Pardon Gifford

By Henry S. Alvord

Pardon Gifford, died at his residence, 709 Elmer Street, Vineland, New Jersey, November 10, 1917. Mr. Gifford was born in Dartmouth, Mass., July 29, 1834, and was one of the first settlers in Vineland, having come to Vineland and purchased property here in 1862 and came here to live very shortly after that.

In May, 1863, Mr. Gifford assisted in organizing the First M. E. Church of Vineland and was one of the first Trustees and was the last survivor of the original body of Trustees of the church.

Mr. Gifford's first purchases of Vineland real estate were two lots on Landis Avenue and Sixth Street (N. E. corner), which he purchased for the sum of $100 per lot, and shortly thereafter, he sold off the frontage on Landis Avenue and retained the rear portion on Sixth Street, where he established a successful blacksmith and wheelwright business, which he continued for many years.

Mr. Gifford also purchased five acres of land on the southeast corner of East and Park Avenues, for the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Shortly after he purchased here, he sold the corner and most of the land to Israel Lowendahl and on the balance of the property he built a handsome residence, which he occupied with his family for many years.

These purchases by Mr. Gifford showed extremely good business judgment on his part and his profits on these purchases were several thousand per cent on his investment. He retired from business in the year 1888 and bought a fine farm at the head of Park Avenue on Main Avenue. This farm consisted of over thirty acres of land, and while he owned it and lived upon it, it was one of the best farms on the tract, being the farm formerly owned by the Reverend Orrin Wilbur, also one of the first settlers in Vineland.

Mr. Gifford was a man who could be absolutely depended upon in every way. His business judgment was of the highest character and he was a careful and conservative investor. His character was above reproach and he was of strictly good habits and always a devout Christian, and a citizen of the highest type. He came from sturdy Quaker stock, and was a very strong man, both physically and otherwise.

Although out of active life for a good many years last past, he had many friends who respected and loved him.

He left Martha Gifford, his widow, a son Fred E. Gifford, by a former wife, Amanda Potter; Nellie Searles, of Atlantic City, N. J. and Gertrude Thompson, of Pleasantville, N. J., daughters by his wife, Eliza Vail and Pardon Wendall Gifford, the child of his marriage with Martha Trubey, now his widow.