Invitation to Vineland
by Anna Marie Spaulding

Come to Vineland! Come to Vineland!
From the city's stifled air, From the snowy northern mountains
From the old farms, worn and bare; Come away from cold New England,
Come, too, from the far Northwest Where alike the chains of winter
Bind in slavery Nature's breast.

Come and meet us! not as strangers,
But with Friendship's clasping hand, And in time we'll reap together
Golden harvests from the land. Come, and claim the idle acres
That wild flowers now intwine, And create a hundred Edens
Rich with fruits of tree and vine.

Come and join us! Here together
From the different States we meet -Some allured by fresh sea breezes
From the dusty city street; Others, drawn by hope of dwelling
Under their own vine and tree, Where no foe can dare molest them,
Where they may be fearless-free!

The Vineland Historical Magazine
Some hail from New England Homesteads,
Some from summer Illinois, Some from far Missouri's border,
Where guerilla bands annoy; Some from far-off Minnesota,
Some from old Sylvania's vales, But still from the dear old Union
Every glad new-comer hails!

Come, and join us, then, in Vineland!
Hasten while there yet is room; Come, with ready hands to help us,
Make our sweet wild Eden bloom, Bring but hope, and faith, and courage,
Health is waiting for you here. Come, and join us, then, in Vineland!
Come, partake of Vineland cheer!