Waldo F. Sawyer, M. D.

By Henry S. Alvord

Mr. Waldo F. Sawyer, M. D., died November 17, 1917, at his home, exactly across the street from the new Historical Society building, in Vineland. He died of pneumonia, having been taken out of perfect health and strength and was only sick three days immediately preceding his death.

He was born in Fon du Lac, Wis., October, 15, 1865, and came to Vineland with his parents when two years of age. He was of Puritan descent on both sides, his immediate ancestor, John Sawyer, having come to this country from Somersetshire, England, in 1670.

In 1890, he graduated at the Jefferson Medical College and has since been engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery, in Vineland. He married Miss Isabelle Hill, daughter of Alfred Hill, of Bear Brook, Canada, June 5, 1895.

The Doctor was a very well read man and had great insight and ability, not only in his profession, but in the practical affairs of life, and enjoyed the confidence of a large part of the community in which he lived, had an extensive practice in his profession, was Coroner of the County of Cumberland and Mayor of the Borough of Vineland, and was a man who will be greatly missed in the community. He was a man of good habits and sterling virtues and a man of commanding presence.

He leaves surviving, his widow, Isabelle Sawyer, and one child, Lucy Sawyer, now about thirteen years of age.