The "Old Cohansey Road"

Letter from Hon. John A. Ackley to Ex-Mayor George Hampton

Bridgeton, N. J., April 3, 1917 Editor Vineland Historical Magazine, Vineland, N. J.


The following information as to the "Old Cohansey Road" has been elicited in answer to my inquiry published in your January issue. It is from Senator John A. Ackley.

"As I have a knowledge of these old roads in this locality previous to the planning of Vineland, thru my father, who was thoroughly conversant with this section, I believe the road you refer to as the "Old Cohansey Road" ran west from the Mays Landing Road and across the Main Avenue (Horsebridge Road) at a point opposite, and continuing west on a line of what is now "Sharp's Road" about a quarter mile south of "Oak Road;" continuing west it passed thru Vineland on the north line of the Park opposite the Soldiers' Home, crossing the West Jersey Railroad at that point, continuing west across West Avenue on or near the southerly line of "Bortel's Farm" which is just south of Oak Road; continuing west it crossed the Malaga Road at what was formerly known as the "Old Coney Tavern" which is just south of "Arnold's Farm;" continuing west across Maurice River at what is now called Almond Road and was known then as "Maul's Bridge;" continuing west past the Union Grove School House and Church to Parvin's Pond, turning to left, crossing the dam at that point and continuing on the Vineland-Br idgeton Road, known as Landis Avenue, east of "Carl's Corner," entering Bridgeton via Pearl Street, you are acquainted with that end of the road."

Yours truly,

George Hampton