Kent Family Record

Family Record of Zeno Kent of Suffield, Connecticut and Anna Remington, his wife

Said Zeno was born January 31st, 1766.

Said Anna was born February 7th, 1767.

Married January 3rd, 1788.

Their children were, Anna, born October 25th, 1788.

Zeno, born February 9th, 1790.

Zardus, born October 3rd, 1791.

Eunice, (?) born August 29th, 1793.

Girdin, born March 30th, 1795.

Lucina, born July 30th, 1798.

Harriet, born April 25, 1800.

The daughter Anna died July 5th, 1804.

Father Zeno died May 14th, 1807.

Zardus died March 14th, 1837.

Zeno, Jr. died March 27, 1837.

Lucina died March 13, 1841

Mother Anna died August 5th, 1841.

Girdin died in 1869.

Copied from Doddrige's Family Expositor of New Testament, bearing inscription "DeWitt Eggleston's Book Aurora, May 10, 73." Now in possession of the Historical Society.