Memoranda as to Manumission of Slaves
As shown by the Records of the Clerk's Office, of Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Presented by Ex Mayor George Hampton of Bridgeton, N. J.


Date 			Owner 					Name of Slave 
Oct. 20, 1789	Levi Leake, Deerfield 				Tom 
Oct. 8, 1790	David Moore, Deerfield 				Tom 
Apr. 30, 1790	Exr's. James Sheppard, dec'd, Fairfield 	Sambo 
May 4, 1792	Almarin Brooks, Hopewell 			Jude 
Apr. 24, 1793	Thomas Maskell, Greenwich 			Nancy 
Oct. 13, 1794 	? ? 						Cuff 
June 9, 1795	Phebe Bloomfield, Hopewell 			Festus 
Dec. 25, 1795	Jona Jarman, Hopewell 				Nancy Waters 
Jan. 2, 1796	Tabitha Bacon, Greenwich 			Pobb 
Feb. 24, 1796	Thomas Maskell, Greenwich 			Jack 
Oct. 7, 1797	Josiah Monger, Stow Creek 			Judith 
Jan. 3, 1798	Josiah Seeley, Deerfield 			Ned 
Mar. 8, 1798	Thomas Reeves, Hopewell 			Sylvia or Sin 
June 14, 1799	Hannah Leake, Deerfield 			Hanah 
		Wm. Garrison, Esq., Deerfield 	
		Richard Mulford, Hopewell 	
		Amos Fithian, Fairfield 	
June 15, 1790	Israel Miller, Hopewell 			Kate 
Feb. 3, 1801	John Sheppard, Greenwich 			Rose Wrench 
Oct. 13, 1801	Amy Moore, Stow Creek 				Tom 
Dec. 1, 1801	Charles Bacon, Greenwich 			Hope 
Aug. 2, 1803	Isaac Sheppard, Fairfield 			Anne 
May 15, 1804	Richard Wood, Greenwich 			Violet 
Apr. 12, 1809	Joel Fithian, Stow Creek 			Mirah 
Jan. 8, 1800	Michael Swing, Fairfield 			Adam Brum 
May 11, 1812	Jeremiah Nixon, Fairfield 			Flora Augustine 
Dec. 19, 1812	Robert Ball, Maurice River 			Caleb 
Nov. 29, 1812	Lott Randolph, Deerfield 			Rachel Accoo 
Mar. 8. 1813	Hannah Leake, Deerfield 			Dinah 
Sept. 6, 1813	Ebenezer Elmer, Bridgeton 			Flora 
Mar. 3, 1814	Jona Elmer, Bridgeton 				Dinah 
Mar. 10, 1812	Joseph Daniel, Downe 				George 
Sept. 3, 1808	Ephraim Bishop, Hopewell 			Titus Rankins 
Jan. 27, 1818	John Sheppard, Greenwich 			Mariah Thomas 
Nov. 23, 1818	James Giles, Bridgeton 				Henry Walters 
Mar. 28, 1820	Ruth F. Garrison, Deerfield 		        John Lake 
Aug. 5, 1815	Exrs. Thos. Reeves, Sr., Hopewell 	        Violet Natus 
Dec. 14, 1822	Edmund Sheppard, Downe  			Flora
Nov. 8, 1825	Josiah Fithian, Hopewell 			Parris Scudder 
Feb. 5, 1827	Levi Bond, Greenwich				Rache
Feb. 3, 1829	Mary Bacon, Greenwich				Mary Lewis

The following items in connection with this subject also appear upon the early records.

April 17, 1804, release and quit-claim of a negro boy, Moses, and girl, Eve, by John Potts Neide of Maurice River to Edith Neide.

John Chance certifies that his slave, Phillis, had a son Caleb Peter, born June 14, 1826, her third child.

Sept. 4, 1813, David Sheppard certifies that a female child named Augur was born of his slave Juno. He also certifies to the birth of a son Enoch to his slave Violet, Aug. 14, 1808, and a boy named Plubius Vergilius (name of mother not given.)

James Godfrey of Maurice River, certifies that on Feb. 7, 1823, Jethro Scudder was born, his mother being Juno, a block slave, the property of Godfry.