Meacham Family Record

From an old Family Bible in the possession of Dr. Waldo F. Sawyer, Son of James and Lucy J. (Meacham) Sawyer who settled in Vineland in 1868.

Salem, Massachusetts, was first permanently settled in the year 1628 -the Indian name was Naumkeog. A Mr. Oldham and a Mr. Conant began a settlement, Nantastuck, and another settlement was commenced at Cape Ann, all about the same time. All these were brought under the Salem government. In the year 1630 a considerable of a fleet arrived at Salem with 1,500 passengers, amongst which were some of the most respectable primitive families of New England. Governor Winthrop, Governor Dudley, Sir Richard Satonstall and many other families of respectability, amongst which were the two brothers of the Meacham family. William Meacham, son of James and Rebecca Meacham. James was a descendant of the oldest of the brothers that came from near Bristol, West England. William, his son, was born at Salem on the 10th March, 1742, old style; married Sarah Cook in the year 1770, by whom he had two sons, William and Jeremiah. In 1775 he was appointed a captain of a company of Minute Men, so called immediately after the Battle of Lexington, and was ordered to the neighborhood of Boston. His company was attached to Col. Woodbridge's Regiment. He was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, 17th June, 1775. He had brothers, James Jeremiah, John and Jonathan; sisters, Elizabeth, married to Joseph Rugg; Rebecca, married to John Duncan, and Mary, married to Major Moses Curtis.

The Meachams descended from an ancient family near Bristol, in the west of England. The landed estate in the county of Somerset as late as 1790 was possessed by Robert Meacham. In the year 1816 a regiment of the Royal Guards was stationed in Canada; a company in this regiment was then commanded by Capt. William Meacham; another company, same regiment, was commanded by Lieutenant Jeremiah Meacham. They were of the same family.

James was many years a deacon of a church at Williamstown, Mass., where he died. John died at Benson, Vt, Jeremiah at Oneida County, New York, Jonathan at Petersham, Mass. The name is ancient and honorable still at Southampton, England.

The owner of this book, William Meacham, was born at Adams, Mass., in the year 1771 (20th September). Jeremiah Meacham was born at New Salem, Mass., in the year 1773, on the 18th day of November; died at Montreal, Canada, April 2nd, 1832, aged 58 years. Mary, his only child, married with Appleton Rivers. Laura M. eldest daughter of William Meacham, died at Salem, N. Y., in 1821. Jeremiah, second son of William Meacham, born 29th May, 1802, died at Addison, Vt., 1813. William H., born 1797, died at Moriah, 1848, aged 50 years. Martha J., born 3rd October, 1800; Mary K., born 25th August, 1803; Lorain E., born 24th October, 1807; Lucy J. Meacham, born 8th October, 1826. William Meacham was married to Keziah Howe, 14th August, 1796 (Keziah Howe was born at Poultney, Vt., 25th May, 1775). William H., Laura M., Martha J., Jeremiah, Mary K. and Lourain E., their offspring. This wife died 11th April, 1818 (at Poultney, Vt.). William Meacham was married to Lucy Fitch, 29th February, 1824; their daughter, Lucy J., born October 8th, 1826. Mrs. Lucy Meacham died on the 22nd day of January, 1851, aged 67 years.