With the present number the Vineland Historical Magazine completes its first volume. The four numbers already published contain articles of value pertaining to the early settlement of the place, some of which would never have been written had it not been for this publication, articles that will doubtless be appreciated and their worth recognized by future antiquarians and local historians. In placing this material in printed form, and making it accessible to those who, through association or ancestry, remember or care to learn more of Vineland's history, we are, in part, carrying out the design of the organizers of the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society, who proposed its members should "collect and preserve historical and current account of events and persons, and other matters connected with the interest of Vineland."

With this object in view, the Society has accumulated and is still gathering data regarding the settlement, growth and development of the town, which, through the medium of this magazine, it is now placing within the reach of those who may care for such matters. While the number of persons having the historical instinct is limited to a few in this community, there are beyond its borders a large number whose taste and inclination lead them along similar lines, who not only find interest in such contributions to history, but perceive their relationships to the larger life of the country.

It is hoped the readers of this magazine may have been sufficiently interested in its contents to continue their support and learn more of Vineland's past history, and the men and women who gave standing and character to this unique settlement in South Jersey.

Notice to Subscribers

Subscribers to the Vineland Historical Magazine will please forward their subscriptions on or before January to insure the continuation of the magazine for 1917.