. Brown, born the 26th of October, 1814.

Amy Brown, born the 7th of April, 1817.


Samuel Brand, died November 25, 1816, aged 73 years.

Nancy Brand, consort of Samuel Brand, died May 1, 1825, aged 66 years.

Francis Brown, died September 3, 1826, aged 56 years.

Lucy Brown, Consort of Francis Brown, died July 8, 1848, aged 70 years.

Jacob True, died July 7, 1884.

J. T. Brown, died June 25, 1885.

Nancy A. True, died February 17, 1887.

Mother Austris Brown, died May 17, 1890.

Thomas Street, died February 4, 1908.

Lucy Brown Street, died February 1, 1917.